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Mindtools In Education Training


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These graphic organizers were created to help teachers understand the usefulness of applications in the learning process

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Mindtools In Education Training

  1. 1. Mindtools and Education Training by Collette Knight I Learned… Definition I Learned… Students are the interpreters! Mindtools describe computer apps that Technology should be used for students actively use to create, students to learn from and students demonstrate, and critically think about are actively engaged. what they learn. There are a wide variety of computer applications that can be used by students to actively engage in the learning process. Familiar software takes on a different meaning in regards Prior Knowledge to mindtools. Many students benefit from mindtools, where they are able to problem solve, Prior KnowledgeComputers help communicate and assess their own learning. Even social networking can help students Computers helpvisual & kinesthetic formulate ideas and respond to each other in constructive ways. By providing different students with higherlearners. means for students to modify, create, and share what they are learning about, students also order thinking. receive support and scaffolding from the software, peers, and the instructor. My Conclusions I Learned… I learned… I Learned… Student can assess own learning. Spreadsheets are great for answering Entire worlds can be created where Students can modify throughout “What If” type questions. Students can students can use simulation to the process. see how the math works. actually see the particular concept!
  2. 2. The ability to modify our Students learn and retain learning based on what we more if they are the see within the application teachers. Computer helps us critically think applications are a tool about what we are Higher Order learning. students can use to not just show what they know, but Thinking Skills also to reflect, and modify . their own learning process. Meets Different Research Learners Based needs Mindtools in Education Summary Active Inclusive S T U C D C O E Modeling O N N Excel Tools N C T SD E C D T SA P S R Y R OT T U E N U CA C A A C IB M C T M Social T AA A E hypermedia I I Networking I LS P S V C VE S S E E S
  3. 3. Guiding Collaborative Traditional TeachingTextbook Methods Lecture Tests Student Success Graph Visualization MindtoolsDatabase Internet Concept Mapping