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Matthew Porrecca, Associate Principal, BNIM Architecture

Revitalizing Communities By Design

Regenerative design and development could be incredibly simple. It merely requires taking time in a place to uncover stories, discover patterns, find essence, and then add value in any way that improves the capacity of a place to be whole, vital and evolving. Together with our clients and collaborators, we are taking steps to maximize social health, invigorate a sustainable economy and restore natural systems. This workshop explores essential questions that hold the keys to a broad-based shift toward regenerative practice. We’ll share our observations, process, projects, and metrics while drawing participants into a rich dialog of discovery.

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Sustainable communities - Porrecca

  1. 1. CCSE Sustainable Communities Panel | July 26th 2012Revitalizing Communities By DesignMatthew Porreca AIA BNIM
  2. 2. Designing What’s Next BNIM: Firm Profile Need overall summary slide of BNIM - # of people , etc. Preferrably a really nice singular image like the one below. staff Number of AIA Fellows AIA National AIA National principals Presidents Young Architect 78 10 7 2 1
  3. 3. Designing What’s Next BNIMtotal number of international national regional localdesign awards design awards design awards design awards design awards380 14 55 108 2122011 AIA National Architecture Firm Award Recipient 2011 design awards 46
  4. 4. “We do not seek to imitate nature, butrather to find the principles she uses.” -Buckminster Fuller
  5. 5. Triple Bottom Linepeople planet sustainability prosperity
  6. 6. Benchmarking SustainabilityAIA COTE USGBC LEED Living Building REGEN = Challenge Beyond LEED AIA COTE TOP 10
  7. 7. LEED: Gradual, Iterative Changes to Neutral and Beyond 201Z Platinum Positive Env. Impact 201Y Gold Platinum 201X Silver Neutral Platinum Gold Certified (sustainable) 2009 Silver Gold Certified Negative Env. Impact Platinum Silver Gold Certified Silver Certified
  8. 8. Layers of Design = Integrated Design Strategy
  9. 9. "A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurablemeans when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable."Louis I. Kahn
  10. 10. …what a building can do matters as much as what it looks like.Andrew Payne + Rodolphe el-Khoury GENEROUS PRAGMATISM
  11. 11. 01 Design the Performance, the Aesthetic and the Experience (design for all senses) 02 Contribute positively to the present and the future• 03 Demonstrate aesthetic of self-effacement 04 Nurture the Positive (cumulative generosity)
  12. 12. The best way to predict the futureis to design it. - Buckminster Fuller
  13. 13. Feedback Loop discover design refine community participation community participation build learn occupy community participation
  15. 15. There is a deep story to every place.How do we find it ?
  16. 16. What does quality of life look like? It is different in every place.Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands Redevelopment
  17. 17. One Planet CommunitiesImpact of Behavior [courtesy of BioRegional Dev. Group] In the UK (Beddington Zero Energy Development) of reductions in carbon • 58% = building envelope, equipment & renewable energy • 42% = behavior changes (food, personal transport, waste) In the US (Sonoma Mountain Village) of predicted reductions in carbon: • 31% = buildings envelope, equipment & renewable energy • 69% = behavior changes (food, personal transport, waste) Lifestyle and behavior changes are important!
  18. 18. Petite RivièreRedevelopment PlanQuebec, Canada
  19. 19. Edmonton City Center Airport Lands Redevelopment
  20. 20. NEW ORLEANS
  21. 21. Holy CrossNew Orleans, LA
  22. 22. Sustainable Playground – New Orleans, Louisiana
  23. 23. Make It Right Foundation – New Orleans, Louisiana
  24. 24. Green Arts District
  25. 25. Oberlin Green Arts DistrictOberlin Green Arts DistrictOberlin, OHOberlin, OhioHow can the Green Arts District become the seed attransforms Oberlin into the greenest region in the country?
  26. 26. Clinton Foundation - Climate Positive Partners
  27. 27. Vision The Green Arts District will be a laboratory for exploring possibilities, promoting innovation in arts, music, sciences and sustainable design to reweave community, transform the way we learn and create new post-carbon economies.
  28. 28. Site PlanA Tappan SquareB Allen Memorial Art MuseumC Venturi Art Building Renovation and ExpansionD WorkshopE Hall AuditoriumF Student HousingG The CenterH Green TheaterI Curricular Arts BuildingJ Eco-machineK ForumL Lecture HallM RestaurantN Oberlin InnO DowntownP Black Box New Construction Renovation Existing
  29. 29. #go2030
  30. 30. 8,494 VISITORS60,584 PAGEVIEWS467 IDEAS2,110 COMMENTS
  31. 31. What We HeardLeading Ideas from Housing Leading Ideas from Land Useand Neighborhoods: and Urban Design: Leading Ideas from Healthy Food and Healthy LifestylesLeading Ideas fromTransportation and Infrastructure:
  32. 32. Business Survey Results
  33. 33. Noisette Community Master PlanNorth Charleston
  34. 34. Noisette Community Master PlanTransportation
  35. 35. Transforming Natural disasters by building healthy communities Tornado Hurricane 1993 Great Mississippi River Flood Pattonsburg, MO,Valmeyer, IL 2001 Tropical Storm Allison Houston,TX 2005 Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, LA 2007 EF5 Tornado Greensburg, KS 2008 Iowa River Flood Iowa City, IA 2010 Cumberland River Flood Nashville, TN 2010 Haiti EarthquakeGreensburg, KS New Orleans
  36. 36. Greensburg KS
  37. 37. 5.4.079:45 pm cdt
  38. 38. Blessed with a unique opportunityTo create a strong communityDevoted to family,Fostering business,working together for future generations.
  39. 39. Greensburg Sustainable Comprehensive PlanCommunity GrowthA progressive community that offers urban services within the A community that opens its doors to new residents and visitorsunassuming feel of a rural, Midwestern community. without affecting the values and lifestyles of its current residents.FamilyA community that provides opportunities for its young people in Renewalthe way of jobs, education, and recreation as reasons to stay in A community that makes proactive decisions that use thisGreensburg. opportunity to reverse the decline of the community and build a progressive city with a strong future.ProsperityA community where entrepreneurial spirit, customer service, and Watera sustainable economy permeate the business sector and where Treat each drop of water as a precious resource.residents, travelers, and tourists enjoy a full line of locally ownedbusinesses that provide jobs and services to Healthan exceptional example of small-town America. Improve quality of life by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.EnvironmentA community that recognizes the importance of the natural Energyenvironment and balances the need for growth and economic Promote a high level of efficiency in new construction and lookdevelopment with the maintenance and improvement of the to renewable options for generation.environment. WindAffordability Greensburg’s vast wind resources are part of an emergingAn up-to-date, affordable rural community where housing plans economy and should be harvested.and strategies incorporate energy-efficient design and materialsand serve as a regional and national model for integrating Built Environmentresidents of all ages and needs with services of all kinds. Build a town that encourages interaction between residents, welcomes guests, and serves as a model community. NewCatalysts development should be durable, healthy, and efficient. CityThe rebuilding process starts with the most stimulating structures projects will lead the way by becoming examples of greenand spaces. These will spawn further growth. practices that are built to last.
  40. 40. EnergyPromote a high level of efficiency in new constructionand look to renewable options for generation.
  41. 41. HOMES43% energy costsavings compared tocode (HERS ratings*) 43%
  42. 42. WIND100% renewableenergy generation 100%
  43. 43. WaterTreat each drop of water as a precious resource.
  44. 44. Streetscape slides
  45. 45. Kiowa County SchoolGreensburg, KSTHE BUILDING SYSTEM
  46. 46. Kiowa County Schools City of Greensburg, Kansas 62% Energy SavingsKiowa County Schools (K-12) – Greensburg, Kansas
  47. 47. John DeereGreensburg, Kansas
  48. 48. “Greensburg is a global example of how cleanenergy can power an entire community, how it canbring jobs and businesses to a place where piles ofbricks and rubble once lay.” —President Barack ObamaEF5 Tornado First Platinum Community in America
  49. 49.  Harvest all its own energy and water Adapted to climate and site Promotes health and well-being Operates pollution free Comprised of Integrated Systems Is Beautiful
  50. 50. Omega percent of buildingCenter that is daylitforSustainable 98%LivingRhinebeck, New York percent of energy supplied by on-site renewable energy 100% percent of precipitation managed on-site 100% percent of 1st construction waste Living Building diverted from + LEED landfill Platinum Certified 99%
  51. 51. Omega Center for Sustainable Living –Omega Institute for Holistic Studies –Rhinebeck, New York AIR FLOW ENERGY FLOW WATER FLOW
  52. 52. ZERO WASTEExisting material cycle New material cycle ZERO WATERExisting water cycle New water cycle ZERO ENERGYExisting energy cycle New energy cycle
  53. 53. Living Building Challenge Prerequisite SITE 2 Limits to Growth
  54. 54. Living Building Challenge Prerequisite SITE 3 Habitat Exchange For each acre of development, an equal amount of land must be set aside for at least 100 years as part of a habitat exchange.
  55. 55. Living Building Challenge Prerequisite ENERGY 4 Net Zero Energy
  56. 56. Living Building Challenge Prerequisite MATERIALS 5 Materials Red List
  57. 57. Omega Institute of Sustainable LivingRhinebeck New York
  58. 58. “This is simply an elegant building.”-—Peter Busby AIA | 2010 AIA COTE Top Ten Jury
  59. 59. LEED Regenerative DesignTool
  60. 60. LEED Regenerative DesignTool
  61. 61. LEED Regenerative DesignTool
  62. 62. LEED Regenerative DesignTool
  63. 63. What will she see in 2020?
  64. 64. Continue the dialogue