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Npsired2 Blog


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Panel presentation and POD 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Npsired2 Blog

  1. 1. The NspireD2 blog
  2. 2. Beginnings Started blog in 2009 Previously avoided blogs Goal - inspire to integrate technology in new ways Originally every day Now 2-3 per week
  3. 3. Promoting Website home page Email signature Auto-post to Twitter feed and Facebook page Link to Feedly (reader)
  4. 4. Nature of articles 200-400 words Images, video, sound Informal Practical How-to, new stuff, wisdom
  5. 5. Sources of material Common questions about Sakai, etc. News from other blogs I follow thirty of them Consultations - how-to
  6. 6. Popular content Tablet tools Presentation PPT and Prezi Concept mapping Academic posters Any kind of list 10 of this, 7 of that
  7. 7. Evidence of success Few comments or likes material not controversial, audience not into blogs Stats - 700 followers, 250 daily views, 210K overall Referrals to blog posts Emails from faculty Growing followership Modest recognition
  8. 8. Benefits Keeping up to date Repository of answers Working with WordPress
  9. 9. Blog platform Content management Course website LTC book vs. hosted vs. in-house
  10. 10. The NspireD2 blog