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For history Project

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  1. 1. Alexander The Great By, Alexander Lee
  2. 2. Early Life Born in Pella, Macedonia 356 B.C.
  3. 3. Early Life Learned about medicine, science, history (Of Greece), and philosophy Was taught by Aristotle
  4. 4. A King Born in a royal family 20 year old king Strong military Crowned Pharaoh Expanded empire
  5. 5. His Empire
  6. 6. Military Lead big armies Conquered Egypt
  7. 7. Why We Remember Alexander The Great Leadership Made good decisions Responsible Lead large empires
  8. 8. He Has Left An Impact Because….. He showed any age can be King
  9. 9. Achievements Conquered Took throne at a young age One of worlds greatest leaders Left a big part of Greek History
  10. 10. Sources ander-the-great.html AlexandertheGreat.html Holt International Ancient Civilizations Text Book
  11. 11. Alexander The Great Says Thank you!