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The daily life of Mariló, Silvia and Rocío


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The daily life of Mariló, Silvia and Rocío

  1. 1. OUR LIFE :)By: Mariló, Silvia & Rocío.
  2. 2. At 7:00 I was in mybed with the pyjama.I was tired becauseyesterday I wentvery late to bed. Ihate getting upbecause Ive a badface.
  3. 3. At 10:30 I was infrench class, I waslistening to myteacher and takingnotes. I dont like thismoment of the daybecause its reallystressful. I chose thisphoto because I waswith my cousin Rocioand shes a reallygood partner.
  4. 4. At 12:10 I was withmy friends before themath lesson, I waslaughing and talkingwith them. I like thismoment of the daybecause betweenclass and class I canclear my head. Ichose this photobecause I was in ahappy moment .
  5. 5. At 2:58 I was havinglunch with my sister Ifelt very goodbecause the lessonswere finished and Iwas hungry. I chosethis photo becausethis food was reallygood. At this time ofthe week-end I am ina restaurant.
  6. 6. At 17:25 I was havinga snack. I love thismoment. I stoppeddoing my homeworkand I watched TV for15 minutes. I chosethis photo because Ilove cheesesandwiches and Iwas eating one atthis moment.
  7. 7. /temp/oo/20120515182810/o0i90jjibhj At 20: 10 I was playing the guitar, singing, talking with my sister. I love this moment of the day because my homework was finished. I chose this photo because I like singing with my sister.
  8. 8. In this photo I waswith my cousin in mybedroom. I love him.I play a lot with him.Hes 4 years old andhes very naughtyand funny.