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Energy legislation Compliance Opportun - brummitt


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Energy legislation Compliance Opportun - brummitt

  1. 1. Helping people achieve very energy efficient buildings aka “Title 24” Increasing stringency:  2011/2014/ … Residential: Net Zero  2020 Non‐Res: Net Zero 2030 1. Effective January 1, 2011 2. Mandatory Measures 3. Energy Efficiency: See CEC, Title 24, Part 6 4. Voluntary Measures 5. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc. 9/15/2010 .
  2. 2. LEED Systems 1. Residential 2. Non‐Residential  LEED v3 2009 ‐ EBOM LEED v3 2009 ‐ EBOM Prerequisites: WE‐p1: Min. Indoor Plumbing Fixture , Fitting Efficiency EA‐p1: Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices EA‐p2: Min. Energy Perform: ENERGY STAR Rating: 69 EA  Mi  E  P f  ENERGY STAR R i  6 EA‐p3: Refrigerant Management MR‐p1: Sustainable Purchasing Policy MR‐p2: Solid Waste Management Policy EQ‐p1: Minimum IAQ Performance EQ‐p2: Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control EQ‐p3: Green Cleaning Policy Assembly Bill 1103 – What is it? AB1103 – What is the trigger? Requires Energy Use Benchmarking and Disclosure for  Nonresidential Buildings: → Financial transaction for the whole building Allows prospective buyers and tenants to compare building  performance with similar buildings Must disclose benchmarking data and ratings to: Motivates owners to improve building’s energy profile Compared with competition Impact on building valuation Prospective buyer A benchmarking system, drawing on  Lender  Energy Star Portfolio Manager Lessee of entire building California Building Energy Performance Rating Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc. 9/15/2010 .
  3. 3. AB1103 – When is it effective? AB1103 – Impact on Building Valuation Example: Effective Date Reduce Annual Energy Cost Eg: Building Type Jan 1, 2011 Jan 1, 2012 Jul 1, 2012 = Increase Annual Cash Flow: $50,000 Solely Owner  Solely Owner Any size,  Any size Any size,  Any size Any size,  Any size Occupied >1,000 sf >1,000 sf >1,000 sf Divide by Cap Rate: ÷ .08 Commercial Buildings,  > 50,000 sf > 10,000 sf >1,000 sf Increase in Building Valuation $625,000 All Occupancies Energy Star is a 12 month “look‐back” Today’s energy use is part of the January disclosure! AB1103:  AB1103 – Disclosure Form Disclosure  Example: Form  AB1103 – Disclosure Form AB1103 – Disclosure Form Example: Example: Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc. 9/15/2010 .
  4. 4. How improve your building performance? Cost Analyses: Approaches First Cost Benchmark Simple Payback Maintenance  ( ) % Return On Investment (ROI) Retro‐commissioning Retro commissioning Cash Flow No‐Cost and Low‐Cost Measures savings > cost of financing measures Plan: mid & long term capital improvements Benchmark: continuous monitoring!! Life Cycle Cost (compare complex systems) first costs, operating costs, maintenance,  escalations, discount rate Financial Aid What’s Next in Green? Site Buildings Water Cities Ci i Energy Health Materials Societies Neighborhoods Equity Beauty What’s Next in Green? Industrial revolution:            180 ybp Homo sapiens sapiens:    50,000 ybp Questions? Life on earth:    3,850,000,000 ybp BIOMIMICRY NATURE: SUCCESSFUL: Products Model Buildings Mentor Businesses Helping people achieve very energy efficient buildings Measure Society Beth Brummitt 619-531-1126 Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc. 9/15/2010 .
  5. 5. Financial Aid: examples Financial Aid: examples Rebate Programs: 3rd Party Programs, eg: Express Efficiency Rcx:  Retro‐commissioning Small Business Super Saver (small account)  Online Business Assessment Program Premium Efficiency Cooling Performance Programs: Standard Performance Contract New Construction Energy Savings Bid Savings By Design Demand Response – dispatchable loads Audits and Incentives Emerging Technology: Variety of DR Rates Request support to help implement new technologies Financial Aid Federal Commercial Building Tax Deduction  Ranges from $0.30 to $1.80 / sf,  depending on energy efficiency Lighting can be done separately Eg: 35% MTB:  actual benefit is about $0.10 to $0.60 / sf Requires:  Complicated energy modeling for max incentives Field Check Equipment placed in service:  1/1/2006 and 12/31/2013 Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc. 9/15/2010 .