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Joyful digital playground: Maker Space - Todd Porter


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2014 CCKOREA International Conference
"Share Everything, Connect Everything"

"Joyful digital playground: Maker Space" - Todd Porter

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Joyful digital playground: Maker Space - Todd Porter

  1. 1. Share Everything Connect Everything
  2. 2. Joyful, digital playground: maker spaces
  3. 3. Our Mission In the age of user-generated content and personal fabrication, FabCafe is an open creative platform to encourage and empower everyone to take the initiative to make something. So we aim to provide a their own answers to the following question: “What do you fab?” What is FabCafe? FabCafe is a place to accelerate creative serendipity with a nice cup of We believe food that is prepared with care can bring the happiness to people. And we also believe that the movement of personal fabrication is more of a social revolution where people can turn their ideas into reality and share their ideas in more tangible ways. Local ownership on a global platform A single FabCafe can be a creative hub for designers and the local community to share and experiment with innovative ideas. A network of FabCafe communities worldwide can create an ecosystem that kickstarts the next mass customization movement from the bottom up!
  4. 4. Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Fab Labs, TechShops
  5. 5. TechShop: Build Your Dreams Here
  6. 6. TechShop is a playground for creativity. Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center. You can make virtually anything at TechShop.
  7. 7. Hackerspaces
  8. 8. Fab Labs
  9. 9. Makerspaces
  10. 10. Opened in Tokyo, Mar. 2012
  11. 11. Summer Camp with various professionals in 2011, Did a hackathon to experience it
  12. 12. Food x Fab Equals Magic! We love good food and doing things we’ve created some unique experiences and workshops that take the idea of food hacking to the next level.
  13. 13. 10:00am before cutting wood boards to make electronic blinking coasters. Universal 60W Laser Cutter
  14. 14. 11:00am Alvin and Darren regularly meet at FabCa- fe. Today they try the Marshmallow Latte. Both enjoy the relaxed, creative atmosphere Designed by Toshi Fukuda, the co-founder of FabCafe, Artdirector Collaboration with the craftman of Marshmallow “Mashumallow-Tei”
  15. 15. 12:00pm A family travels from Iceland to visit the FabCafe. CNN featured the FabCafe story explore the YouFab Contest exhibition. “360° book Snow White” by Yusuke Ono
  16. 16. 2:00pm visit. They each make a unique gift for their friend - Maccaron Fab. Good fun, good friends and a great gift!
  17. 17. 4:00pm We believe in designing, learning and making together. The “Let’s make a lamp shade” workshop attracts families, designers, and students from across Tokyo to learn the basics of lampshade design.
  18. 18. Tradition x FabCafe Urushi Fab Workshop Urushi is a traditional valuable material in Japan, known as Japanese Lacquer. The Urushi Fab workshop explores the possibilities of design using the traditional material. Its a great example of how Fab can help connect to the local roots.
  19. 19. Architecture x FabCafe Rhino & Grasshopper Study Session We often host diverse and creative meetups. Architects group “RGSS” (Rhino & Grasshopper Study Session) use FabCafe as a creative space to meet.
  20. 20. Education x FabCafe Fab Starter Guide A 6-month learning program for Fab, sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan government. Nine professionals from through lectures and workshops. Architects, 3D Fab engineers, furniture designers, interior designers, digital designers, printing designer and origami engineers each share their unique experiences with the FabCafe community.
  21. 21. Local Makers x FabCafe Printing Rangers FabCafe is a creative hub for local people and business, we believe in the power of creating new and interesting ways to bring people together. A local printing factory owner brought in industrial printing machines and opened a pop-up style printing factory. New ideas, products and interests were sparked by bringing the community togehter.
  22. 22. 8:00pm In the evening we host a product launch in collaboration with KORG. A night of great music, good food and attended by our diverse community.
  23. 23. On Valentine’s Day, we did 3D scanning
  24. 24. and made own face chocolate ;-)
  25. 25. Global Leading Platform Globally covered by media, such as Monocle, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Rueters, and many more. YouFab is a design contest for creators to express their originality and design skills with a laser cutter. Each year creators from around the world submit their innovative designs and creative hacks to our expert judging panel. The 2012 panel consisted of Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham from Klein Dytham architecture (KDa), Toshiya Fukuda from FabCafe, Hiroya Tanaka the founder of Fablab Japan, FabCafe’s Fab Master Kotaro Iwaoka, and Chief Editor of Make magazine Mark Frauenfelder.
  26. 26. Personalize One day an architect invented a new book,
  27. 27. which unfolds 360°.
  28. 28. The book won D&AD, NY ADC awards.
  29. 29. We also made a music tool,
  30. 30. fab reels for “Open Reel Ensemble.”
  31. 31. collaboration with Tokyo government Collaborated with top creators for 2012 fashion art technology design
  32. 32. Made “a Fab Starters Guide” for 2013
  33. 33. Tokyo Fabbers
  34. 34. Goals -Holds conferences to connect with public -Develop knowledge sharing online space -Educate leaders for maker community -Connect maker spaces in Tokyo ! Long term vision ! -Integrate maker movement from individual to industry level -Design Tokyo as hub for hardware startups -Export this to other areas -Co-develop new fab machines Tokyo Fabbers for 2014
  35. 35. - Choose people (founding team), instead of city - Use sales data for service improvement - Not a franchise, but not an NPO - Designing a new business with a mission - Global movement for creative Fab
  36. 36. FabCafe’s Key Elements FabCafe Playbook Features
  37. 37. Laser Cutter The laser cutter is a FabCafe essential due to its versatility and popularity. They have mainstream appeal with 2D Designers, ar- chitects, Illustrators and non-designers. The into 3D design. Machine recommendations: UNIVERSAL VLS6.60 60W (FabCafe Tokyo and Taipei) PLS 6.150D (FabCafe KOIL) - Universal laser cutters are high quality and reliable. - The VLS6.60 machine is an appropri- ate size for a cafe. Smaller machines are available at a cheaper price but may not perform at the highest standard. - Please note that laser cutters produce exhaust gases when cutting plywood and acrylic board. Take care to provide appropriate extraction.
  38. 38. 3D Printer 3D printers are an iconic piece of equipment in the “Maker movement” - they allow users to quickly prototype and make customizable, so printers quickly become outdated. We recommend having at least one as demand and curiosity remains high. Please note that a limited amount of people currently can make the data for 3D so 3D printing workshops are required, Machine recommendations: CUBE (FabCafe Tokyo and Taipei) KEY- ENCE Agilista (FabCafe KOIL) - Reasonable price and speed. - We believe that two low spec machines are more useful than one high spec machine.
  39. 39. 3D Scanner 3D scanners analyze real-world objects to collect data on its shape and appearance which is used to construct digital three di- mensional models. High cost and large space requirement means the scanner is a non-essential item but remain an attractive machine due to its popularity. 3D scanners are especially useful for design making events and workshops. Forming a partnership with local business is Machine recommendations: FabCafe KOIL releases/3d-systems-delivers-sense-con- sumer-3d-scanner#.UpmOOJFcLys
  40. 40. CNC Milling Machine to use prototyping solution. They are versa- tile and support a wide range of materials. Please note that they are very noisy and cre- ate waste shavings. Please install if you have extensive space and a glass partition. Machine recommendations: FabCafe Shibuya has a Roland MODELA MDX-40A (KOIL) yet FabCafe Taipei does not.
  41. 41. Sewing Machines Sewing Machines help people turn their ideas and designs into real garments. Nowadays fashion design is very popular. Machine recommendations: We recommend powerful Aisin SUPER JEANS by Toyota. Its only available in Japan but is very reliable and durable. (It can sew 12 X 12oz Denim)
  42. 42. Espresso Machines The Espresso machine is a key piece of equip- ment for the cafe. Many beautiful styles and designs exist but prices can be very expen- sive. - cations before you make a purchase. Please do not choose fully automatic ma- - - ronment. Machine recommendations: The Cimbali M22 Plus is the workhorse of the FabCafe Tokyo. da.asp?id=46 Its very reasonable price and a popular machine in Japan. We recommend experimenting and en- joy shopping for your perfect machine.
  43. 43. Other Coffee Machines When preparing an espresso, the grinder - fee powder. This part is especially delicate when passing through the grinding discs and grinding must be consistent. Grinders maybe a expensive but are an es- Power Supply Warning: When assessing cafe locations please bear in mind that machines such as the espresso machine and laser cutters use large amounts of electricity. Care should be take to check the power supply capacity of the proposed site.
  44. 44. Staff With Great Smiles the secret behind our creative culture.
  45. 45. FabCafe first spread from Tokyo to Taipei May 2013
  46. 46. Then to Barcelona March 2014
  47. 47. Bangkok & Sitges coming next in 2014 and in discussion with cities around the world, from NYC to Christchurch…