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Hansel and gretel 1


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Hansel and gretel 1

  1. 1. Tittle of the story: Hansel and GretelSetting: Forest, houseCharacters: Hansel, Gretel, Father (Woodcutter), Stepmother, Witch, NarratorProps used: puppets, forest scene, house, candy cottageThe ScriptNarrator: Once upon a time, there was a poor family who stay in a forest. A boy name Hansel and hissister name Gretel living with their father and stepmother. Their father works as a woodcutter and theyare lacking of food.Stepmother: Dear, there is no food left! Hansel and Gretel have to go!Father: No, they are my children, I wont leave them.Stepmother: Yes! They have to go! Because there is no food for us!Narrator: Hanzel and Gretel heard what their parents said, they are afraid so they need to find a way notto leave their father.Hansel: We have to do something, what should we do?Gretel: Maybe we can find our way home?Handel: Good idea, Gretel! We can use stones or pebbles to mark our way home.Narrator: They wait and wait, wait till the woodcutter and stepmother went to sleep. Suddenly, theywoke up and went out to pick pebbles. The second day, the parents bought them out.Father: Good morning, children. Lets go out to get some wood.Hansel & Gretel: Yes, father.Stepmother: You guys better walk faster! We need to come home before the night comes.Narrator: Along the way, Hansel dropped the pebbles as they go. Finally, they found a place to rest.Father: Hansel and Gretel, both of you stay here, we are going to look for some woods.Hansel & Gretel: Yes, father, we shall wait here for you.Narrator: As time pass by, Hansel and Gretel fall asleep. But they did not know the parents went home.Hansel: Hey, Gretel, Its time to get up!Gretel: It’s dark now, where is father & mother? How are we going to go home?Hansel: Don’t worry, look here, I drop the pebble here and we will follow the way and go home.
  2. 2. Narrator: Finally, they found the way home.Hansel & Gretel: We are back, Father!Father: Oh dear, I am very happy to see you both! It’s good to have you home!Hansel & Gretel: We found our way home by following the pebbles!Narrator: The stepmother was very angry, this time she had quarrel with the woodcutter.Stepmother: This time, I will not let them to find pebbles to come home!Narrator: She locks the door and went to sleep. Then, Hansel woke up.Hansel: Why? Why the door is lock? How am I going to get the pebbles?Narrator: Next morning the parents bought them out again. Before they left, Hansel does not know whatto do as he did not get any pebbles last night.Hansel: Gretel, I am so sorry, the door was locked yesterday night, I could not get out to pick pebbles!Gretel: Hansel, I thing you can use the bread crumbs to make our way home.Hansel: Good idea! Let me get the bread.Narrator: This time, along the way Hansel drop the bread crumbs as they go. But, they did not know, thebirds ate the bread crumbs that they left. Then, they stop to rest a place again.Father: Hansel and Gretel, both of you stay here, we are going to look for some woods.Hansel & Gretel: Yes, father, we shall wait here for you.Narrator: As time pass by, Hansel and Gretel fall asleep again. This time they know the parents wenthome without them.Hansel: Hey, Gretel, Its time to get up!Gretel: It’s dark now, Hazel, Are we going to go home now?Hansel: Yes we are, I left bread crumbs along the way!Gretel: But, where is the bread crumbs? Hansel?Hansel: Oh no, where it is? Where have it all gone to?Gretel: We can`t go home!Narrator: They lose the bread crumbs, so they walk and walk in the forest. Suddenly they come to acandy cottage.
  3. 3. Gretel: Look Hansel! There is a cottage made of biscuits and candies! It looks good to eat!Narrator: Hansel and Gretel started to tear and pick the biscuits and candies to eat. Suddenly, a witchcame out from the cottage. She frightens Hansel and Gretel.Witch: Hi therechildren, does it taste good? You can come in to have more!Narrator: Hansel and Gretel did not know the witch wants to eat them. So, they follow her in.Witch: Wahaha! Now I can eat you!Narrator: She said to Hansel and locked him in a cage.Witch: And you will help me to work on the chores.Narrator: She said to Gretel. They are suffering in the special house. Gretel decide to save her brother.Gretel: Madam, I have heat up the furnace. You can have a look.Witch: Is it hot enough? I shall take a look.Narrator: When the witch go near the furnace.Gretel: In you go! Old Witch!Narrator: She push the witch into the furnace and the witch was dead. She went to look for Hansel.Gretel: Hansel! The witch is in the fire! We can go home now!Hansel: Well done, Gretel! we can go home now!Narrator: Hansel came out from the cage and leaving with Gretel.Hansel: Aiya!Gretel: What happen, Hansel?Hansel: It’s painful! What is this heavy box?Narrator: They take a closer look to the box and tried to open it.Gretel: It’s gold, Hansel, it’s money!!Hansel: Yes, Gretel, it is gold and a lot of money, we can bring this back to father! And we will havemore food.Narrator: Quickly they ran out the candy cottage together with the treasure they found. Finally, they aresave and sooner they found their way home.
  4. 4. Hansel & Gretel: Father! Father! We are back!Father: Oh dear, I am very happy to see you both! It’s good to have you home! This time I will not leaveyou both anymore, I let your mother go! I am so sorry.Hansel & Gretel: Father, it is ok, we are glad to see you again. Here looks what we had found!Father: This is gold and money, Hansel & Gretel! Where did you both found this?Narrator: The stepmother left the woodcutter as he is poor, now Hansel & Gretel found treasure for him,they have enough money to buy food. They live happily ever after.THE END