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CCM‘s Expertise in Pharmaceuticals


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CCM International Ltd is a local consulting company expertizing in market research, database and online technology. Pharmaceuticals is one of our main research division, this brochure will give you a clear concept about which products we covers and what kind of service we are expertise in.

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CCM‘s Expertise in Pharmaceuticals

  1. 1. CCM’s Expertise in Pharmaceutical CCM’s Research Fields in Pharmaceutical Chemical medicine Biological medicine - Market analysis - Market analysis - Import and export analysis - Import and export analysis - Competitive analysis - Competitive analysis - Technology and R&D progress - Technology and R&D progress - Foercast - Foercast
  2. 2. Education Backgrounds of CCM's Professional & Experienced Research Team - Biology - Pharmaceutical - Biological Engineering - Economics - Biomedical Engineering - Food Science and Engineering - Biomolecular Engineering - Business Administration - Cytobiology - Pharmacology - Economic Management - …… - Medicine and Pharmacology “All senior consultants have above 5 years’ work experience in pharmaceutical or related industries.” CCM’s Good Relationship with - Central and local governments - Customs - Universities and research institutes - Various industrial associations - Various trade presses - Local industrial enterprises - Industrial experts - Various consulting companies - Commercial organizations - NGO CCM’s Specific Services in Pharmaceutical Dynamic Database(ValoTracer) In CCM's dynamic database : - All data & databases are interconnected via a value chain - Databases are maintained and updated timely by an expert team - Data analysis is described detailly by content chunk Functions of the dynamic database for Pharmaceutical: - Real-time consultancy - DIY report - Excel, Word and PDF files download system - Market forecast - Data value and source identifying systems - Spatial geographic market information database - Price forecast model - Industry risk alert model - Industrial benchmarking model - Investment strategy analysis - Others…… “To be timely informed of the latest market dynamics will help you make wise decisions in business activities.”
  3. 3. Newsletter Coverage: - New company dynamics & strategies - New legislations and policies - New market trends & dynamics - Advanced technology, new products information - Investment opportunities - Import & export - Market price dynamics - Supply & demand - Registration information - Industry analysis and forecast “Timely, Neutral, Accurate, Continuous, Exclusiveness” Trade Analysis Shipment Record Traders Traders - China’s import & export situation and trend - Investment & cooperation opportunities - Complete import/export flow Import Export - Relationships among manufacturers, analysis analysis importers, exporters, end-users Chinese Target products’ specification & Chinese end users application manufacturers - Key players/ your competitors’ import/ export dynamics - Your market position in China market Overseas manufacturers Overseas buyers - Your ideal suppliers or potential buyers Main concerns: - China’s import & export situation and trend - Investment & cooperation opportunities - Complete import/export flow - Relationships among manufacturers, importers, exporters, end-users - Key players/your competitors’ import/export dynamics - Your market position in China market - Your ideal suppliers or potential buyers
  4. 4. Market Report Advantages of market report in Pharmaceutical: - Uncovering the mysteries of products/supply & demand - Uncovering the upstream & downstream products - Evaluating the competitiveness of products/production - Identifying the key threshold for entering Chinese market - Identifying investment & cooperation opportunities - Analysing technology improvement&cutting-edge technologies - Figuring out influencing factors and market trend forecasts - Risk research & regional/global reseach “All primary findings” Price Monitoring - Timely price information of key products and their downstream, upstream products - In-depth analysis of main factors influencing the price - Forecast the prices of the key products and its raw materials Consultancy - BCG matrix - Benchmarking & cost structure - Credibility & financial study - Development strategy - End use analysis & consumption pattern - Forecasting models analysis - Industrial damage/anti-dumping research - Industrial production-distribution and output - IPO study - Management consulting - Market forecast - Market share analysis - Market watch - Marketing strategy consulting - Michael porter's five forces model - Pricing strategy - Productivity & competitiveness study - Products screening - Professional knowledge support - Project investment consulting - Risk assessment - Sourcing solution (products, new industries, business opportunities and more) - SWOT analysis - Target market and brand positioning analysis - Technology assessment and transfer - Value chain and industry chain analysis - ……
  5. 5. Typical Products & Industries List of CCM’s Researches in Pharmaceutical Industry Typical products: - Erythropoietin(EPO) - G-CSF - Insulin - Growth hormone - Interferon - Human albumin - H1N1 influenza a vaccine - Seasonal influenza vaccine - NSAIDS - Hepatitis b vaccine…… Typical industries: - Gene recombinant drugs - Blood products - Human vaccines - Dianostic reagent - NSAIDS……
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