What is aniline’s consumption trend in china


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MDI industry and rubber ingredient industry is expected to be the largest two consumption fields of aniline in the next five years where opportunities lie.

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What is aniline’s consumption trend in china

  1. 1. What is Aniline’s Consumption Trend in China?Summary: MDI industry and rubber ingredient industry is expected to be the largesttwo consumption fields of aniline in the next five years where opportunities lie.Tag: aniline, MDI, rubber ingredient, consumption, capacity, import, export, price, drivingfactor, barrierAs an important material of many chemicals, such as MDI and rubber ingredients, the R&D ofaniline in China is started in 1958, by Jilin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. And it has kept a stronggrowth since the 1980s.MDI industry and rubber ingredient industry is expected to be the largest two consumptionfields of aniline in the next five years where opportunities lie. We can see that theconsumption of aniline in MDI industry and rubber ingredient industry increased so fast in thepast few years, they became the largest and second largest consumption field of aniline inChina, with occupation of over 65% and 16% respectively. What’s more, their occupation inaniline market increase faster than those of other downstream fields, so the occupation ofother fields is expected to decline in the next few years.In order to point out the facts of the aniline industry in China and discuss the future trend,CCM International presents you the 4th Edition Report of Production and Market of Aniline inChina. The report focuses on the following aspects:-Current capacity distribution among producers, including captive and non-captive capacity,-Import/export situation of aniline and its raw material nitrobenzene,-Price change of aniline in recent years,-Consumption pattern of aniline by downstream fields,-Key driving factors and barriers to aniline industry in the next five yearsAniline has enjoyed fast development since the 1980s. However, a large quantity of anilinewas needed to be imported because that the production of aniline still failed to meet demandin domestic market before 2004.Since 2004, the capacity of aniline in China soared sharply and little aniline was importedsince then. After about three years’ capacity expansion, China’s aniline industry entered astage of overcapacity in 2007. And impacted by the world economic crisis in 2008 and 2009,both the demand and output of aniline in China dropped during this period. Luckily, started inH2 2009, Chinese government carried out a series of stimulus package to support thedevelopment of aniline industry, the industry began to recover since then. And both theproduction and market of aniline in China enjoyed a prosperous time during H2 2009 to 2010,which drove many producers decide to enlarge their capacity of aniline. And these expansionplans have been proved irrational and inappropriate afterwards. Especially after YantaiWanhua, the largest consumer of aniline in China, launches its own aniline production line inearly 2011, the situation of overcapacity in China gets worse.
  2. 2. If you need more detail of this report, please feel free to contact us atecontact@cnchemicals.com.About CCM InternationalCCM International is dedicated to market research in China, Asia-Pacific Rim and globalmarket. With a staff of more than 150 dedicated highly-educated professionals. CCMInternational offers Market Data, Analysis, Reports, Newsletters, Buyer-Trader Information,Import/Export Analysis all through its new proprietary product ValoTracer. For moreinformation, please visit http://www.cnchemicals.com.CCM International Ltd.Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Mansion, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou510070, ChinaTel: 86-20-37616606Email: econtact@cnchemicals.comSource: http://www.cnchemicals.com/PressRoom/PressRoomDetail_r_1057.html