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Adobe Mobile Barcelona 2015


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I will explain how the Malcom Gladwells "Tipping Point" theory applies to user growth and viral mechanisms for mobile applications.

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Adobe Mobile Barcelona 2015

  1. 1. Claudio Cossio Director of R&D Nearsoft Inc @ccossio User Growth Applying the Tipping Point thesis to growing a user base Adobe Mobile Barcelona 2015
  2. 2. @ccossio Mobile and Web companies 5+ years in Business Development & 10+ Online Marketing; 3+ user acquisition for mobile apps. Director of R&D - Nearsoft Inc - 2015 Founder - - 2012-2014 Country Manager - Smartup - 2012 Director LATAM - AppCircus - 2011 Advisor - Startups & Agencies.Studies
  3. 3. @ccossio Where is your growth coming from?
  4. 4. @ccossio Mobile vs Desktop
  5. 5. @ccossio Mobile will continue to fuel growth
  6. 6. @ccossio 80% Search is BIG on a mobile device
  7. 7. @ccossio But you need to catch them……
  8. 8. @ccossio Theory - The Tipping Point. The moment where critical mass is achieved, when ideas/products grow virally. The elements are: Connectors Muses Salesmen
  9. 9. @ccossio The connectors. They have direct access to reach your client/user -They will be the ones delivering the message. -They need to have a physical network of people (+100). -A strong digital presence (+1k followers/friends). -They are multi-disciplinary in their connections.
  10. 10. @ccossio The muses. They are always on top of trends and feed their network with information. -Feed off on helping and alleviating a problem of their network. -Your app/game/web needs to solve a real problem. -Ease of adoption of your product is KEY to unlocking this dynamic.
  11. 11. @ccossio Salesmen. They persuade with their charm and negotiating ability both on and offline. - These people can convince with their actions then their word. - They have an audience waiting to consume their message. - In conjunction with muses they can start a word of mouth campaign.
  12. 12. @ccossio - From 0 to 100+ users. •Gather highly connected users (1k followers or friends) •You need to motivate them so they can talk about your product organically. •It is important that these users understand the core functionality and use it for promote the product. - From 500 to 1000+ users. •Polish your product until you get to a Beta Stage. •Target a specific event so you can launch the Private Beta. •Have a “surprise feature” under your sleeve so your users can have something to share ;)
  13. 13. @ccossio Outside de Box You have a chance to re-invent how commerce is done. Take it! - There is always room to innovate in the way users live & share their information. - For Developing countries it will be essential to target middle and lower level cell phones, as your core market. - WeChat is a great example, messaging + commerce. Remember going to a marketplace?
  14. 14. @ccossio Integrate change agents. You have to allow for your users to have an impact in their network. - This will allow for easy self promotion of your app and incentive the creation of evangelists. - You have to provide social proof in a the users context. - Your service needs to solve a problem, that way you establish a pattern to evolve and cover other needs (possibly in other verticals).
  15. 15. @ccossio Perception and behavior. The users has to visualize the benefit of using your service. - Data + Emotion = relevance. - With each interaction you have to understand how the user behaves. - It is key that you know how the users perceive the usefulness, that way you know how to create stories for word of mouth marketing.
  16. 16. @ccossio Feedback life cycle. You have to learn in a short and quick way. - The main goal is to have a small impact to better the user experience in their daily activities. - Ideally you want to make an impact in 10% of your user base. - Remember to start with one individual and move forward until you find momentum.
  17. 17. @ccossio Evidence-> Relevant-> Consequence
  18. 18. @ccossio Evidence. You have to make data external so you provide transparency to your community. - Find those KPI’s that pin point a breakthrough for the community and individual user. - Focus in connecting with the emotions of the user. - Evidence can come in many ways: data analytics, badges, likes, followers, klout's, peerindex, etc.
  19. 19. @ccossio - Notifications. • It let’s you know which friends you have in common (discovery-surprise). • It’s social proof that “everyone” is there. •Delivers the message organically to grow the interactions between the users. Triggers word of mouth. - Partners and store owners. • Analytics of user behavior. • Crowd source recommendations.
  20. 20. @ccossio Relevance There are 3 main points that are essential so that your app is relevant to the user. - Context. - Intention. - Localization.
  21. 21. @ccossio
  22. 22. @ccossio Consequence. All points of contact should be focused on showing results to the user. - All interactions need to sprout a feeling in the user. The strongest ones are “joy” and “surprise”. - Entertainment is still missing in most apps. - Comfort is an apps strongest viral trigger.
  23. 23. @ccossio
  24. 24. @ccossio Case Study:
  25. 25. @ccossio Personal branding People want a story that resonates in their daily lives. Idea: Create a visual map of your environment.
  26. 26. @ccossio OpenStreetMap The founders of Mapillary have contributed to the community for a long time. - Connector: OSM communities (mailing lists) - Muse: OSM leaders. - Salesmen: Geocachers, Geomappers, Cartographers, Photogrammetrists and mapping geeks. Note: The founders have a personal relationship with the community.
  27. 27. @ccossio Viral mechanism • Aggregating the data to OpenStreetMap. • Helping private companies track there civil engineering projects. • A tool that lets people show to the world their surroundings. • Mapping cycling routes in Brazil & Mexico. • Word of Mouth.
  28. 28. @ccossio Self-promotion. Geocachers love to see their work on a map and contribute to the platform: Result: 100,000+ photos every week.
  29. 29. @ccossio Aligned with a feeling They did not reinvent the wheel, there where a lot Startups in the mapping industry, but none aligned to the computer vision field. Mapillary detects faces and automatically blurs them. Also it can detect traffic signals. Timing + Opportunity + Execution= Success
  30. 30. @ccossio Closing notes There is still room to grow in any market, you just need to understand: • Why people create • What they curate • Where they consume • How they share Tip: The battle field of the future is done through influencers.
  31. 31. @ccossio Claudio Cossio @ccossio