Meet the Spanish team!


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Meet the Spanish team!

  1. 1. Meet the Spanish TeamWere some teenagers and as you know, were working on twinspace, this project is“Picture Yourself”.We are boys and girls from different countries and we have to show and talk about us withsomething in common, English.So we hope you enjoy our work ;)By: María, Mariló, Paco, Rocío and Silvia.
  2. 2. The front doorIn this photo you can see Paco, Rocío, María, Mariló and Silvia. We are in the front door of high schoolIES HELICHE. We are a group of friends that we are working in twinspace.We are 15 years old. We are in 4ºESO. We are very nice.When you come in the school, you can find a principal stairs. The principal stairs have many plants. The plantsare beautiful.A group of students of IES HELICHE to care the plants.
  3. 3. The garden of the high schoolHere we are in the garden of the high school, we have a nice garden with a lot of plants and trees. Atour high school there is a P.C.P.I. for future gardeners.Theres a P.C.P.I. of informatics too. They learn to fix computers, if you have problems with your computer,theyll fix it and tell you how to use it.
  4. 4. CorridorsThe corridors are the places where we meet between class and class.In the high school there are two floors and there are thousands corridors, so its easy to get lose.Between lessons we can hear music from the speakers. When the music stops you must be in class.In the first floor you can find a lot of classrom, the hall, the library, the offices and the teachers classroomand in the second floor you can find a lot of classroom and the SUM.The SUM is a big place where the people meet watch a video or atend lectures.
  5. 5. PlaygroundIn this photo you can see us in the playground. The playground is a place where we have breakfast and wespeak about our things.There is a coffe shop where the people buy the breakfast, sweet...etc.At playground we do P.E too.In the playground there are gym, toiletes, font, picnic...etc.In the gym we do P.E when its raining or when the other class is using the playground.In the picnic area the students of P.C.P.I. water the plants.
  6. 6. Coffe shopIn the coffe shop you can buy baguettes of omelette, tuna and mayonnaise, sausages with keptchup...etc.You can meet with your friends for talking of your life.You can buy sweets.The waitresses of coffe shop is Mercedes. Shes very nice.