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Production data of titanium dioxide


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Production data of titanium dioxide

  1. 1. Production Data of Titanium Dioxide in ChinacFrom 2009 to 2011, in order to occupy more market share, Chinese titanium dioxideenterprises prefer enlarging their own capacity to merging or acquiring other companies. Themajor reasons are the identical product structure and proficient sulfate technology among themanufacturers. In addition, titanium dioxide production is widely distributed in about 20provinces. Polices and influential factors are varying in these areas, and thus it is very difficultfor titanium dioxide enterprises to merge without sufficient money and long-term plans.Figure Production of titanium dioxide in China, 2005 ~ 2010In general, Chinese titanium dioxide has recovered since H2 2009.In H1 2009, mainly caused by the global financial crisis and domestic low price, some mediumor small-sized manufacturers looses a huge profit and have to close down at the end of 2009,such as Hubei Liming Chemical Co., Ltd. From H2 2009 to H1 2010, since national policies ofexpanding domestic demand and some relevant policies were adopted, titanium dioxidedownstream industry has recovered gradually, especially the coating and plastic industries;and domestic titanium dioxide industry started to recover, with the operating ratio in Q4 2009reaching nearly 90%. Thus, the operating rate in the whole 2009 reaches 64.73%, and theoutput reaches 1,143,100 tonnes in 2009. 1www.cnchemicals.comEmail: econtact@cnchemicals.comTel: +86-20-3761 6606Fax: +86-20-3761 6968