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  1. 1. The Kennedy Mystique Images of Camelot
  2. 2. “ Long before the myth of Camelot took hold in the aftermath of the president’s assassination, Kennedy had established himself and his family as the country’s democratic royalty: a man and a family who inspired a renewed belief in America’s capacity to withstand the domestic and foreign threats to the country’s future. ---Robert Dallek, Presidential Historian
  3. 8. “ In many ways , she is her father’s child---blond, restless, electric with energy. They often have the same expression, eyes slightly narrowed with a keen questing, quizzical interest in the world.” ---LOOK, February 28, 1961
  4. 10. “ Caroline describes her new brother as “The Kissing Baby,” and when she is permitted to hold him, she does so responsibly and affectionately.” ---LOOK, February 28, 1961
  5. 11. “ Jacqueline is ravishing. Today’s she the most beautiful woman in the world. She has a great deal in common with the top movie stars---she knows when to hold herself back while everyone else you know gives too much of themselves at one time. So when she comes out, it’s a great Tour de Force. --- Newsweek , February 6, 1961
  6. 12. “ The quality I admire most in my husband is his intellectual curiosity—and that is the quality we both wish to encourage in our children.” ---Jackie Kennedy, Times-Herald, December 6, 1940