A Digital Marketing Proposal for Warrior Hockey


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A digital marketing proposal project for Warrior Hockey.

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A Digital Marketing Proposal for Warrior Hockey

  1. 1. A Digital Marketing Proposal for Presented by: Corey Crossman
  2. 2. The Warrior Code• “Warrior is dedicated to a core set of philosophies and strengths: technical superiority, grassroots marketing, original and creative youth expression and strong partnerships with retailers and suppliers. Since creating the first titanium shafts in 1992, Warrior has constantly pushed the envelope in the evolution of the game. The best gear in the world, developed by the best players in the world.”
  3. 3. Goals Challenges• To build market share and • Cutting directly into the compete with rival market share of main companies like Easton, competitors CCM, Bauer and Reebook • Establishing a superior• Growth of product sales brand image supported by both in stores and online and believed in by players• Providing not only the best • Competing against larger equipment possible, but companies with more sales also the best experience of and higher market share. any brand in the game
  4. 4. The Theme• Warrior is a unique and distinguished brand, standing out from other brands• Communication should reflect this• Warrior is dedicated to providing the best possible experience to consumers• Confident, different, powerful, reliable, friendly, relatable
  5. 5. The Social Factor• One Unified brand personality• Facebook as the main social destination• Facebook directs users to all other socialprofiles and relevant or important web pages• Use Twitter to keep fans updated with relevantcontent and direct them to important links andwebsites
  6. 6. Online Visuals• YouTube channel management is key• Hockey players love highlights and productshots• Video profiles of Warrior-sponsored players• Use Flickr to post photos from events andgames• Post shots of new additions to the productlines
  7. 7. Generating Content• Setting up a blog provides opportunities toengage consumers with relevant content• Use blog to promote product releases withdescriptions and pictures of the upgrades• Provide stories about successful players orevents related to the Warrior brand• Provide pages for different kinds of productsand include information about each
  8. 8. AdWords• Use AdWords to generate web views and product advertising in an online market• Help increase online sales while also increasing brand equity and awareness• Use different ad groups for different product groups and track the success of each individually• Advertise on Google’s search and display networks for maximum contact with hockey players
  9. 9. Budgeting and Metrics of Success• The total proposed budget for this campaign is $2 mil • $100,000 - $200,000 for staffing and management • $1.2 mil allotted to paid internet marketing (e.g. AdWords, display ads) • $600,000 - $700,000 for mobile advertising and possible mobile app development• Metrics of success include Google Analytics for web traffic and Google AdWords built-in monitoring tools to review and maintain internet marketing campaigns while tracking clicks, costs and conversions
  10. 10. Timeline Summer Fall Winter SpringUse social media Beginning of the The middle of NHL Playoffs andto keep fans main sales the season end of theengaged during period. Most should also season – smallerthe offseason marketing spend a large portion ofand build budget should be portion of the marketingexcitement for spent here as budget. Use budget and socialproduct releases players prepare Blogger and media used to for the season. visuals to engage stay relevant fans