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First call

  1. 1. WorkforceOptimization Guiding Your Business Performance
  2. 2. When you’re ready to boost your business’s performance and inject it with the infrastructure itneeds to breeze past the competition, there’s no better choice than Insperity Workforce Optimization . TM SM
  3. 3. You became a business owner…To call the shots? To provide more for your family? To make At Insperity, we take the time to learn your business, feela difference in your life? the pulse of your company culture, identify your pain points and examine what differentiates you from the competition.No matter what your reasons were, you’re making it Your Insperity Business Performance Advisor’s sole purposehappen, but it can be tough and lonely at the top. You is to help you chart a course to success, so you can moveneed to grow, you need to increase revenue and you need your business forward with full take care of your people. You also need to ensure yourcompany is protected against potential litigation and Introducing Insperity Workforceregulatory fines and penalties. It’s a lot for one personto handle, but you don’t have to face it alone. Optimization When you’re up against the headwinds of competition,Every captain needs a navigator. Meet no one puts gusts in your sails better than your employees, and when you align your people strategy with your businessyour Business Performance Advisor. strategy, you’re in for smooth sailing. That’s the idea behindFor 25 years, InsperityTM has been providing business Insperity Workforce Optimization. It’s a bundled service thatowners with services tailor-made to maximize opportunities maximizes employee productivity and relieves you of thefor growth and profitability. We offer a combination of burdens of daily administrative duties, so you can focus onhuman resources (HR) and business solutions that is the your top business initiatives.most comprehensive business performance offering in themarketplace, delivering administrative relief, big companybenefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way toimprove productivity.
  4. 4. The power behind Insperity Workforce Optimization: the co-employment model Your y an With our co-employment model, your company enters Comp ity into an agreement with us to establish a three-way Insper relationship between you, your employees and Insperity. In place of the traditional employer/employee relationship, Insperity stands shoulder to shoulder with you as a co-employer. We share or absorb many of your employer-related responsibilities and risks to give your company a competitive edge. ees E mploy The result: you’ll actually gain more control of your business than ever before because you’ll be able to take your focus away from time-consuming daily tasks and apply your energy directly toward achieving your goals. PPACADid You Know? HCEARA ARRA HIRE GINA HEART MHPAEA WRERAWhen it comes to government compliance PPA AJCAdemands, the odds are stacked against MMA EGTRRAemployers WHCRRA TRA ’97The number of employment-related government regulations has SBJPA HIPAAdoubled since the 1980s, with no end in sight. Instead of struggling MHPAto keep up with this spiraling trend, Insperity can help you with NMHPA USERRAgovernment reporting and agency interface, unemployment URAclaims management and wage claims and audits. FMLA UCA ADA DFWA IRCA TRA ’86 COBRA DEFRA REA TEFRA PDA PDA ERISA ERISA OSHA OSHA ADEA ADEA CRA CRA FUTA FUTA FUTA FLSA FLSA FLSA FICA FICA FICA NLRA NLRA NLRA COMMON LAW COMMON LAW COMMON LAW COMMON LAW CASE LAW CASE LAW CASE LAW CASE LAW LOCAL LAWS LOCAL LAWS LOCAL LAWS LOCAL LAWS STATE LAWS STATE LAWS STATE LAWS STATE LAWS 1900 REGULATIONS REGULATIONS IN 1940 REGULATIONS IN 1980 REGULATIONS TODAY NEW GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS SINCE 1900
  5. 5. Infuse your business with the HR practices you need to get aheadInsperity Workforce Optimization is built to serve the Whether you’re looking to align employee performancefull spectrum of needs related to the people side of with company goals or develop a comprehensiveyour business. Just turn the page to see an in-depth training and development program that takes yourillustration of how we set you up for lasting success with employees’ skill sets to the next level, Insperity cancomprehensive services customized to your company. design a plan that best suits the specific needs of your business.Laying the groundwork for runninga tight ship You’re no longer alone at the wheel Aside from ongoing and proactive practices, there’sOn a foundational level, our ongoing Compliance/ everything else in between – the Responsive Actions–Administrative Services ensure that your day-to-day which encompass the situations that often arise atneeds are met with the highest quality services, from moment’s notice. Each one requires prompt, tried-always-on-time payroll processing and direct deposit and-true strategic solutions. With Insperity, you haveto benefits administration, time and attendance a team that stands with you to help you face the dailyassistance and more. unknowns and answer them with the right focus, the right resources and the right documentation – all atEmpowering you to make your the right time.dream a realityWhen it comes to truly capitalizing on businessopportunities and driving success, Human CapitalManagement is essential, and that’s where Insperityreally helps your business gain a competitive advantage. For a full illustration, turn the page.
  6. 6. High-Tech Platform Robust technology from stem to stern From proprietary encryption technology to money- Online Benefits Enrollment saving tools, Insperity makes the most of the latest Your employees can manage their benefits electronically technological advancements available to make life with a user-friendly system that includes cost calculators easier for you and your employees. The centerpiece and plan comparison tools to help make the decision- of Insperity’s online resources is the Employee Service making process easier. CenterSM, which provides automated, personalized services that save you from spending large chunks of Online Payroll and Reporting time answering questions about benefits and managing The Employee Service Center offers a Web-based, employee paperwork. Among the key features of the self-service channel that allows you to view information Employee Service Center are: and interact with Insperity quickly and easily. Our WebPayroll feature streamlines your payroll process Centralized Personal Information by giving authorized personnel the ability to submit Paperwork is a thing of the past. Now employees’ and verify your company’s payroll information online, personal information is housed on our secure securely and accurately. With WebReporting, you have servers, and they can update it themselves at any around-the-clock access to reports with real-time time from anywhere. information, restricted secure access for designated employees, customized reports and multiple Microsoft Instant Access formats from which to choose. No more headaches for you and your HR managers. With this self-service model, your employees have all Access to Live Support their paystub, W-2 and PTO balance information right When you and your employees require more than online at their fingertips. support for your payroll and benefits needs, Insperity’s Contact Center specialists are here to help via phone or News and Announcements e-mail. More than 95 percent of callers get what they On the home page of the Employee Service Center, need during the very first call – that’s more than 20 Insperity keeps you in the loop about HR-related news percent higher than the industry average of 75 percent that’s relevant to your business. for first-call resolution.
  7. 7. High-Touch Service Payroll Specialist Safety ConsultantHuman Resource Specialist Performance Specialist Your Company Your Success Team Manager Client Liaison Meet the crew With Insperity, you’ll have a highly skilled team of Performance Specialist professionals assigned to you, and you’ll know them When you’re ready to upgrade your workforce’s by name. Their mission is to work with you to develop a skills through Insperity’s comprehensive training and customized service plan to help you reach success quickly. development programs, your performance specialist With this plan, your dedicated team will help determine will work with you to manage and coordinate a smooth which people practices will have the most positive and experience. It starts with a needs analysis to identify immediate effect on your company’s performance and areas for performance improvement and continues with your employees. training consultations and the delivery of online and/or instructor-led training sessions. Team Manager Responsible for ensuring your service satisfaction, your Human Resource Specialist team manager actively participates in planning and Your human resource specialist reviews with you all HR coordinating the delivery of your customized Insperity performance items associated with your customized service solutions. service plan, ensuring that your policies, procedures and actions are in compliance with legal requirements and Client Liaison government reporting regulations. Your client liaison serves as your main point of contact with your service team for any non-payroll needs and acts as an Safety Consultant internal link between you and other Insperity departments. The Insperity safety services that supplement your existing safety procedures and programs will be planned, Payroll Specialist implemented and coordinated by your safety consultant, For any payroll needs you have, your payroll specialist is including analyzing any potential problems and working at your service. He or she processes pay information to with you to address them. generate an accurate, timely payroll and maintains data for a complete and accurate employee file.
  8. 8. Inspire Business Performanceand Discover New TerritoryIt’s time to alleviate the anxieties and burdens of being an entrepreneur. Once you choose InsperityWorkforce Optimization, your Business Performance Advisor will introduce the crew that will workon your behalf every day to help you and your business exceed goals you never thought possible.Insperity will handle: So you can focus on: • Employment Administration • Managing your business • Government Compliance • Growing your business • Employee Benefits • Managing change • Workers’ Compensation • Aligning your people with • Payroll and Payroll Tax Administration your company’s goals • Recruiting and Selection • Policies and Best Practices • Performance Management • Training and Development • Other Essential Services Our Revenue Growth Insperity’s investment in HR has continually paid off for the past 25 years, and we can apply these time-tested, proven strategies to give your business the determination and momentum it needs to grow and prosper. $2 Billion $1.6 Billion est. 2011 $848 Million 2007 $208 Million 2002 1997 $81 Million $907,000 1992 1987
  9. 9. Insperity Workforce Optimization will allow you to TM SMdevote your attention to what matters most, positionyour business to reap maximum rewards and remainin compliance with ever-changing regulations. In otherwords, with just one stroke of the pen, you’ll dramaticallychange your business for the better.
  10. 10. 80-002 MKT-P10-1267©2011 Insperity. All rights reserved