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DIY Marketing Research


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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DIY Marketing Research

  1. 1. DYI Marketing Research
  2. 2. business decisions are hard…
  3. 3. …and sometimes really expensive…
  4. 4. so why not DIY…for free!
  5. 5. Gather Background Information for Market Research Detailed encyclopedia- style articles on dozens of small business topics
  6. 6. Gather Background Information for Market Research Articles from popular & peer-reviewed periodicals on many business topics
  7. 7. Gather Background Information for Market Research Articles, reports & reference books on all business topics
  8. 8. Write Your Own Business Plan Articles, directory information, & advice for every type of small business
  9. 9. Write Your Own Business Plan Sample business plans for 300+ real businesses
  10. 10. Find Your Own Demographics for Market Research Find in-depth, customizable reports for SC population, income, housing, consumer expenditures, businesses and more!
  11. 11. Make A B2B Mailing List or Spy On Your Competition Spy on 13 million+ public and private businesses: Who’s in charge? What do they do? How much do they earn & spend? Contact information?
  12. 12. Get In On The Action Everything here is available online wherever you are with a CCPL library card. In county? Get a free card! Out of county? Stop by & use our resources for free! You’ll soon see that…
  13. 13. success is sweet when you DIY!
  14. 14. CCPL Reference can help 843-805-6930 text “askccpl” to 66746 IM: