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Open Data Strategy & Portal of Korea Govt. - Munshil Choi



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Open Data Strategy & Portal of Korea Govt. - Munshil Choi

  1. 1. Open Data Strategy & Portal of Korea Govt.
  2. 2. 01. Open Data Strategy of Korea Govt. 02.
  3. 3. Beginning of Open Data in Korea High school student develops Bus App in 2009 and provides it free to iPhone users App reached No. 1 downloads in Korea Appstore but the service was suspended Local govt. raised objection citing Location Information and Copyright laws Citizens protested and the service resumed in 2 days
  4. 4. Open Data Law Enactment and Implementation Make clear the citizens’ right to use public data and mandate public sectors (institutions, organizations) to provide public data Create high value added new industry foundation and jobs through active private sector usage of public data Scope(organization) – central & local govt, public sectors Scope(data) – all data except data containing personal info, copyright, etc Provision method – machine readable Policy planning – Open Data Master Plan(3yr cycle) & Annual Plan Foundation – Open Data Strategy Council, Chief Open Data Officer, Open Data Center, etc
  5. 5. Governance Framework Open Data Strategy Council : highest level Open Data policy decision making MOI : public data inventory notice, evaluate agency performance, formulate master plan, build Open Data foundation Open Data Center : support Open Data provision & usage Chief OD Officer : lead Open Data efforts at each agency ODMC : dispute resolution regarding refusal and suspension of privision of public data * MOI : Ministry Of The Interior * ODMC : Open Data Mediation Committee Open Data Center (NIA) Chief Open Data Officer (central & local public institutions) ODMC (dispute resolution) MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR (lead ministry) Open Data Strategy Council Co-chairedbyPrimeMinister
  6. 6. Achievements after Open Data Law
  7. 7. Objective and Programs of Korea by 2017 Release of High Value Data through Open Data Portal High Open Data Quality Assurance Create Public-Private Cooperative Ecosystem Expand Open Data Foundation & Diffusion to Provinces 2015 2017 10 36 29.5% 50% 30 100 395 700 High volume DB open Open format data Open data standards New data services
  8. 8. Restructure govt data services with low usage and private sector alternatives (criteria)downloadsunder 1000, visitorsunder 5000, existence of privatesectoralternatives (plan) eliminate, integrate public sector websites : 4,182(32%) by 2017 eliminate 429(35%) public sector apps with private sector alternatives : weather, patent, geo-data Restrict app development to those with high level of public of interest (e.g. to support disadvantaged groups) Social welfare services stipulated in relevant laws, etc Revision of Open Data Law(2nd half of 2015) Provide basis for prohibition, survey, recommendation measures regarding data services similar to private sector
  9. 9. ※ linking with universities and IT industry to launch common work space centers similar to Google Campus, Cheku(車庫) Cafe
  10. 10. Need for Open Data Portal Govt management Lack of function(system) to systematically manage public data which is now considered a new economic resource Need to launch Govt Open Data System(register-manage-open) Much time and costs consumed to contact, find and gather data from individual agencies Govt opening Govt Open Data System needed to utilize public data from single source “Govt. needed a single integrated window for holistic management and opening of public data”
  11. 11. Intro. Of Open Data Portal Open Data Portal System to allow govt. holistic public data management and integrated opening as stipulated in the Open Data Law Separation & improvement of services for public sector staff and private sector users Registration, management focused functions for public sector staff Data service focused functions for private sector users
  12. 12. Portal Services Portal Services
  13. 13. Comparison of Portal Operating Issues - Collecting public data Mindset at agency level No obligation to open public data. Nearly impossible to gather data from agencies Before law Lack of mindset at agencies leads to low implementation of data opening Before After law After improvement Obligation to open public data Easier to gather data from agencies Improving mindset through training, Video training material distribution from 2015
  14. 14. Portal Awareness Strategy Raising portal awareness through : press & media, monitoring group, SNS, developer outreach, etc Press & Media • Press, media, internet portal, newsletter Developer outreachSNS • Monitoring group, facebook, twitter, etc • Visiting outreach to potential developers : University startup clubs, meister high school
  15. 15. Open Data Usage Examples Customized hospital info service (AD Ventures ) (600K members, 30K daily visits), 1m USD revenue within 1 year, 1m USD investment funding by foreign capital
  16. 16. Open Data Usage Examples Parcel tracking info service (SweetTracker)
  17. 17. Open Data Usage Examples Transportation info service ((Locnall)
  18. 18. Thank you