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MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS: Latest developments for digital radio services


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Presentation given on May 25th 2011 during the Seminar of the WorldDMB TC

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MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS: Latest developments for digital radio services

  1. 1. MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS: Latest developments for digital radio services<br />Cyril Concolato<br />25/05/2011<br />
  2. 2. Chronology of MPEG-4 BIFS new dev. for Digital Radio Services<br />Requirement Phase (July 2008 – July 2009)<br />V0 July 2008, V1 Oct. 2008, V2 Feb. 2009, V3 Apr. 2009, V4 July 2009 (N10856)<br />Development Phase (Feb. 2009 – Apr. 2010)<br />WD1.0 Feb.2009, CfP Apr. 2009, PDAM July 2009, FPDAM Oct. 2009, Study Jan. 2010, FDAM Apr. 2010 (N11251)<br />Published as ISO/IEC 14496-11:2005/Amd 7:2010 <br />Dec. 2010<br />Reference & Conf. Soft (Jan. 2011 – now) <br />14496-4:2004/AMD 40 (N11716)<br />14496-5:2001/AMD 30 (N11720)<br />page 1<br />
  3. 3. Requirements<br />Backward compatibility with Core2D<br />Maximize quality while minimizing bit rate<br />Avoid modifications of T-DMB transport layers<br />Minimize the additional implementation costs<br />Provide new features for<br />Vector Graphics enhancements<br />Text handling<br />Scene layout <br />Adaptation<br />Navigation<br />Delivery of images<br />Scene state management<br />Integration with external data sources<br />page 2<br />
  4. 4. Content of the Amendment<br />New tools<br />CacheTexture<br />EnvironmentTest<br />KeyNavigator<br />Storage<br />ExtendedReplace & ExternalReplace (To/From) Updates<br />Minor modifications<br />Layout Node with "justify" alignment<br />Valuator Node for concatenation of strings<br />XCore2D profile definition<br />page 3<br />
  5. 5. The CacheTexture Node<br />Transport of images within the BIFS stream: <br />without a separate elementary stream<br />without OD signaling<br />With native image encoding (no base64)<br />Cache optional<br />page 4<br />
  6. 6. The EnvironmentTest Node<br />Detecting environment parameters <br />Aspect ratio, display w/h, dpi, automotive …<br />Code points available for other SDO<br />and triggering scene events for adaptation<br />page 5<br />
  7. 7. The KeyNavigator Node<br />Removes the need for some complex Conditional + Routes logic + InputSensor<br />page 6<br />
  8. 8. The Storage Node<br />Ability to save user preferences and restore them after radio station change<br />page 7<br />
  9. 9. Demos<br />page 8<br />
  10. 10. New Updates<br />ExtendedReplace<br />XREPLACE LABEL.emissiveColor BY LABEL2.emissiveColor <br />ReplaceFromExternalData<br />Use data located outside the BIFS engine<br />Identified by a ‘free-form’ string<br />REPLACE T.string BY "urn:…:epg:title"<br />ReplaceToExternalData<br />Reports data outside the BIFS engine<br />REPLACE “urn:user:pref:…:value” BY V.outSFBool<br />page 9<br />
  11. 11. XCore2D Scene Graph Profile definition<br />XCore2D = Core2D +<br />CacheTexture / EnvironmentTest / KeyNavigator<br />CompositeTexture2D (cache of vectorgraphics)<br />Layer2D <br />Layout (onlytextchildren)<br />TransformMatrix2D<br />Viewport<br />WorldInfo<br />PROTO<br />Extended updates<br />page 10<br />
  12. 12. XCore2D Graphics Profile Definition<br />XCore2D = Core2D +<br />Curve2D / XCurve2D<br />Ellipse<br />LineProperties / XLineProperties<br />LinearGradient / RadialGradient<br />page 11<br />
  13. 13. Extensions for simplified carriage of MPEG-4 over MPEG-2<br />Chronology of 13818-1:2007/Amd.8<br />WD1.0, Daegu, Jan. 2011 <br />WD2.0, Geneva, Mar. 2011<br />Provides DVB/ATSC/ISDB backward-compatible services<br />Carriage of A/V data w/o SL, with PES<br /><br />Improvesefficiency of carriage<br />Use BIFS URL like: « PID://xxx »<br />No need for OD declaration<br />Removesthe need for OD stream (in some cases)<br />Declaration of OD within the PMT <br />Use of the MPEG-2 TS « ODUpdateDescriptor »<br />PredefinedSLConfig value for SL-section in PMT<br />Enable use of other MPEG-4 data (fonts, …)<br />Ability to carry any MPEG-4 Systems streamwithin ISO/IEC-14496 sections<br />page 12<br />
  14. 14. Existingcarriage<br />page 13<br />Object Description Stream<br />Program Association Table<br />ObjectDescriptor {<br /> ES_Descriptor {<br />ES_ID=0x0013<br /> streamType = “mpeg4-audio“<br /> DecoderSpecificInfo=…<br /> }<br />}<br />ObjectDescriptor {<br /> ES_Descriptor {<br />ES_ID=0x0014<br /> streamType = “mpeg4-video“<br /> DecoderSpecificInfo=…<br /> }<br />}<br />…<br />{<br />…<br />program_number=0x0001<br />program_map_PID=0x0100<br />…<br />}<br />CRC_32<br />ISO_IEC_14496_Section<br />ISO_IEC_14496_Section<br />BIFS Stream<br />OD Stream<br />TS paquet PID=0x0000<br />TS paquet PID=0x0112<br />TS paquet PID=0x0111<br />MPEG-2 Transport Stream<br />TS paquet PID=0x0100<br />TS paquet PID=0x0113<br />Initial Object Descriptor<br />…<br />ES_Descriptor {<br />ES_ID=0x0011<br /> streamType = “bifs“<br /> DecoderSpecificInfo=…<br />}<br />ES_Descriptor {<br />ES_ID=0x0012<br /> streamType = “od “<br />}<br /> streamType = 0x13<br />elementary_PID = 0X0112<br />2nd_descriptor_loop {<br /> SL_Descriptor { ES_ID = 0X0012}<br /> }<br /> streamType = 0x12<br />elementary_PID = 0X0113<br />2nd_descriptor_loop {<br /> SL_Descriptor { ES_ID = 0X0013}<br /> }<br /> streamType = 0x12<br />elementary_PID = 0X0114<br />2nd_descriptor_loop {<br /> SL_Descriptor { ES_ID = 0X0014}<br /> }<br /> …<br />TS Program MAP Section<br />PES Packet stream_id=“1111 1010"<br />…<br />Program_stream_info_length<br />1st_descriptor_loop {<br />IOD_Descriptor {}<br />}<br />{<br /> streamType = 0x13<br />elementary_PID = 0X0111<br />2nd_descriptor_loop {<br /> SL_Descriptor { ES_ID = 0X0011}<br /> }<br />MPEG-4 Audio <br />AAC stream<br />
  15. 15. Backward-compatible carriage<br />page 14<br />Scene<br />Program Association Table<br />…<br />{<br />…<br />program_number=0x0001<br />program_map_PID=0x0100<br />…<br />}<br />CRC_32<br />ISO_IEC_14496_Section<br />Movie<br />Texture<br />Audio <br />Source<br />BIFS Stream<br />URL = "pid://0x0113"<br />URL = "pid://0x0114"<br />TS packetPID=0x0000<br />TS packetPID=0x0111<br />MPEG-2 Transport Stream<br />TS packet PID=0x0114<br />TS packet PID=0x0113<br />TS packetPID=0x0100<br />Initial Object Descriptor<br />…<br />ES_Descriptor {<br />ES_ID=0x0011<br />streamType = “bifs“<br />DecoderSpecificInfo=…<br />}<br />streamType = 0x11<br />elementary_PID = 0X0113<br />streamType = 0x1B<br />elementary_PID = 0X0114<br />TS Program MAP Section<br />PES Packet<br />PES Packet<br />…<br />Program_stream_info_length<br />1st_descriptor_loop {<br />IOD_Descriptor {}<br />}<br />{<br />streamType = 0x13<br />elementary_PID = 0X0111<br />2nd_descriptor_loop {<br />SL_Descriptor { ES_ID = 0X0011}<br /> }<br />MPEG-4 Video<br />AVC stream<br />MPEG-4 Audio <br />AAC stream<br />
  16. 16. Other MPEG documents<br />One pager on BIFS for digital radio, <br />March 2011, N11958.<br />New edition (4th) of MPEG-4 Systems: 14496-1:2010<br />Integration of corrigendum, and amendments<br />page 15<br />
  17. 17.<br />page 16<br />