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Copyright reform and the role of Creative Commons


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Julia Reda
European Parliament Member

Creative Commons Global Summit 2015, Seoul, Korea

Published in: Law
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Copyright reform and the role of Creative Commons

  1. 1. Reframing The debate cc-by-sa Viteunic, modified by c3o
  2. 2. cc-0 PDPics More Copyright Isn't always Better 1
  3. 3. cc-by Creative Commons Creation Doesn't Require full copyRIGHT 2
  4. 4. cc-0 Vassil creation Relies on a commons 3
  5. 5. cc-by Creative Commons Sharing Can be good business 4
  6. 6. cc-by Carla A society of creators 5
  7. 7. cc-nc-sa broombesoom Policy debate
  8. 8. D. Brucciani & Co, modified by c3o Be more Than a Fig Leaf
  9. 9. cc-by-nc-nd Elf-8 Be more Than aN Island
  10. 10. cc-nc-sa peaceful-jp-scenery A way to go...
  11. 11. cc-by Ralf Roletschek, modified by Romaine Freedom Of Panorama
  12. 12. cc-by-sa Carnotdigital Publisher Lobbying
  13. 13. cc-by Garry Knight Get Louder LONG TERM
  14. 14. OrganizE The New Authors cc-by-nc Lily Monster
  15. 15. A Users Rights Treaty Jean Leon Gerome Ferris
  16. 16. Cyprien Eugène Boulet What You Can Do RIGHT NOW
  17. 17. DoN't let TPP&TTIP LOCK US IN cc-by Greens/EFA
  18. 18. REFORM Coming up IN Europe cc-0 ClkerFreeVectorImages
  19. 19. The Right To license cc-0 ClkerFreeVectorImages
  20. 20. cc-by-sa Kolja21 One European Copyright ?
  21. 21. @senficon