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Commercial CalGreen - Intro


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The program is designed to assist Building Designers meet the requirements of the Cal Green code. A Handout will be provided that will cover many other aspects of the Cal Green Non Residential code, but this session will focus on Energy Efficiency.

Since 2005, Gary has averaged over 125 days of instruction per year in a variety of energy conservation topics. These include: California Residential Energy Standards, Duct Testing for HVAC contractors, CHEERS Rater certification training for Building Envelope, HVAC, Solar PV as well as core building science. In 2008 Gary developed and was the lead instructor the CHEERS Existing Home training program. This extensive four-day class focuses on building science as well as the art of residential energy audits. Gary’s extensive field experience as a HERS rater and his technical building science knowledge ensures that his training is accurate and easy to understand. Gary’s light-hearted, logical and down-to-earth presentation style ensures that participants understand the material and how to apply the specific rules or applications to their particular situation.

Gary has been involved with Green building beginning in 2003 when he first became a LEED AP and has continued his support of Durable Sustainable Design. He has been on and coordinated Design /Implement Teams for Energy Management, Waste Reduction and Building Failure Remediation since the 1980’s.

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Commercial CalGreen - Intro

  1. 1. Section 1 Commercial CalGREEN Welcome! Commercial CalGREEN Overview HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 2 Table of Contents Section 1 Welcome and Overview Section 2 Mandatory Measures Section 3 Inspection and Verification Section 4 Tier 1 and 2 Overview Section 5 CalGREEN Form Section Section 6 Perf-1C and Supporting Document SetWelcome and Introduction 8/24 Page 1
  2. 2. Section 1 Commercial CalGREEN Page 3 Review of the Cal Green Building Standards HERS Advanced Rater Training— Commercial CAL Green HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 4 What is Green Building? Many organizations have pathways for multiple shades of GREEN. There are several concepts that are important to consider: Sustainable, Durable, Healthy, Comfortable, Aesthetically pleasing, Conservation, Management, Pollution.Welcome and Introduction 8/24 Page 2
  3. 3. Section 1 Commercial CalGREEN HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 5 What are the priorities? Each of the organizations providing ‘Green’ services have a slightly different way of prioritizing the list of environmental issues, leading to the different shades. Instead of wondering if there will be consensus? Why not examine priorities and habits? What can be done, what options exist to reduce impact on the earth? That leads us to mandated change, CALGreen! HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 6 Code Covers Planning and Design P/D Energy Efficiency EE Water Efficiency and Conservation WE/C Material Conservation and Resource Efficiency MC/RE Environmental Quality EQWelcome and Introduction 8/24 Page 3
  4. 4. Section 1 Commercial CalGREEN HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 7 Code Effects The CALGreen provisions will affect all Newly Constructed buildings in California. Each building will meet a list mandatory measures and pathways for Tier 1 and Tier 2 compliance is prepared for the Architect and Builder. HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 8 Chapters within CALGreen Chapter 1 Administration Chapter 2 Definitions Chapter 3 Green Building Chapter 4 Residential Mandatory Measures Chapter 5 Nonresidential Mandatory Measures Chapter 6 Referenced Organizations and Standards Chapter 7 Installer and Special Inspector Qualifications Chapter 8 Compliance Forms and Worksheets Chapter 9 Residential Voluntary Measures Chapter 10 Nonresidential Voluntary MeasuresWelcome and Introduction 8/24 Page 4
  5. 5. Section 1 Commercial CalGREEN HERS Advanced Rater Training—Commercial CAL Green Page 9 Questions?Welcome and Introduction 8/24 Page 5