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Edm of ccm's food ingredients database (20131030)


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Edm of ccm's food ingredients database (20131030)

  1. 1. CCM’s Food Ingredients Database Online: An Information Aggregator for Food Ingredients Industry Players CCM’s Food Ingredients Database Covering amino acids, enzymes, sweeteners, dairy products, vitamins, starch & derivatives, etc., CCM’s Food Ingredients Database runs as an online information aggregator with a wide range of frequently-updated intelligence, including market researches, industry news, market data, trade analysis, etc. Focusing on the products, to which the industry players pay close attention, we will keep expanding the coverage of the database and updating its contents, thus clients can acquire the valuable information they need in a convenient way. What does the database offer?  200+issues of monthly newsletters with the latest intelligence in relation to China’s food ingredients industry;  800+entries of monthly updates of market data like export analysis & production situation, and coverage of producer information & consumption situation;  100+entries of monthly updates of data reports on price monitoring, trade analysis, price forecast and cost analysis;  60+editions of annual market reports with in-depth analysis and forecast;  1,000+entries of daily updates of information entries covering food ingredients related products in Content Chunk Coverage of the database
  2. 2. Subscription The free trial period for CCM’s Food Ingredients Database is only ONE MONTH. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! For more information, please visit: You can apply for the free trial account number by contacting your account manager or sending your application to, no later than 1st December 2013.