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Offers timely update and close follow-up of China’s seed industry dynamics, analyzes market data and finds out factors influencing market development.
It is published monthly by CCM International Limited, which brings you the latest information upon various factors related to China’s seed industry, such as company dynamics, new technology and varieties, market analysis and etc. China’s seed industry has huge market opportunity, high gross profit rate and considerable investment returns. This news helps you find out market potential and opportunities of seed industry.

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Seed China News 201101.pdf

  1. 1. Vol. 1 Issue 1 26 Jan. 2011SeedChinaNews Copyright © CCM International Limited
  2. 2. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 Content ■ Special report .......................................................................................................1 Analysis into corn seed market 2011 ......................................................................................................................1 ■ Vegetable seed ..................................................................................................... 2 Oversea companies eye Guangdong vegetable seed market................................................................................. 2 Tianjin Kernel facing challenges ........................................................................................................................... 4 ■ M&A..................................................................................................................... 5 CNSGC benefits much from government policy ................................................................................................... 5 Winall Hi-tech invests 4 companies within six months ....................................................................................... 6 ■ Compay & Dynamic .............................................................................................. 7 Xinjiang Condy cooperates with KWS .................................................................................................................. 7 Good performance of listed seed companies in 2010 ........................................................................................... 8 Beijing Dabeinong to build rice seed plant in Hubei ............................................................................................ 9 ■ Vatiety ............................................................................................................... 10 Jimai 22, the biggest wheat variety in China ...................................................................................................... 10 ■ Seed treatment ................................................................................................... 11 Wheat and corn dominate Chinese seed treatment market ................................................................................ 11 ■ Brief news ...........................................................................................................12 Heilongjiang promotes plasma seed treatment technology ................................................................................12 Henan Goldoctor develops fast ............................................................................................................................12 IRRI to set branch in Shenzhen ...........................................................................................................................12 Koshihikari expands quickly in China .................................................................................................................12 Commercialization of GM corn and GM rice not settled .....................................................................................13 Fujian Province bans GM rice sales .....................................................................................................................13 "Monsanto Green Village" launched in Jilin........................................................................................................13 Coverage ratio of improved seeds exceeds 95% ...................................................................................................13 China founds Seed Intellectual Property Rights Alliance....................................................................................13 Longping High-tech leads Sino-Indonesia joint hybrid rice program ................................................................14 Topic: Fast development of China seed industry ..................................... Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2011 Time: 5:00 PM Beijing(10:00 AM GMT) Duration: 30 minutes Format: Presentation Location: Your desktop Price: FREE Password: 123456 >> Space is limited, reserve your spot NOW! CCM International Limited II
  3. 3. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 Welcome to Seed China News 1101 Headlines of Seed China News China is the second largest seed production 1101 country in the world, showing great vatality and potential in worlds seed mareket. CAGR of market value in domestic seed market reaches 16.69% from 2001 to 2009. However, such a large seed market is currently in turmoil, with D omestic corn seed market will still be in oversupply in 2011, but the price of corn seed may witness some increase. too many companies but weak R&D capability, and great challanges have to be faced from many overseas seed companies. T he competition in Guangdong vegetable seed market is estimated to be increasingly intense, with more and more overseas seed companies entering this In a bid to consolidate current chaotic market market. of domestic seed industry, the Ministry of Agriculture is now formulating the new policy of "Seed management regulations". With the upraised threshold for this industry after A lthough Tianjin Kernel still accounts for the largest share in domestic cucumber seed market, it is facing huge challenges at present. implementation of the new policy, the number of seed companies in China is expected to witness reduction in the future since lots of seed companies can not meet these requirements. C NSGC, the only central seed enterprise in China, is expected to benefit most from recent policy regarding domestic seed industry. Some insiders from small companies expressed W their discontentment for the new policy, because inall Hi-tech takes the strategy of M&A and has they might be eliminated or acquired by other big invested in four companies since it got listed on companies due to the rising threshold. However, A-share market in May 2010. the leading seed companies in domestic market, K such as the listed companies, may benefit much WS enhances its corn seed business in China by from the policy. Actually, some companies, setting a joint venture (JV) with Xinjiang Condy. such as GNSGC and Winall Hi-tech, already P have taken the M&A strategy to seek further erformance of all the listed seed companies in 2010 development. They invested in several companies is far better over last years, with profit increase in in the past few months. 2010. Meanwhile, overseas seed companies continue to strengthen their business in China, such as expanding vegetable seed business in B eijing Dabeinong recently releases a notice to invest in five new projects, including building a rice seed production plant in Hubei Province. Guangdong, cooperating with domestic companies, etc. If there are any specific topics you would like us to cover or investigate any of the subjects J imai 22 has become the biggest wheat variety in China, with the planting area reaching 2.38 million ha. for 2010/2011 season. covered in more detail, please contact us. Location of key companies covered in this issue A s seed treatment can improve crop performance under unfavorable weather conditions and improve crop unit yield, Chinese government has attached great importance to seed treatment in recent years. CCM International Limited III
  4. 4. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 ■ Special report Analysis into corn seed market 2011 I n this issue, in a bid to provide readers with a clear understanding about Chinese corn seed market in 2011, CCM specially invited an expert Tong Pingya to harvest; stalks of this variety are easy to lodge; and in some regions, ear rot disease, sheath blight disease and brown spot disease were found on the variety. make analysis into and forecast on corn seed market in China in 2011. However, in general, Zhengdan 958 is still one of the best corn varieties in China. It is estimated that this variety Generally, domestic corn seed market in 2011 can be will continue to be the major variety planted in China in summarized as: corn seed supply to exceed demand; the coming years, although its planting area is likely to three major varieties to dominate the market; price to decrease. witness increase, etc. The planting area of Xianyu 335, a variety developed by Supply vs Demand Pioneer, a subsidiary of Dupont, is increasing. It added up to 1.13 million ha. in 2009 from 0.54 million ha. Most of Chinas corn seed production is concentrated in 2008, up 109.26% year on year. Additionaly, some in western area, such as Gansu, Xinjiang and Ningxia, companies are reported to produce this variety secretly aided by high solar radiation and sufficient irrigation. and illegally in China, thus, the actual planting area of Corn seed production area in these regions accounts this variety may be larger than the number mentioned for two thirds of Chinas total. According to statistics above. from National Agro-tech Extension & Service Center (NATESC), total corn seed production area for 2010/2011 This variety is especially ideal for being planted in the is about 258,000 ha., up 14.17% over last year, but much spring corn area, namely Northeast China. It has many less than four years ago. advantages, such as outstanding grain yield, grain drying quickly, fitness for mechanization, etc. The drawbacks of Domestic corn seed market will still see oversupply in this variety are that root of this variety grows slowly in 2011.The total output of corn seed for 2010/2011 is 1.15 the early stage and the stalks are easy to lodge. Besides, million tonnes. Together with the 0.42 million tonnes the variety is not suitable to be planted in high density stocked corn seed, it is estimated that 0.45 million and is easy to hit by pests and diseases in some regions. tonnes of corn seed will be left in 2011 as corn planting area in China is estimated to be 32.67 million ha. in 2011, Jundan 20 got national approval of production in 2003. which will consume 1.1 million tonnes corn seed. Its planting area has witnessed increase since 2006. The planting area of the variety climbed from 2.45 million ha. However, the supply and demand situation varies among in 2009 to about 2.67 million ha. in 2010. different regions. Early mature corn seed in Northeast China such as Heilongjiang is under short supply. Some It is a compact variety that can produce stable yield improved corn varieties in Northeast China may sell well under different growing conditions. But the variety is not in the market. resist against bacterial wilt and is not suitable for being planted in high density. The planting density of this The supply of corn seed in the summer corn market variety should not exceed 60,000 plants per ha., which (Shandong, Henan, Hebei, etc.) largely exceeds the hinders its promotion in summer corn area, but it still demand. In general, corn varieties featuring high yield, has potential in Northwest China. fitness for being planted in high density, grains drying quickly, etc., are welcomed by peasants. Price Three major varieties The price of corn seed in 2011 is estimated to increase by 20%~25%. On one hand, the minimum purchase price Zhengdan 958, Xianyu 335 and Jundan 20 will be the (the price that seed production companies have to pay major corn varieties in 2011. Among them, the planting for peasants regardless of harvest or not) was USD2,730/ area of Xianyu 335 is expected to witness huge increase. ha. in 2004, but it increased to USD4,320/ha. in 2010. The planting area of Zhengdan 958 was 4.54 million ha. On the other hand, the price increase of crop commodity in 2009. In 2010, the planting area of this variety is still and other agricultural materials such as fertilizers and the biggest in China. Zhengdan 958 has outstanding pesticides will push up corn seed price. The purchase grain yields. It can generate relatively stable yield under price of corn was USD242/t last year, but it exceeds different growing conditions and has good resistance USD303/t at present. against diseases. This variety can be planted in high density and the ideal planting density is 60,000 to Prices of some leading corn varieties and corn seed from 75,000 plants per ha. But the variety also has its the large companies may maintain high level during the drawbacks: the grain of this variety dries slowly before sales season. However, the price of normal varieties may CCM International Limited 1
  5. 5. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 be high at the beginning of the sales season but witness than those with superior quality, which impacts corn decrease to some extent at the end of the sales season production for peasants. under the backdrop of oversupply in the industry. Chaotic 2011 corn seed market Rebate marketing It is estimated that the corn seed market will still be Rebate marketing has existed for years in domestic corn in turmoil under the oversupply circumstance. On one seed industry. Some companies even base their entire hand, there are too many corn varieties in the market, sales strategy on the premise to rebate a fixed amount with about 300~400 corn varieties approved by the of money to corn seed distributors to win competitive government every year. And illegal marketing of corn seed advantage. in domestic market is very common. For example, as of now, only five companies have the rights to produce and The rebate corn seed companies pay to corn seed market Zhengdan 958, but over 40 companies are secretly distributors was about RMB1~1.6/kg in the past, but it and illegally distributing the variety at present. The same increases to RMB2~4/kg at present, some to RMB6~8/kg situation also happens to Xianyu 335, another leading or even higher. corn variety with high retail price. The rebate marketing strategy may increase the sales On the other hand, there are such a large number of corn for a company in a short term, but it is not good for the seed companies in China. Malign competition, such as healthy development of domestic corn seed industry in price war, unhealthy media competition, etc., between the long run. At present, many corn seed distributors are corn seed companies commonly exist. actively promoting corn varieties with high rebate, rather Mr. Tong, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been engaged in the research of corn and agriculture development for a long time, with works of "Corn planting division in China", "Domestic seed industry 1949-2009", etc. ■ Vegetable seed Oversea companies eye Guangdong vegetable seed market " Guangdong Seed Expo 2010" (Seed Expo), a top event on agricultural improved seed in domestic field, kicked off from 12 Dec. 2010 to 14 Dec. 2010 in intense, with more and more oversea seed companies entering this market. Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. CCM attended Through years of development, overseas seed companies the Seed Expo and carried out survey into vegetable seed have occupied a large market share in the high-end market in Guangdong Province. vegetable seed market in China such as in provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Yunnan, etc. However, In the Seed Expo, CCM found out that many overseas they do not rest on their raurels and are making efforts seed companies attach great importance to Guangdong to expand their business to other regions, aiming to vegetable seed market. The competition in Guangdong cover all the main vegetable growing bases in China. vegetable seed market is estimated to be increasingly Guangdong, the third largest vegetable growing province CCM International Limited 2
  6. 6. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 PICTURE1: Guangdong Seed Expo 2010 the strong distribution network of Guangdong Tianhe in Guangdong Province. Enza Zaden Beijing Seeds Co., Ltd. (Enza Zaden), a Netherlands seed company, built a Research and Development station in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province in 2009 to develop climate and regionally adapted varieties. This is Enza Zadens second Research and Development station in China, with the first one built near Beijing in 2006. Different from Seminis and Syngenta, insider reveals that Enza Zaden may choose the direct marketing and Source: CCM International sales mode. It will directly market seeds to big vegetable growers. At present, the sales of Enza Zaden in domestic in China, is an important target for them. market are mainly focused on North China; and that in South China have just begun. Seminis, a vegetable seed company of Monsanto, has years of business experience in Guangdong and its surrounding Nunhems Beijing Seeds Co., Ltd. (Nunhems Beijing), areas. It becomes the strategic business partner of this a seed company of Bayer, also has built a Research Seed Expo, which enhances the companys image. and Development station in Guangxi Province, next to Guangdong. It is expected that vegetables varieties "Seminis has cooperated with the leading vegetable seed developed in the station will also target at Guangdong distributors to market its vegetable seeds, so the company market. could concentrate on the R&D of new vegetable varieties. In Guangdong, it chooses Guangzhou Exuberant Field Besides, some seed companies from Taiwan and Hong Seed Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Exuberant) as one of its major Kong also strengthen their development in Guangdong distributors" reveals from insider in the industry. market, such as Known-You Seed (China) Co., Ltd. (Known-You), Choi Hing Lee International Ltd. (Choi Syngenta, another strategic business partner of this Seed Hing Lee), Wong Ching Ho Co., Ltd. (Wong Ching Ho), Expo, is also enhancing its exploration in Guangdong etc. vegetable seed market. It cooperates with Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd. (Guangdong At present, overseas seed companies have taken up about Tianhe), a leading distributor of agricultural materials in 30% of vegetable seed market in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, to market its vegetable seeds. according to estimation from an insider in the industry. The varieties of some vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, At present, Guangdong Tianhe markets cabbage and cauliflower, Chinese flowering cabbage, etc., are mainly spinach varieties from Syngenta. It is estimated that sourced from overseas companies. And there is trend that Guangdong Tianhe will market other vegetable seeds overseas companies are going to take up more market from Syngenta, and Syngenta will also benefit a lot from share in this field. TABLE1: Key vegetable seed companies and institutes in Guangdong Companies/Institutes Remarks Seminis Syngenta Enza Zaden Oversea seed companies, strong in the R&D of vegetable varieties such as sweet pepper, tomato, cucumber, Hazera Genetics Ltd. spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Nunhems Beijing Sakata Seed (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Taiwan seed company, strong in R&D of cherry tomato, Known-You Seed (China) Co., Ltd. watermelon, etc. Choi Hing Lee International Ltd. Hong Kong seed companies, mainly engages in pepper, Wong Ching Ho Co., Ltd. leafy vegetables seed business. Vegetable Research Institute Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Local seed companies or institutes with strong R&D South China Agriculture University capability in bitter gourd, pumpkin, pepper, leafy Guangzhou Vegetable Science Research Institute vegetables, etc. Shantou Jinhan Seed Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong Provincial Improved Variety Introduce Service Corp. Leading local vegetable seed distributors, mainly Guang Zhou Seed Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. introduce oversea vegetable varieties to China. Guangzhou Exuberant Field Seed Co., Ltd. Source: CCM International CCM International Limited 3
  7. 7. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 and the surrounding areas are developing climate and However, overseas seed companies may also face many regional adapted varieties. difficulties in the development of vegetable seed business in Guangdong Province. On the other hand, not like the vegetable growing model in Shandong Province, the planting of vegetables in On one hand, vegetable varieties from overseas Guangdong is scattered, which increases the marketing companies may not be fit for Guangdong market. For cost of vegetable seeds. example, Enza Zaden is very strong in the development of cucumber and sweet pepper varieties, but these Despite these difficulties, the market share of overseas varieties are not suitable for growing in Guangdong seed companies in Guangdong vegetable seed market Province due to the climate condition. Thus, overseas is expected to witness increase in the future with their companies such as Enza Zaden and Nunhems Beijing strong R&D ability and sufficient funds support. build Research and Development station in Guangdong PICTURE2: Major vegetable growing base in Guangdong Source: CCM International Tianjin Kernel facing challenges N ot like other high-end vegetable seed market in China, cucumber seed market has not been dominated by overseas seed companies. Tianjin Kernel Cucumber 48. As for greenhouse growing, we recommend Jinyou 30 and Jinyou 35" says Mr. Zhang from Tianjin Kernel. Research Institute (Tianjin Kernel) still accounts for the At present, Tianjin Kernel is still the leading cucumber largest share in domestic cucumber seed market, however, producer in China, no PICTURE3: Jinyou 30 it is still facing huge challenges. matter for open-field growing or greenhouse Founded in 1985, Tianjin Kernel is the first research growing. However, institute in China specialized in the development of the company faces cucumber varieties. Cucumber varieties bred by the huge challenges from institute are planted in almost every cucumber production domestic and overseas regions in China. It has captured about 80% of domestic companies. cucumber seed market share for a long time. Tianjin Derit Seeds Untill now, Tianjing Kernel has bred five generations Co., Ltd. (Tianjin of cucumber varieties, namely Jinyan, Jinzha, Jinchun, Derit), founded by Jinyou, Jinlv and Jinmei (Jinlv and Jinmei are the new Ma Dehua, the former generations). The varieties bred by the company have head of Tianjin Kernel, excellent yield. They are very long and lean, with uniform has developed quickly dark green from tip to tip and dense thorns on the skin. in recent years. "The cucumber varieties for "Our major products for open-field growing are Jinyou 1 greenhouse growing and Jinyou 12. Besides, we have bred a new variety, Jinyou developed by our Source: Tianjin Kernel CCM International Limited 4
  8. 8. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 company are as good as that of Tianjin Kernel. The open- may make use of domestic genetic resources to develop field cucumber varieties developed by Tianjin Kernel are cucumber varieties. better than our products, but we have strengthened the development for open-field cucumber in recent years" It is important to note that the planting area of fruit says Mr. Li from Tianjin Derit. cucumber also increases quickly. Fruit cucumber is a kind of cucumber different from the cucumber varieties Besides, overseas vegetable seed companies have entered developed by Tianjin Kernel. At present, most of the domestic cucumber seed market, eyeing the huge market fruit cucumber seed consumed in China is sourced potential. Cucumber is one of the most important from oversea companies, which also brings challenge to vegetable for China. Its planting area is estimated to Tianjin Kernel. exceed 1.5 million ha. per year at present. Overseas seed companies such as Enza Zaden and Seminis are developing cucumber vatieties adapted to China at present. They have set research center in China and ■ M&A CNSGC benefits much from government policy C hina National Seed Group Co., Ltd. (CNSGC), a seed subsidiary of Sinochem, is expected to benefit much from Chinas policies related to seed industry In 2010, CNSGC has taken a series of measures to strengthen its businesses of rice seed, corn seed, recently as it is the only central seed enterprise (company vegetable seed, etc. And the company adopts strategy directly run by central government) in China. It will of taking over other leading seed companies and enjoy advantages in the aspects of funds and government cooperating with seed research institutes. support. Rice seed business At present, Chinas seed market is in chaos, featuring oversupply. Market share is quite scattered in China Rice seed business plays a very important role for the with too many seed companies. Inefficient technology long development of CNSGC. Chinas rice seed R&D innovation capability weakens competitiveness of capability is relatively strong, quite different from that Chinese seed companies. Besides, expansion of more for corn seed. And demand for rice seed is huge in China and more overseas seed companies into Chinas market, as rice is the most important staple food domestically. which take a fairly large market share in some regions, exert great threat on domestic enterprises. CNSGC has acquired several rice seed companies in 2010 and at the beginning of 2011, it enhanced its Therefore, Chinese government are taking great efforts competitiveness in all major rice planting bases in China. to integrate seed industry, as qualified seed is quite important to push up output of agricultural products. On 5 Jan. 2011, CNSGC became the biggest shareholder of Hunan Dongting Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. (Dongting "First, the government will enhance merger and Hi-tech), a subsidiary of Yueyang Agriculture Institute. reorganization amongst seed producers in order to foster Besides, CNSGC and Yueyang Agriculture Institute world-level seed companies. Second, the government will signed an agreement to cooperate in the future for the promote the cooperation between seed companies and development of new rice varieties. Dongting Hi-tech domestic scientific research institutions to increase seed PICTURE4: Signing ceremony of CNSGC and Dongting Hi-tech companies R&D capability" according to Chinas No.1 Document released in early Feb. 2010. Besides, Chinese government is also formulating a policy regarding seed industry, hoping to consolidate current chaotic market by raising the entrance threshold of this industry. The policy is expected to be promulgated in the near future. CNSGC is expected to benefit much from this moves. It is once the largest seed company in China, but its market share has been nibbled away by foreign seed companies and other domestic seed companies since China opened the seed market in 2000. Under the government support, the company has set an objective recently to recapture its top position in China and even to become a world level seed company. Source: CNSGC CCM International Limited 5
  9. 9. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 is one of the leading rice seed companies in Hunan CNSGC plans to promote Zhengdan 958 in 2011 Province. It has strong competitiveness in Hunan planting season. Although Zhengdan 958 has been and other provinces in the middle and lower reaches planted for years and its planting area may witness of Yangtze River. Yueyou 9113, an late rice variety of decrease in the coming years, the corn seed business Dongting Hi-tech, is widely planted by peasants in the of CNSGC in North China is expected to witness huge region. increase in the short term as Zhengdan 958 is still the most widely planted corn variety at present. In H2 2010, CNSGC became the shareholder of Guangdong Golden Rice Seeds Co., Ltd (Golden Rice), In Southwest China, CNSGC cooperated with Monsanto a subsidiary of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural and have developed several corn varieties, such as DK Sciences. The company has strong competitiveness in 007, DK 008. It is expected that its market share in this South China rice seed market, especially in Guangdong, region will witness increase in the future aided by the with market share ranking the first in Guangdong. strong support from Monsanto. Besides, Dongting Hi-tech and Golden Rice, CNSGC Vegetable seed business took over other two rice seed companies in Jiangxi and Sichuan in 2010 to develop its rice seed business in the The revenue of vegetable seed business of CNSGC is region. very small at present, but it is essential for the further development of the company. CNSGC introduced It signed a rice co-development agreement with Mitsui vegetable seeds from overseas vegetable seed companies Chemical Agro, Inc. (Mitsui Chemical) on 1 April 2010. like Seminis , Nunhems, Sakata, etc., and it is also According to the agreement, CNSGC will take advantage enhancing its R&D capability of new vegetable seeds at of the germplasm resources provided by Mitsui the same time. Chemical in the breeding and development of hybrid Japonica rice varieties. "CNSGC has become an important distributor for Seminis, a vegetable seed subsidiary of Monsanto. It has Corn seed business purchased a lot of vegetable seeds from Seminis and is expected to buy more in the future" reveals an insider CNSGC also has done much for its corn seed business from the industry. in 2010. In late 2010, the companies released that it had become the fifth legal company to produce and distribute Zhengdan 958, the leading corn variety in China. Besides businesses of rice seed, corn seed, vegetable seed, CNSGC is also engaged in development of wheat seed business and oil seed business (oil sunflower, etc.). No doubt that the companys competitiveness will be enhanced by such a series of moves with governmental support, however, whether the company can effectively integrate the companies it took over is still not so sure. Lets wait and see. Winall Hi-tech invests 4 companies within six months W inall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd (Winall Hi-tech), an Anhui based seed company, takes the strategy of M&A and has invested in four companies since it got All the funds for these investments are sourced from the excess funds raised when it got listed. The company totally raised USD70.98 million with the issue of 13.2 listed on China’s Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) on 13 million shares and price of USD5.38/share on 13 May May 2010. 2010. USD14.64 million among these funds raised will be spent on breeding, reproduction and promotion of hybrid Through these investments, Winall Hi-tech has expanded rice seed, thus, it leaves a lot of funds for the company to its business from two-line hybrid rice seed to businesses take over other seed companies. of three-line hybrid rice business and corn seed, and its revenue is expected to witness huge increase in 2011. On 17 Aug. 2010, Winall Hi-tech first invested USD1.45 million to control 51% of Sichuan Zhufeng Seed CCM International Limited 6
  10. 10. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 TABLE2: Winall Hi-tech’s investment after its listing Investment, Shares it Revenue in 2009, Date Company Main business million USD owned million USD 26 Nov. Two-line hybrid Winall Xinlong 2.3 51% - 2010 rice seed 18 Nov. Yangling 1.68 56% 0.15 Corn seed 2010 Dengfeng 28 Oct. Anhui Hua’an 3.08 49% 3.38 Hybrid rice seed 2010 17 Aug. Sichuan Three-line hybrid 1.45 51% 2.46 2010 Zhufeng rice seed Note: Anhui Winall Xinlong Seed Co., Ltd. (Winall Xinlong); Yangling Dengfeng Seed Co., Ltd. (Yangling Dengfeng); Anhui Hua’an Seed Co., Ltd. (Anhui Hua’an); Sichuan Zhufeng Seed Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Zhufeng) Source: Winall Hi-tech Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Zhufeng), a company with strong other seed companies in the near future. competitiveness in three line rice seed business and has advantage in rice seed production. However, investors should still keep a cautious attitude toward this company, as the future for the company may In late 2010, Winall Hi-tech controlled other two seed not be so easy, and it has to face intense competition companies and founded a joint venture. It is worth noting from other seed companies such as Yuan Longping High- that Winall Hi-tech has entered corn seed market after it Tech Agriculture Co. Ltd., Shandong Denghai Seeds Co., holds 56% shares of Yangling Dengfeng Seed Co., Ltd., a Ltd., etc., which are more powerful than Winall Hi-tech corn seed enterprise in China. at present, proven by stock price decrease of the company recently. Before listing, the company is over relying on hybrid rice seed Xinliangyou 6, thus, once Xinliangyou 6 is Winall Hi-tech is a fast growing company mainly engaged replaced by other hybrid rice seed varieties, the sales in marketing of hybrid rice seed (mainly two-line hybrid of the company may witness sharp decrease. Hence, rice seed), rapeseed seed, cotton seed and some vegetable the investments in various seed varieties can reduce its seeds. The revenue of the company hit USD10.25 million business risk, and R&D capability can also be enhanced. in the first three quarters of 2010, up 1.89% year on year. Its net profit reached USD1.34 million, up 11.90% year on Stock price of the company rose significantly after its year, aided by its upraised price of seed products in 2010. listing, and it is expected that it will continue to take over FIGURE1: Stock price of Winall Hi-tech Source: Google Finance ■ Compay & Dynamic Xinjiang Condy cooperates with KWS K WS and Xinjiang Condy Seed Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinjiang Condy) cooperated to found a JV on 6 Nov. 2010, namely Condy-KWS Seed Co., Ltd (Condy- KWS), Before the establishment of this JV, Xinjiang Condy has already had business connections with KWS for a long time. Xinjiang Condy has introduced many varieties which is win-win for both these two parties. from KWS, including sugar beet varieties, corn varieties, etc. The cooperation between the two companies will be The investment in Condy-KWS is USD11.12 million. Like further to be strengthened after the founding of Condy- most joint seed ventures in China, domestic company KWS. Xinjiang Condy, invested USD5.67 million to hold 51% shares of Condy-KWS and the rest 49% shares are hold "Xinjiang Condy has witnessed fast development in by KWS with investment of USD5.45 million. recent years, it started from a small seed company and has become one of the leading seed companies in China. CCM International Limited 7
  11. 11. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 The cooperation with KWS this time will further enhance second important seed production base in China, only the development of Xinjiang Condy. We expects Condy- after Gansu. KWS to become the leading seed company in domestic market and provide peasants with more improved Thus, the JV will bring intense competition to domestic varieties" reveals Mr. Liu, vice commander from Xinjiang and overseaes seed companies, such as Dupont, Monsanto Production and Construction Corps (shareholder of and Limagrain, etc. Xinjiang Condy). Besides cooperattion with KWS, Xinjiang also seeks to get Other details regarding this JV have not been released, but listed for further development. The company submitted it is expected that Condy-KWS will mainly focus on corn IPO application on 30 March 2010 and has been approved seed, sugar beet seed, sunflower seed, etc., especially corn by China Securities Regulatory Commission in late 2010. seed, as corn seed has become the most important seed market in China. Xinjiang Condy, located in Urumqi of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is mainly engaged in breeding, As for KWS, the company has business experience of production, processing, sales and technology service of as long as over 30 years in China and it has become the sunflower seed, corn seed, cotton seed, etc. The company leading sugar beet seed company in China. The company has become the leading sunflower seed company in China also expects to enhance its corn seed business in China at present. Besides, it expressed that it would attach much recently, and its corn business market is mainly focused importance to develop corn seed business. on Northeast China and Northwest China at present. The company now owns five seed processing factories, It is estimated Condy-KWS will be a strong competitor 16 subsidiaries and more than 100 distributors. Its sales in domestic corn seed market with the improved seed network covers 16 provinces and autonomous regions. varieties provided by KWS and the strong sales network The average annual revenue reaches USD29.88 million in owned by Xinjiang Condy. Besides, Xinjiang Condy has recent years. the advantage of seed production since Xinjiang is the PICTURE5: Signing ceremony of Xinjiang Cody and KWS Source: Xinjiang Cody Good performance of listed seed companies in 2010 G enerally, performance of all the listed seed companies in 2010 is far better over last years, proven by the net profit increase of these companies in Although the supply for the whole seed industry exceeded the demand in 2010, the supply for some their H1 2010 report and Q3 2010 report. Although the improved seed varieties were situated in shortage, which annual report for the whole year 2010 has yet not been also pushed up the prices of seed products. released, their net profit in the whole year of 2010 is estimated to witness significant increase. Shandong Denghai Seeds Co., Ltd. (Shandong Denghai) previously released that its net profit in 2010 was The good performance in 2010 brought little surprise to surge by 50%~100%, a little bit lower than the under the context of such high commodity prices. estimation from analysts in the industry. The analysts The prices of many crops, such as wheat, corn, rice, predicted the sales revenue of Shandong Denghai in cotton, etc., all witnessed huge increase in 2010, which 2010 would reach about USD125.00 million and net enhanced peasants income and purchasing power for profit about USD28.64 million, respectively up 42.46% seed products. and 101.97% year on year. Xianyu 335 still contributed CCM International Limited 8
  12. 12. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 most to the sales revenue and net profit for Shandong Hi-tech) just got listed in 2010, but the seed business of Denghai in 2010. them develops very quickly. Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co., Ltd. (Gansu Dunhuang), The sales revenue from seed business of Dabeinong hit another seed company marketing Dunponts Xianyu USD33.21 million in H1 2010, up 14.71% year on year. 335, also witnessed huge increase in its seed business. Besides, Nonghua 101, a very competitive corn seed of the The sales revenue from seed business of the company company, was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture was USD45.76 million in H1 2010, up 18.90% year on in 2010, which is expected to generate profit for the year. Besides, the gross profit margin of its seed business company in 2011 as many insiders from the industry went up from 48.61% in H1 2009 to 58.64% in H1 2010. revealed that the quality of Nonghua 101 is on a par with However, the performance of the company was affected Xianyu 335. by its other business fields, such as cotton processing, tomato processing, etc. Winall Hi-tech, mainly engaged in two line hybrid rice seed business, is a small seed company at present, but it Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd. (Hefei Fengle) forecast that develops fast after it got listed. It adopts strategy of M&A, its net profit for the whole 2010 was to reach about and has invested in four seed companies after listing. The USD17.20 million~USD22.26 million, up 70%~120% company is expected to invest more in the future. year on year, and most of its net profit was contributed by its real estate business. However, the company plans to The year 2011 is also predicted to be a nice year for withdraw from real estate business in 2011 and focus on domestic listed seed companies, and the price of seed seed business and agrochemical business. The main seed products is expected to maintain a high level under the products for the company in 2011 are Fengliangyou 1 (rice backdrop of high commodity price. Besides, an insider variety), Fengliangyouxiang 1 (rice variety), Jundan 20 reveals that seed production of some improved rice (corn variety) and Ludan 818 (corn variety). varieties and corn varieties was impacted by the adverse weather in 2010, which will push up the price of seed Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co. Ltd. (Longping products. High-Tech) also plans to focus on seed business in the future. Its sales revenue and net profit from rice seed, Moreover, the government is formulating policy to the major business of the company, hit USD36.36 regulate seed industry at present, and the leading seed million and USD13.12 million in H1 2010, up 8.66% and companies, such as these listed seed companies, are 45.22% respectively year on year. Besides, the company expected to benefit much from the policy. However, has strengthened its corn seed business by obtaining all these companies should try their best to enhance marketing right of Lihe 16, a corn variety from Limagrain, their R&D capability, in order to compete with leading which is expected to generate profit for the company in overseas seed companies. 2011. Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Beijing Dabeinong) and Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. (Winall TABLE3: Listed seed companies’ performance in 2010 (estimated data) Sales revenue, YOY Net profit, YOY Seed business Company million USD change million USD change share Winall Hi-tech 28.94 16.74% 5.91 15.30% 100% Hefei Fengle 206.82 30.46% 19.85 94.23% 40% Gansu Dunhuang 196.97 -14.06% 6.06 33.48% 34% Shandong Denghai 125.00 42.46% 28.64 101.91% 97% Beijing Dabeinong 752.91 25.00% 47.71 13.00% 7% Longping High-Tech 214.70 34.35% 9.09 23.84% 67% Note: Seed business share= sales revenue from seed business in 2009/total sales revenue in 2009 Source: CCM International Beijing Dabeinong to build rice seed plant in Hubei B eijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Beijing Dabeinong), one of the leading hybrid rice seed companies in China, recently released a notice to founded in Oct. 2010, with registered capital of USD1.51 million (RMB10 million). And the rice seed processing plant will be located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, with invest five new projects with the funds raised when it total investment of USD6.74 million. After completion, got listed in April 2010, including a rice seed production the plant could process 7,500 tonnes of hybrid rice plant in Hubei Province. seed every year. The plant will be started in 2011 and is expected to be finished in 2012. The plant will be constructed by Hubei Huazhan Seed Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Beijing Dabeinong) The hybrid rice seed processed by the plant will be CCM International Limited 9
  13. 13. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 mainly for the middle rice seed market in Hubei, Anhui In the past, Beijing Dabeinong usually entrusted other and Henan, which will facilitate the development of the rice seed production companies to produce rice seed for companys rice seed business in the long run. it, after it got listed in April 2010, the company decided to integrate the rice seed production business. "Besides the rice seed processing plant in Hubei, we also plan to build one rice seed processing plant in After the completion of these three rice seed production Hunan Province and one in Jiangxi Province. After the projects, Beijing Dabeinong would guarantee the quantity completion of these rice seed processing plants, hybrid and quality of hybrid rice seed of the company, laying a rice seed produced by Beijing Dabeinong will cover the solid foundation for the development of its hybrid rice major hybrid rice market in China, such as early rice, seed business middle rice and late rice in the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River, and South China rice market" Beijing Dabeinong got listed on 1 April 2010. The reveals the company. company issued 60.8 million shares (accounting for 15.2% of the total stakes of Beijing Dabeinong) at the The rice seed processing plant in Hubei Province wins price of USD5.1 per share. support from the local government. At present, domestic rice seed production bases are mainly located in Sichuan, Beijing Dabeinong is mainly engaged in business of feed, Hunan, Jiangxi and Jiangsu, and the rice seeds used in seed, agrochemical and animal protection, etc. Feed and Hubei are mainly introduced from other provinces, thus, seed are its major businesses, with the two accounting for Hubei government hopes to turn around this situation 91.8% of its total revenue in 2009. Its revenue from feed through this plant. business ranked third in Chinas feed industry in 2008. Different from corn seed production bases in China, Beijing Dabeinongs sales revenue from seed business rice seed production bases are quite scattered in China. (mainly rice seed business) was USD33.21 million in H1 Furthermore, owing to the complexity of hybrid rice seed 2010, up 14.71% year on year. The hybrid rice seed from production, many peasants are unwilling to produce the company are widely applied in Jiangxi Province and hybrid rice seed by themselves. The hybrid rice seed Hubei Province. production, especially the two line hybrid rice seed production, has been unstable in recent years, hindering the development of rice seed companies. ■ Vatiety Jimai 22, the biggest wheat variety in China J imai 22, a wheat variety bred by Crop Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CRISAAS), has become the biggest wheat Luyan Seed Co., Ltd. (Shandong Luyan), a subsidiary of CRISAAS. After years of promotion, the variety now accounts for 40% market share in Shandong Province variety in China, with the planting area reaching 2.38 and 10% market share in China" reveals Mr. Wang from million ha. for 2010/2011 season, accounting for about CRISAAS. 10% of the national total winter wheat planting area this season. Besides Shandong, Jimai 22 was also promoted in Heibei, Henan and other surrounding provinces and After passed the examination respectively from regions. But the planting area of Jimai 22 in Hebei and Shandong and the state in September 2006 and January Henan is much less over that in Shandong. Wheat seed 2007, the planting area of this variety has witnessed huge R&D capability in Henan and Hebei is also very strong increase from 1.73 million ha. for 2009/2010 season and most of the wheat varieties in these regions are bred to 2.38 million ha. for 2010/2011 season. It became by local wheat research institutes. the biggest wheat variety in Shandong in 2009 and the national biggest in 2010. Jimai 22 is one of the leading wheat varieties in Hebei, but its planting area for 2010/2011 season is only about Jimai 22, a new kind of medium gluten wheat varieties, 133,000 ha. (the planting area of every leading wheat has outstanding features of great potential of high yield, variety in Hebei is small), revealed by Mr. Cao from high-quality, wide adaptability and strong anti-adversity. Hebei Agricultural Technology Extension and Service It is a kind of winter plants with mid maturation; its Center. And the planting area of Jimai 22 in Henan is seedlings half creep. It has strong tillering ability and even less than that in Hebei. high spike rate per ha. The plant type is compact and the stem height ranges from 75cm to 80cm. The variety The price of Jimai 22 is very low like other wheat has good lodging resistance and comprehensive disease varieties in China. The retail price of Jimai 22 is about resistance. USD0.76/kg in this sales season. "Jimai 22 is produced and marketed by Shandong Wheat is one of the most important crops planted in CCM International Limited 10
  14. 14. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 China. The planting area of winter wheat hits 22.67 million ha. in 2010, increasing by 66,000 ha. over PICTURE6: Jimai 22 2009, according to statistics released from Ministry of Agriculture. Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Anhui and Jiangsu are the top five wheat production provinces in China, together accounting for over 65% of the total wheat planting area in China. Compared with corn seed, market concentration of wheat seed is much lower in China, mainly caused by low profit and inefficient technology of seed production, high proportion of self-saved seed, and insufficient intellectual property protection. Owing to low profit for seed production and sales, most seed companies dont take wheat seed business as their core business. Shandong Luyan, founded in 1997 with a registered capital of USD1.51 million, is a joint-stock company first established by Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRISAAS. Taking advantages of scientific research and talent of CRISAAS, Source: Shandong Luyan the company has produced and marketed lots of wheat seed, corn seed, cotton seed, soybean seed, etc., in Shandong Province and the surrounding provinces and regions. ■ Seed treatment Wheat and corn dominate Chinese seed treatment market A s seed treatment can improve crop performance under unfavorable weather conditions and improve crop unit yield, Chinese government has attached attention to corn seed treatment as corn is the most important raw material for feed production in China. It is regulated that only peasants using the coated corn great importance to seed treatment. Central and local seed can get the subsidies for improved varieties. Seed governments have been encouraging farmers to sow treatment rate of corn was about 80% in 2010, the treated seeds, by providing technology training of seed highest among all crops, equaling to that of cotton. Corn treatment, agricultural machinery subsidies, and issuing seed treatment rate with seed coating agents was 54%, related polices, etc. pesticides 25% and trace fertilizers 1% in 2010. Market volume and value of corn seed treatment in 2010 were Seed treatment technologies in China may be classified 13,809.33 tonnes and USD55.43 million respectively. into physical treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment, etc. Among them, chemical treatment (Treat Besides, there are several characteristics of seed seed with seed coating agents, pesticides or fertilizers) treatment in China. First, seed treatment rate is higher captures over 90% market share in Chinas market. in North China, the major production area of corn and wheat. Second, seed treatment rate is higher in large China consumed about 42,464.53 tonnes agrochemicals farmlands. As large farmlands need a great number of in seed treatment with total value of USD157.25 million seeds, they may buy large numbers of seed treatment in 2010. Wheat and corn are the most important crops in seed treatment TABLE4: Chemicals consumption value in seed treatment, 2010 market and they accounted for over Seed coating agent, Pesticide, Fertilizer, Total, 85% of total seed treatment in terms of Crops ‘000 USD ‘000 USD ‘000 USD ‘000 USD market value. Wheat 67,998.90 11,254.99 30.15 79,284.04 Aided by governmental promotion, Corn 49,915.96 5,502.20 9.90 55,428.06 wheat seed treatment rate increased Rice 4,311.86 328.52 9.24 4,649.62 from about 60% in 2005 to about 75% in 2010. Total market value of wheat Cotton 4,279.19 87.61 0.79 4,367.59 seed treatment in China was about Soybean 8,647.51 1,660.32 116.22 10,424.05 USD79.28 million in 2010. However, Others 2,256.10 777.09 57.53 3,090.73 some peasants still use seeds saved by themselves. Total 137,409.52 19,610.75 223.83 157,244.09 Note: The pesticide and fertilizer application dosage in this article means the usages Chinese government has paid great in seed dressing, seed soaking and seed sealing but not in seed coating. Source: CCM International CCM International Limited 11
  15. 15. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 agents and mixing machines to ensure seed treatment prosperous. However, many peasants still do not treat effect. Meanwhile, they pay more attention to seed seeds in China at present, or only treat them with lime, treatment as they know more about seed treatment effect. mainly because they have no consciousness to treat seeds. For instance, seed treatment rate in Heilongjiang is much Thus, the government should continue to make efforts higher than other places, such as Henan and Shandong, to increase seed treatment rate and encourage seed thanks to its large area of farmlands. treatment companies to develop new low-toxic and highly effective seed coating agents. With rapid development of seed market, domestic seed treatment industry is also becoming more and more ■ Brief news Heilongjiang promotes plasma seed treatment technology H ha. eilongjiang made great progress in the promotion of plasma seed treatment technology in 2010. 630 sets of plasma seed treatment technology equipment were sold in 2010 and the demonstration area hit 0.67 million As one of the "863" agricultural development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the promotion for this technology was started in 2006. After the treatment, seed vigor and pest resistance increase, and the growing of seed is also promoted. More importantly, the crop output can increase by 10% after treated by this technology, according to Heilongjiang Agricultural Machine Extension Station. Henan Goldoctor develops fast T he application of Henan Goldoctor Seeds Co., Ltd. (Henan Goldoctor) for getting listed in A-share market was denied by China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2011, but the company has achieved sound development in recent years. The company is one of the five legal companies to produce and market Zhengdan 958, and its revenue hit USD53.03 million and profit hit USD6.06 million in 2010. It has set 15 branches in 11 provinces throughout the country. The main product for the company is Zhengdan 958. This corn seed performed well even under the adverse weather in 2010. Besides, the company was also promoting other 13 corn seed varieties such as Liyu 37 to reduce its dependence on Zhengdan 958. It has also been actively enhancing its business in rice seed, wheat seed, etc., and all these businesses achieved faster progress than corn seed business. IRRI to set branch in Shenzhen D r. Robert S. Zeigler, director general of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), visited Shenzhen on 25 and 26 Nov. 2010 to discuss matters related to setting a research branch in Shenzhen. On 2 Oct. 2010, Shenzhen government and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) signed an cooperation agreement on the development of biotechnology breeding. On 12 Nov. 2010, CAAS applied to IRRI to set a search branch in Shenzhen and its application was approved by IRRI. "Although agriculture accounts only a small portion of Shenzhens GDP, close attention still needs to be paid to agriculture technology in order to become the biotechnology breeding center in China" says Mr. Yuan, deputy mayor of Shenzhen. Koshihikari expands quickly in China K oshihikari, a Japanese rice variety with excellent grain qualities, expands quickly in China. The rice variety is mainly planted in Northeast China and Jiangsu Province in China. In 2010, the variety was introduced to Dean County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The planting area of Koshihikari in Dean was about 3.33 ha. with the yield CCM International Limited 12
  16. 16. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 of 8.50 tonnes. Growers reveal that they plan to plant the variety in 2011 as the price of the rice from the variety is much higher than other rice varieties in the region. Commercialization of GM corn and GM rice not settled " Although China has issued safety certificates to two GM rice variety and a GM corn variety, the exact time for commercialization of GM corn and GM rice is not settled" says Mr. Luo, dean of College of Food Science & Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, on an agricultural bio-technology and food security meeting. China is the first country in the world to have issued safety certificates to staple crops such as rice. However, according to Chinas stipulations, the safety certificate, based on fair safety evaluation, doesnt mean GM rice and GM corn could be commercially planted, which requires production trials and registration. Fujian Province bans GM rice sales F ujian government released a notice in early Dec. 2010 to ban the planting, processing and marketing of GM rice in the province. However, the notice was withdrawn only a few days after released. Fujian government said that too much attention that attached to this notice pushed it to withdraw it. It refused to release any other details. Although the planting and marketing of GM rice have not been approved in China yet, Green Peace found that GM rice products and GM rice seed were marketed in nine provinces (including Fujian) in China, according to a survey conducted by Green Peace on April 2010. "Monsanto Green Village" launched in Jilin M onsanto donated USD200,000 to launch the "Monsanto Green Village" in Jilin in late 2010, which is the companys second project in China after the first in Hebei Province in 2008. The program aims to educate farmers agricultural technology and boost recycling notion in the countryside. "Via implementation of the Monsanto green village program, we hope to support more farmers and advance agricultural development in China" says Mr. Eblen from Monsanto. Besides, Monsanto also plans to develop crops varieties in the region. Northeast China (include Jilin), is the most important corn growing region in China, but Monsantos domestic corn seed business is mainly focused on Southwest China at present. Coverage ratio of improved seeds exceeds 95% T he vice Minister Zhang Taolin of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) stated on 30 Nov. 2010 that China witnessed a much higher breeding level of agricultural crop varieties, with a number of newly developed varieties like super rice, compact corn and quality wheat. And the coverage ratio of improved seeds raised up to over 95%. According to MOA statistics, the proportion of commercial seed supply has increased from 30% in mid 1990s to 60% at present, and that of both hybrid corn and rice has reached 100%. And they are all beautifully packaged and labeled for sale. Thanks to greatly improved quality of seeds, there are less lawsuits caused by seed quality problems. The qualified rates of hybrid rice and corn have reached over 95%. China founds Seed Intellectual Property Rights Alliance U nder the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, China officially established the "China Seed Intellectual Property Rights Alliance" in Beijing on Nov. 30 2010 in a bid to strengthen the protection for intellectual property rights in the seed industry. The purpose of the Alliance is to carry out IPR transfer, cross licensing and coordinate application through multiple cooperation approaches, such as resource co-sharing, collaborative action and self-disciplined mutual assistance, etc. CCM International Limited 13
  17. 17. Seed China News Vol.1 Issue 1 Longping High-tech leads Sino-Indonesia joint hybrid rice program Y uan Longping Agricultural Hi-tech Co., Ltd. (Longping Hi-tech), a leading rice seed company in China, leads an Indonesia and China joint hybrid rice program. The aim of the grogram, launched on 29 Dec. 2010 with the effective research period of 2010 to 2013, aims to develop best hybrid rice variety for Indonesia. According to the program, Indonesia will send its agricultural scientists and officials to be trained in China in Longping Hi-tech to develop hybrid rice varieties that adapted to the soil and natural condition for Indonesia. Rice is a very important crop for Indonesia. The cooperation in hybrid rice research is expected to improve the average rice production level in Indonesia, and will eventually help it achieve a rice self-supplied level in the country. CCM International Limited 14
  18. 18. China Crop Protection Summit 2011 On March 18th & 19th, Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai,China Organizer: CCM International Limited Participators listSeeking business opportunities in the Chairmanreformations and transformations of AgroCare , Roman Macaya, Ph.D. President Workshop Leaderscrop protection industry in China Dr. Norman Lai (served Sinochem Fertilizer, BASF, CK Lifesciences, Sicpa Printing Inks, Zeneca and ICI, etc) Long Lu (Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences )Main topics Partial Delegates Agranova Day One – Friday 18th, March 2011 Ancom BioScience Sdn Bhd BASFWorkshop Bayer CropScience Company Ltd. Hextar Chemicals Sdn Bhd. Interagro (UK) Ltd M&A in Chinas pesticide industry is underway INVISTA Sales & Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Bright prospective of Chinas fluoric pesticide intermediate industry Kwizda Agro GmbH CCM International Ltd.Conference Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science Farm Chemicals International Section 1: Hotspots and commercial opportunities of sub-industries of Hangzhou Tianchuang Waterpure Equipment Co., Ltd Hextar Chemicals Sdn Bhd. crop protection industry Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. Rice insecticides in China Interagro (UK) Ltd Bright prospect for seed treatment industry in China INVISTA Sales & Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Red Sun Group Co., Ltd. Innovative pesticides are what the world needs JIN XIU QIAN CUN ZHI BAO Agricultural Materials Chain (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Flourishing industry of environmentally friendly formulations Journal of World Pesticides Waste treatment technology on pesticide technical production in Kwizda Agro GmbH China Nutrichem Laboratory Co., Ltd. Pesticide Market News Day two – Saturday 19th, March 2011 Shanghai Freemen Chemicals Co., Ltd. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Section 2: Trends and highlights of Chinas agrochemical marketing and Shenyang research institute of chemical industry Shenyin & Wanguo Securities strategies Sinochem Shanghai Co., Ltd. Chain stores: potential distribution ways of agrochemicals in China SINVOCHEM Agrochemical companies methods on asset-market integration in The center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP) etc… China Chinese agrochemical producers expansion of overseas market Agrochemical market development in Latin America A Sustainable Route for Exporting Business of Agrochem Sponsorship Manufacturers in China Section 3: Hotspots in global crop protection industry Trends of global paraquat industry Skyrocketing development of North African agrichemical market Chinas way on GLP Pesticide News Section 4: Seed R&D innovation and promising industries in China Speeding up the commercial production of GM crops in China Chinese seed industrial policies, related problems and corresponding strategies Contact Us Coco Yang Tel: 020-37616606 Fax: 020-37616968 Email: Web:
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