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Convergence 2013 Recap by a CRM MVP @CCOGNETTA


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Recap presentation of Convergence 2013 Highlights around Dynamics CRM

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Convergence 2013 Recap by a CRM MVP @CCOGNETTA

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Convergence 2013• Largest Convergence Ever Attended – 11500+• 25% from outside North America, 85 Countries• First Convergence to Trend on Twitter Top 10 – 7800 Tweets• First Social Media Command Center! Join next year for free pass!• Tribridge was front and center!
  3. 3. Convergence 2013
  4. 4. Convergence 2013
  5. 5. Convergence 2013
  6. 6. Announcements for Dynamics CRMMarketing Pilot UI Refresh and Rollout• Connector available to work with Dynamics CRM• Full Marketing Management – Think Total PictureMicrosoft Acquisition of Net Breeze – Social Analytics Game ChangerCRM 2011 “ORION” Timeframe – Summer 2013• Next Version of CRM for On Premise & Online• Newly remodeled Interface – Goodbye Ribbon!• Fully Process Flow UI – Custom Entities included• Mobility Windows 8 Tablet with ORIONCRM Online Email Router Coming Soon
  7. 7. Marketing PilotMarketing Pilot provides additional functionality not in marketingISVs• End to End management of Marketing Agency• Social Marketing• Multi-channel Campaigns• Digital Behavior Analysis• Resource & Project Task Management• Task Assignment Checklists and Fulfillment• Complex Workflow and Business Process Management• Budgeting and Financials• Brand Management• Media Planning• Typical features you typically see from a Marketing ISV (hits, web etc.)• Think End to End – Total Picture from a Marketing Director’s Point of View
  8. 8. Marketing Pilot
  9. 9. Marketing Pilot “Yes, this is a hint of the coming MS CRM Interface”
  10. 10. Marketing Pilot
  11. 11. Marketing Pilot
  12. 12. Marketing Pilot
  13. 13. Marketing Pilot
  14. 14. Marketing Pilot
  15. 15. Marketing PilotPros• Gartner leader in the Visionary Quadrant• Complete End to End Marketing• Cloud based Delivery• Connector available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011Cons• Still a way to go, not fully integrated with CRM, User accounts are not synced• Only cloud based offering• Certain functions would be duplication of other ERP systems.
  16. 16. Social Listening & Analytics for CRMMicrosoft announces acquisition of (Switzerland)• Fully integration for Social Analytics into CRM• Oracle – Vitrue & Eloqua, SFDC Buddy Media• The only Social Analytics tool that can does data mining and semantic text analysis to support 28 different writing systems.• This is a huge competitive advantage because other solutions translate to a common language than analyze. Netbreeze does localized translation so nothing is lost.• Monitor a variety of social channels including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as over 6,000 online news and websites, 19 million blogs and 500,000 message boards.
  17. 17. NetBreeze – Social Data Sentiment Analysis
  18. 18. NetBreeze – Trend of Keyword Mentions
  19. 19. NetBreeze – View Individual Social Posts
  20. 20. NetBreeze – Social Analysis in the CRM UI
  21. 21. CRM Roadmap – The New Era in CRM
  22. 22. CRM Roadmap - Timeframes
  23. 23. CRM Orion or Next Gen
  24. 24. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  25. 25. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  26. 26. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  27. 27. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  28. 28. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  29. 29. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  30. 30. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  31. 31. CRM Orion Release or Next Gen
  32. 32. CRM Orion Mobility Roadmap
  33. 33. Windows Live – Facts about the Service
  34. 34. CRM Online – Infrastructure Investments &Goals
  35. 35. CRM Online Data Center Security Measures
  36. 36. CRM Online has good company
  37. 37. CRM Online Data Centers
  38. 38. CRM Online ArchitectureAverage of about 900 CRM Organizations in one scale group
  39. 39. CRM Disaster Recovery & High Availability