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Glyphosate China Montly Reports is a monthly report with 12 issues per annum published by CCM International Limited. It's your gateway to know what is happening in China Market. Key columns include company dynamics,market analysis,global dynamics, price update, supply & demand, import/export analysis, registration, etc. If you are interested in this newsletter or ask for the latest sample, please contact or 86-20-38767072.

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Glyphosate china monthly report 0909

  1. 1. Glyphosate China Monthly Report FLYER Copyright © CCM International Limited
  2. 2. Glyphosate China Monthly Report Exclusive stories monthly Who need it?  Import/export C hina is currently the largest glyphosate supplier in the world, with low production cost and good chemical production foundation. The following will be some of CCM’s focuses.  Price fluctuations and impacts The great fluctuations in 2008 have largely companies The dynamics of China’s glyphosate greatly affected newly launched production lines Targeting China and global impacts the global supply structure. Over 80% and those under construction. What’s glyphosate industry, paying of glyphosate produced in China is exported, the future price trend and how domestic close attention to the supply and to more than 20 destinations in the world. manufactures cope with challenge of gloomy price fluctuation of glyphosate/ price. PMIDA and its upstream raw China has witnessed fast glyphosate technical  Raw material dynamics and materials and intermediates and capacity expansion, with CAGR of 27.8% impacts looking for supply partners in during 2003~2008, and it is still expanding.  Market trends and factors behind China and the world. Output has also been growing fast, with China’s glyphosate industry will keep similar speed. gloomy in next few years under current  Glyphosate overcapacity and economic recession, and manufacturers The growth in output and capacity is mainly uncompetitive companies may suffer loss Intending to know the driven by growing overseas demand with the and quit production. competitors’ latest actions in expanding GM crop planting area.  Global demand dynamics and China’s glyphosate market, and impacts looking for partners The two glyphosate production routes, namely How global macro economics, overseas  Research institutes AEA route and IDA (including IDAN and policy and GM crops planting situation affect Desiring to know the latest DEA) route, adopted by Chinese producers, glyphosate demand? What’s the flow of glyphosate technologies and to are undergoing structural changes, with IDA China’s glyphosate? transfer advanced glyphosate route’s share expanding, because of changes in  China’s position in the global technologies to China raw material supply. supply chain and influencing factors  Analysts and consultants The raw material supply shortage faced by  Activities in exploiting overseas Trying to gain insight into the producers adopting DEA and IDAN pathways market market trend for glyphosate before 2008 has been gradually relieved, as How Chinese producers explore overseas industry and its related industry driven by the soaring price of glycine, IDAN market; latest progress in establishing  Venture capital investor and DEA during and before 2008, many raw close cooperation with foreign players; and Seeking for chance to cooperate material producers have been expanding their impacts on producers and whole industry. with Chinese company to deal capacity.  Chinese market with business of glyphosate How and why does it differ from overseas industry Despite the largest output and capacity, market (e.g. Glyphosate 10%SL is only China’s glyphosate industry has many produced and consumed in China. It shortcomings, including overcapacity, has been banned recently, what are the What you have? dispersed production, few overseas impacts?); what are the future trends and  PDF newsletter of over 16 registrations, poor environmental protection factors behind them, such as promotion stories delivered monthly awareness, lack of governmental supervision, of non-tillage technology, governmental  Guaranteed in-depth news inefficient production technology, etc. policies, etc.  Access to online archive Changes in China’s glyphosate industry have Glyphosate China Monthly Report of all previous issues with not only been considerable, but also frequent, brings you the latest information and downloads puzzling both outsiders and industry insiders, in-depth analysis on market trends,  Professional solution to not knowing where it is to go next. supply and procurement opportunities query related to glyphosate That’s because the factors influencing it are in raw materials and intermediates, many and changing frequently, thus making it technology process, price updates, new highly necessary for timely update and close policies and company dynamic, etc. follow-up of the dynamics in this industry. CCM International Limited 1
  3. 3. Glyphosate China Monthly Report Main Content Required Column ■ Company dynamics ■ Global market dynamics Report the latest news about companies in China, such as new Focus on dynamics of global glyphosate market, covering launch, company expansion, merger & acquisition, cooperation, demand, production, supply, trade, flow, etc. etc. Report and analyze the latest events regarding global supplier Find out stories behind the news, including company dynamics, flow dynamics, price fluctuations, raw material development strategy, related policy, global market situation, supply, policies on glyphosate industry in countries and regions etc. Figure out how the companies explore the global glyphosate with large production/consumption, planting of GM crops, etc. market, where and when. ■ Import/ Export analysis ■ Price Update Trace the circulation of China’s glyphosate and PMIDA globally. List the updated price of glyphosate, PMIDA, key raw materials and key formulations in the domestic market and for export. Monitor the price, volume and destinations of glyphosate/ PMIDA export, and analyze the behind reasons. As for significant price fluctuation, CCM will make in-depth analysis and show the key factors leading to the fluctuation. ■ Raw material market Report the latest news on the demand and supply of glyphosate ■ Supply & demand key raw materials, intermediates and additives in China, Cover the latest information about glyphosate supply and covering the notable events in upstream industries which may demand in China and in the world. affect Chinese and global raw material supply. Analyze the factors influencing glyphosate supply and demand, Analyze the influencing factors, including price, supply, including global macro economic situation and key policies demand, production process and production cost. CCM will related to glyphosate import/export in overseas countries, raw further analyze how the factors influence China’s glyphosate and material supply situation, exporter behaviors, Chinese policy, figure out the development trends in the coming future. etc. Exclusively analyze supply & demand trend in China and world. Optional Column ■ Policy & Legislation ■ Competitive analysis Report and analyze the latest policies and legislations issued Compare different glyphosate/PMIDA producers in terms of in China and abroad related to glyphosate and the relevant their production technologies, raw material supply, etc. and industry, such as export rebate rate, overseas anti-dumping make in-depth analysis on their advantages and disadvantages, rate, effluent pollutant discharging standard, GM crop planting, thus judging their competitiveness in the industry. registration administration, etc. ■ Technology improvement & demand ■ Registration dynamics Report the technology improvement of glyphosate and its Report the important registration dynamics of glyphosate in related products. both China and abroad. Analyze influences of technology improvements to China’s glyphosate industry, including cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase. CCM International Limited 2
  4. 4. Glyphosate China Monthly Report Approaches Professional researchers in CCM will employ the following methods to obtain the information needed.  Telephone interview  In-depth investigation CCM arranges phone interview with glyphosate/ CCM conducts in-depth investigations on those herbicide PMIDA producers, governments, pesticide associations, companies with great influence on China’s herbicide exporters, raw material and intermediate suppliers, market or the global market. peasants, etc. to gain first-hand information about China’s glyphosate industry.  Exhibition attendance CCM attends influential exhibitions to obtain the latest  Face-to-face interview information on new technologies, glyphosate producers CCM carries out face-to-face interviews with glyphosate and exporters. CCM establish database for these producers, experts, experienced salesman, exporters exhibiters and keep in touch with them termly. and peasants, to obtain in-depth analysis & comment on related issues.  Professional data processing and forecasting  Experts consultancy Team members in CCM are professionals in processing CCM has established long-term relationship with many information concerning with crop protection, herbicide, experts from the glyphosate industry and can obtain econometrics, international trade, polymer chemistry, information from them via payment or information renewable energies and biochemistry ecology etc. exchange. They also contribute stories or comments to CCM termly. Professional software for data processing and forecasting, including SPSS/SAS, Eviews, are applied to facilitate our  Database searching work. Specialized backgrounds will ensure our work well CCM has established the price monitoring database for done. glyphosate and its related products, which will benefit CCM’s data cross-check and in-depth research on China’s  Other methods helpful to our work glyphosate industry. Any method feasible and helpful to our work will be adopted. For instance, internet searching is an important CCM may also get authoritative data from Crop way for information retrieval. We may register to be Protection Association, China Customs, etc. the member of an authoritative website and obtain information from it. CCM International Limited is an independent consulting company focused on China‘s chemicals market. CCM’s expertise lies in market researches, news, conferences and databases, in such industries as insecticide, crop protection, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, pigment, coating, food ingredient, renewable energies, fine chemicals, bio-technology, etc. CCM has established a good reputation as one of the key knowledge providers in these industry sectors. CCM has experienced in the research of China’s crop protection market for over 6 years and has finished many updated reports related to crop protection. Now CCM has run a database of price and import/export monitoring of China’s glyphosate and its key raw materials since 2005. All of these support research and update will benefit the high achievement of this newsletter: Glyphosate China Monthly Report. CCM International Limited 3
  5. 5. Glyphosate China Monthly Report Priority Order Form Choose Type of Subscription: Single user PDF: □ 1 year CNY 39,067/USD 5,581 □ 2 years CNY 66,414/USD 9,488 Enterprisewide license: □ 1 year CNY 97,668/USD 13,953 □ 2 years CNY 166,036/USD 23,721 * The price is based on CNY and subject to exchange rate fluctuation. CCM reserves the right to adjust the rates of USD if the exchange rate fluctuation exceeds 3%. Your Details: First Name: Surname: Job Title: Department: Company: Address: Postcode/Zip Code: Country: Telephone: Fax: Email: Payment Method: Wire Transfer Bank Account: A/C NO.: 817-016793-838 BENEFICIARY NAME: CCM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED BANK NAME: HSBC TSIM SHA TSUI BRANCH BANK ADDRESS: 82-84 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong BANK SWIFT CODE: HSBCHKHHHKH Please send your completed order to us by Online at: Post to CCM International Limited: 17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Building, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road Guangzhou, 510070, P.R.China Tel: +86-20-37616606 Fax: +86-20-37616968 E-mail: CCM International Limited 4
  6. 6. CCM International Limited Address: 17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Building, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road Guangzhou, 510070, P.R.China Tel: +86-20-37616606 Fax: +86-20-37616968 Email: Website: