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Medical terminology

Medical Respiratory 1 Terminology

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Medical terminology

  1. 1. Medical Terminology Respiratory System
  2. 2. Objective  Given the suffix, prefix, and combining term the learners will define medical terms that relate to the respiratory system
  3. 3. Respiratory System
  4. 4. Respiratory System  nose: lined with mucous membrane and fine hairs; acts as a filter to moisten and warm the entering air  pharynx (throat): serves as a food and air passageway larynx (voice box): location of the vocal cords  trachea: passageway for air to the bronchi  bronchus: one of two branches from the trachea, which conducts air into the lungs, where it divides and subdivides (referred to as a bronchial tree)  lungs: two sponge-like organs in the thoracic cavity (right lung has three lobes; left lung has two lobes
  5. 5. Respiratory prefixes, and combining terms  Nose- nas/o, rhin/o  Pharynx- pharyng/o.  Larynx- laryng/o  Trachea- trache/o  Bronchi- Bronch/o  Lungs- pneum/o
  6. 6. Respiratory System Suffixes and medical terminology  -itis- inflammation of  -stenosis- narrowing  -algia- pain Terms of Respiratory System built from word parts  Rhinitis- inflammation of the nose  Pharyngitis- inflammation of the pharynx  Laryngitis- inflammation of the larynx  Tracheostenosis- narrowing of the trachea  Bronchitis- inflammation of the bronchi
  7. 7. Review Question  Which term means inflammation of the lung? 1. Phlebitis 2. Pneumonitis 3. Bronchitis 4. Rhinitis