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Luxi Island OER Summer Camp - Liu Ping



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Luxi Island OER Summer Camp - Liu Ping

  1. 1. 2015 CC China Mainland OER Event “Luxi Island Summer Camp” By cooperating with Wenzhou Medical University Volunteering team for 3 consecutive years. CC China Mainland Team 16th Oct 2015
  2. 2. Inconvenient transportation in Luxi Island: villagers depend on ferry, which is 3 times/day, plus power cut some time, these children have less opportunity to know about the outside world. Background What is the summer camp? Where is Luxi island? The history of our cooperation What we did this time?
  3. 3. 2015 Luxi Summer Camp The Volunteer team The Camp Our Achievements Participants’ feedback
  4. 4. Part One The Volunteer Team01
  5. 5. Team members Wenzhou Medical University Students’ Summer Volunteering Team • Existed for 8 consecutive years • More than 241 university students participated • In 2015, another 32 volunteers registered to be OER team member.
  6. 6. Part Two The Camp02
  7. 7. Students’ registration 2-1 An Intro Featured courses Students’ show Graduation ceremony
  8. 8. Grade No. of students Total No. 1-2 36 1043-4 35 5-6 33 All courses released on CC licenses, students with our volunteering teachers.
  9. 9. The Han Chinese Clothing Culture China The bandhnu technique/tradition How to protect youself from sexual assault? A picture book introduced in consideration of primary school students understanding How to save yourself from shipwreck? 2-1-2 Featured Courses
  10. 10. 10/27/2015 2-1-3 Students 'show Singing contest Martial Arts Stringed Plucked instrument
  11. 11. The summer camp lasted 1 week, excellent performance students rewarded (1st/2nd/3rd prizes) . A mini-sum of scholarship given to them. 2-1-4 The Graduation Ceremony 低年级授予仪式现场 高年级授予仪式现场
  12. 12. Part Three Our Achievements 03
  13. 13. 3-1 The improvement on school environment They use the donation to renovate the school After years of volunteering activities, the school attracted media attention and got Classrooms equped with multi-media devices Original teaching facilities out of
  14. 14. Very much satisfied 80% Satisfied 16.67% Not sure 3.33% 3-2 OER Camp Satisfactory
  15. 15. 3-3 Donations made School supplies provided jointly by CC China Mainland & Wenzhou Medical University More than 20,000 books/reading materials donated by Wenzhou volunteering team in previous 8 years
  16. 16. Part Four Participants’ feedback04
  17. 17. CC volunteers want to say: When arrived in the island, I was deeply impressed by the inconvenient facilities over here. But now, I want to stay longer with them. I made new friends here. It would be a unforgettable moment in my life time. These kids like drawing with excellent imaginations. Hope I would have another opportunity to be with them. For the past 1 week, I didn’t have close contact with these students. But I feel that they would remember me. I will come back if there is a chance.
  18. 18. Students have something to tell My biggest wish at the moment is that you can stay longer, same as last year’s. I like these interesting scientific experiments. Please stay one more day, my dear teachers. I like all the courses, which brought us much enjoys and knowledge also. Come back soon.
  19. 19. Thank You Wenzhou Medical University Volunteering team