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Parent Internet Safety Guide English


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Created as an internet guide for parents

Published in: Education, Technology
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Parent Internet Safety Guide English

  1. 1. Online Safety: Tips for keeping your child safe on the Internet  Familiarize yourself and your child with the campus and district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  Remind your child NOT to reveal any personal information while on line.  Stay close to your child while they are using the internet.  Be aware that a simple internet search on a non- school computer can result in a listing of inappropriate material.  Teach your child that just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.  Engage in a discussion with your child asking where he or she likes to go on the internet.  Realize that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are for those 13 years or older.  Inform your child of the consequences for negative online behavior (i.e. Cyber Bullying).  Time on the computer should not take time away from other activities. For More Information regarding Online Safety for kids please visit: by CKnight 5/11/2011