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  1. 1. Fighting/Action Online Games Add Funto LifeSome people say that human beings are the only creatures on planet earth who actually enjoy fightingeach other or watching such fights and they might well be true. It is almost like something innate inhumans tells us to fight and assert dominance and so these little sparing matches, be it boxing orwrestling or street fighting have become extremely popular. But it is very often too dangerous to go outand knock people around and in today’s almost humanitarian society that is illegal so games have beencreated to release any pent up energy. Such games have proven extremely popular and, as can beexpected, have invaded cyberspace.Online fighting/action games have taken the world by storm because of their perfect combination offeatures – you need a lot of skill and hand-eye coordination to be able to land kicks and punches butyou also need a lot of skill to block and dodge attacks. This is probably why online fighting/actiongames are so popular to such a wide audience ranging from kids and teenagers to older people. Theallure of fighting/action games is partly due to the fact that you can kick and punch without hurtinganyone so it is a great way to relieve stress and tension.There are many ways you can play fighting/action games online. The first and most basic kind is gohead to head against a regular AI opponent. It is pretty simple to begin with but with modernimprovement in graphics and features, even a free online game would be quite a challenge. But reallygood games with multiplayer facility are sometimes pretty hard to come by. Most of the best knowngames require registration or require you to buy the actual game from a retailer, but sometimes this canbe a good idea – if you invest a little in this you will be able to access a whole new world of action.Many games are now in 3D or at least HD which brings you level of realism which most free gamesjust can’t match. Games like ‘The Battle’, ‘Starcraft Display Action III’ have become the benchmarkfor the genre and it is probably going to be exceeded quite soon. This is not to say that gamesdeveloped on flash software are worthless, they’re just not as impressive. Even these games canprovide hours of entertainment and there is such a wide variety of game types that finding one that suitsyou will not be a problem at all.Finally, it is all down to the searching. There are many sites which offer a whole lot of options, both forsingle and multiplayer modes. The range of games which are available in most is staggering and it willtake quite a long time to go through each and every one of them, so be patient and don’t be afraid to tryout new genres, you just might find that you are, in fact, a champ at the one you least expected to like!You may also want to play online games such as kizi and also a lot of games are available at Friv 2.