IsaNet Newsletter 1


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Inaugural ISANet nesletter to ISA Heads and Schools

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IsaNet Newsletter 1

  1. 1. ISA eLearning Community ♦ Newsletter 1 December 2008 Dear Heads of ISA Schools, The Autumn Study conference inspired us in many ways, and one outcome of it is the commendation by both the Academic Policy Committee and the ISA Executive Council of our proposals to build as rapidly as we can a community of ISA Heads and teachers to provide support for ICT use with pupils in our schools. The purpose of this newsletter is to bring this initiative to the attention of all ISA Heads and Teachers. Why do ISA schools need an eLearning initiative ? ISA are the only substantial independent schools’ association that spans the entire age range of pupils, and so our needs for eLearning support are perhaps the greatest. What might work for a large secondary school is no guarantee for a small preparatory school, yet our teachers who use ICT often find themselves in a position of having to work across this broad age range, so have met these challenges and can share advice and support with colleagues who faces similar challenges. What is the ? A collaboration between ISA and T-Learning, the developers of ‘Taecanet Springboard’, which is a “not for profit” web based e-learning schools service. Taecanet are the only supplier of web-based services who has faced the challenge of aggregating published course material to be found on the internet, gained permission to distribute it through licence for the benefit of pupils aged 5 to 16 following an English based curriculum. Taecanet wish to build their subscriber base, ISA wishes to link their teachers together – by belonging to the ISA/TAECANET group, both organisations will grow stronger – teachers will be linked together in a learning community/forum being shaped to meet their needs directly in partnership with the leading national provider. What is Taecanet? Taecanet Springboard supports teachers and students through the delivery of personalised learning at home and school. It provides a fun, curriculum based e-learning service which uniquely harnesses the richness of the Internet & user generated content in a uniquely safe and controlled way. As the curriculum changes and new developments in personalised learning occur, the learning resources will change. How will help the ISA? It will assist ISA school teachers to regain the ‘thought leadership’ in how traditional approaches to personalised learning can be best blended with new Internet enabled technologies. As the platform is already built with over 5,000 learning resources, we only need to point our pupils at, and they are one log-in away from learning. Teachers involved will be invited to join the ISA eLearning forum and work together identifying how best to develop materials for the future. By co-operating with T-Learning, we will be able to shape the next phase of development of Taecanet Springboard to better meet the needs of Independent schools. For example, the majority of the Science KS4 course was rendered for use via Springboard by teachers working in an ISA school! What should we do first? Go to and explore the resources available for teachers and pupils. Encourage your teaching staff to do the same over the winter break – individuals can sign up for absolutely no cost. Click on the ISA button to find out more about our initiative. How do we join the ISA Learning Community? FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP – closing date: 1 February 2009 Annual subscriptions vary from £175 a year upwards, dependent upon size and age group. As we are part the way through the year too, you may wish to discuss how best the service will fit your needs, so please contact IAN NAIRN, and phone – 07590 226 807. Alternatively, we invite individual schools to join the network by paying their subscriptions through visiting & clicking on the ISA link. ISA FOUNDER members will establish an Advisory Panel under their own elected leadership to survey Independent schools, agree their content priorities and help recruit subject expert teachers. With the delivery of over 2 million learning journeys to individual students Taecanet Springboard has already made an impact in encouraging students to “choose to learn” and through engagement raise their attainment. Join now. It could not be simpler….! James Wilding Claires Court Schools Working solely for and on behalf of ISA schools