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Sample Acceptable Use Policy Upper Grades


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Created a sample AUP for middle or high school

Published in: Education, Technology
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Sample Acceptable Use Policy Upper Grades

  1. 1. Created by Collette Knight Sample Acceptable Use Policy – Middle/High School ACCEPTABLE USE POLICYIndividual users of the Internet are expected to abide by the generally-accepted rules of network etiquette.The following are not permitted: 1 . Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures 2 . Using obscene language 3 . Harassing, insulting or attacking others 4 . Damaging computers, computer systems, software, or computer networks 5 . Violating copyright laws 6 . Using another’s id/password 7 . Illegal use of data in folders or work files 8 . Intentionally wasting limited resources 9 . Employing the network for commercial purposesRemember:  All users must sign in before sitting down to work. No food or drink at or near the computers!  Users of the center are asked to remain in the labs, the hall ways connecting the labs and the restrooms to avoid disturbing other classes.  Only Center staff members are permitted to load software on computers.  In the event a student engages in any of the above-referenced activities, his/her access privileges will be revoked and other disciplinary measures may result.I understand and will abide by this Acceptable Use Policy. I further understand that any violation of theregulations above may cause my access privileges to be revoked and may result in appropriate legal actionagainst me.Users Full Name: __________________________________User Signature: ___________________________________Date: _______________ 1