Operator Assisted Conference Calls


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Operator Assisted Conference Calls

  1. 1. Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing Overview The world leader in conferencing.
  2. 2. Corporate Overview • Leading global provider of conferencing and virtual event solutions • Corporate headquarters in Reston, VA (since 2001) • Operations in 26 countries • 12+ years conferencing experience • Executed 100.3 million conference call minutes in 2013 • Worldwide production capabilities • World class global partnerships • Extensive blue chip client base • Largest services team in the Industry • Communiqué Conferencing has maintained an A+ rating with Business Bureau's (BBB) Accredited Business certification since October 2002. This award confirms Communiqué's commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in business practices.
  3. 3. Communique Conferencing Advantages • 24x7x365 live support: Support centers based in North America, Europe and Asia provide service 24x7, local representation, in-country language (19 languages) or familiar dialects. • Reliable and scalable: Redundant conference call facilities are distributed worldwide throughout seven (7) cities in the United States, three (3) cities in Canada, and six (6) cities international. Supports up to 10,000+ callers. • No attendee hold time: Eight operations centers are staffed to meet the demands high-volume calls with no hold time. • Experienced staff: Our operators are professionally voice trained to pronounce the speakers names and execute your call correctly. • No unused line fee: We are one of the only providers that does not charge for a minimum amount of lines reserved. You pay only for the attendees that join.
  4. 4. Deep Global Commitment Commitment to quality and service worldwide: • Operations facilities in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, Latin America and U.S. • 100% focus dedicated to conferencing • Global footprint: systems, products, processes and operations in synch • Integrated systems: all facilities work off the same network • Multilingual: our support staff is equipped to handle a multitude of languages 44 employees 2512 employees 115 employees 33 employees 378 employees
  5. 5. Strong Presence: United States Northwest Offices San Francisco, San Mateo, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis North Central Offices NY / NJ Offices Chicago, Ohio, Minneapolis New Jersey, Manhattan Northeast Offices Boston, Philadelphia, D.C Southwest Offices Phoenix, Los Angeles, Irvine, Houston, Dallas Southeast Offices Atlanta, Carolinas, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale
  6. 6. Europe, Middle East & Africa • Primary Call Centre and bridges located in Gloucester, UK with colocation site in Swindon, UK. • Sales offices in: Bracknell, UK; Glasgow, UK; London, UK; Paris, France; and Frankfurt, Germany. • Billing available in variety of currencies and languages. • Support available in a variety of languages: English + French + German + Spanish + + Italian Swedish + Russian + Polish + Arabic +
  7. 7. Asia Pacific • • Three primary call centers: Australia (Sydney), Singapore and Mumbai, India. • Billing available in variety of currencies and languages Seven bridge locations: Sydney; New Zealand (Auckland); Tokyo; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Singapore; and Mumbai. • Support available in a variety of languages • Almost 50% of employees are bi- and tri-lingual Sales offices in: Australia (Sydney and Melbourne; Singapore; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Auckland; Tokyo; Mumbai; Delhi; Bangalore; Chennai; Pune; and Hyderabad. English + Mandarin + • + Cantonese + Japanese + Indonesian + Taiwanese + Malaysian + Vietnamese
  8. 8. Canada • Operations in Edmonton, Alberta • Sales in Edmonton, Alberta; and Toronto, Ontario. • Support available in English and French.
  9. 9. Features • Full or Partial Operator Assistance • Participant Reporting • Online Scheduling • LeaderView • Event Registration • Project Accounting Codes (PAC) • Sub-conference • Record & Playback • Live or Archive Audio Streaming • Roll Call • Dial-Out • Security Passcode • Entry/Exit Announcement • Lock/Unlock • International Access • Interpretation • Mute All Attendees • Recurring Call Scheduling • Q&A • Custom Script • Transcription • Approved Attendee List • Polling • Web Conferencing • Communication Line
  10. 10. A Typical Operator Conference Call Pre-Call • Your assigned a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact to assist with anything that you need. • Scheduling your calls is easy. Our advanced reservations system captures and stores your call profile including all necessary call features. When scheduling subsequent calls you do not have to repeat everything. • Conference call information is communicated in a clear, easy-to-understand format to attendees. • The call leader and the scheduled speakers gather in a Sub-Conference before the call begins to go over the agenda and discuss last-minute updates. The operator will finalize any last minute logistics such as who to turn the call over to, how to pronounce speaker names, Q&A, polling, etc. • Callers can dial either a toll-free or toll number to access the call. For international attendees we offer international toll-free access numbers in 98 countries and local access numbers in 23 countries. You can also choose to have the operator(s) dial out to speakers and/or attendees to connect them into the call. • The operator(s) gather any necessary information (e.g., name, affiliation, etc.) and place them into the call. • The participants hear music (or custom announcement) until you are ready to start. During the Call • All operators are voice talent trained and perform a professional speaker introduction. You can use the standard introduction script or customize as you'd like. It sets the stage for the conference and opens the call in a clear and professional manner. You can provide an approved attendee list (optional) to make sure only certain approved attendees can join. • A dedicated communications line can connect the operator handling the call to a point of contact at your location for instant support access. • The call can be conducted in Lecture Mode so that all participant lines are muted during the presentation to reduce background noise and minimize interruptions. • Once the presentation has concluded, the operator can administer a Q&A session. Participants indicate that they have a question using their telephone keypad, while the operator manages the question queue in a professional and orderly fashion. When each one's turn comes, the appropriate line is unmuted, an introduction is made and the questioner takes the floor. While in queue the attendees will still hear the conference. Post-Call • An attendee report is emailed immediately following the call showing all of the information gathered from participants as they joined the call. • Transcription service is available if you need a written account for use in press releases and news wire services. • The call can be digitally recorded for playback via online streaming, MP3, CD ROM, tape, or toll-free dial-in number. Added information is captured in an online report from those people dialing into the playback providing you with the same information that was collected from the live call participants.
  11. 11. Online Access to Manage Your Call • Sort participant details and connection status within the Participant List and Q&A tabs. • Download a Participant List at any time during the conference call. • Control the Q&A Queue: • • Delete participants from the queue. • • Advance a participant to the current questioner position. Move participants up and down within the Question Queue to prioritize questioners. Chat to Operator by exchanging text-based messages during the conference call.
  12. 12. Record & Playback Digitally record your conference call for participants who were unable to attend or for those who would like to listen to it again. Several playback formats are available: For easy, 24/7 availability, the recording can be accessed on the Internet or by dialing a toll-free number. You may also purchase a CD, downloadable link or a transcription of your recording. Available formats: • Online streaming archive – send attendees a link to listen to your recording online • MP3 or WAV file – download a copy of your recording • Telephone playback – attendees dial a toll-free or local access number and enter a PIN code to listen to your recording • CD ROM – Records the call to a CD ROM format
  13. 13. Support Before & During Meetings Pre-Production: Before the call, we: • Assign a dedicated account manager • Help schedule the call • Manage aspects of a dry run Production: During the call, we: • Provide 24x7x365 live technical support to presenters and attendees that have questions or need help joining • Monitor the call for quality • Introduce the speakers • Record the call for playback • Manage Q&A Post-Production: After the call: • Provide an attendee report • The recording is available for playback online or download
  14. 14. Account Implementation and Management
  15. 15. Handy Wallet Card Instant E-mail Followed by a Wallet Card
  16. 16. Online Account Management • Single access to manage your account • Add and remove users • View and pay invoices • Access reports • Online reservations • Download audio recordings
  17. 17. Fanatical Support
  18. 18. 24x7x365 Live Support Customer Support Centers Presenter & Attendee Assistance • Georgia (2) • Less than 1% of meetings require technical support • Colorado • New Jersey • Edmonton • London • Sydney • Singapore • Number one support request is users forgetting their conference ID or PIN • Skilled operators assist with audio, web and video in one call • Requests answered within 11 seconds on average • Help available by phone, e-mail or within the meeting • No menu prompts
  19. 19. Rated #1 by Clients
  20. 20. Clients That Trust Communique
  21. 21. Awards Communiqué Conferencing named as one of America's 5000 fastest growing private companies in America. As an Inc. 500/5000 awardee, Communique Conferencing shares a prestigious pedigree with such notable alumni as Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Visa, ClifBar, Patagonia, Oracle, and scores of other powerhouses. Awarded ‘Best Webinar Solution’ by Elearning! Magazine Frost and Sullivan North American Market Share Leadership Award – 2010, 2011 Recognized as one of the top philanthropic and green businesses in the Washington, DC metro area. Communiqué Conferencing has maintained an A+ rating with Business Bureau's (BBB) Accredited Business certification since October 2002. This award confirms Communiqué's commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in business practices.
  22. 22. The 3 Pillars of Communique: Conferencing, Customer Service, Culture Culture Customer Service Conferencing
  23. 23. Communique Conferencing Core Values 1. Deliver Fanatical Customer Service 2. Honesty and integrity with everything we do 3. Value customer relationships as partnerships 4. Develop and maintain world-class employees 5. Embrace and Drive Change 6. Do More with Less 7. Be Passionate and Determined 8. Be Humble
  24. 24. Contact Us Website: www.communiqueconferencing.com Email: Sales@CommuniqueConferencing.com Phone: • US & Worldwide: 1+866-332-2255 or 1+202-266-0058 • Canada: 1+866-332-2255 • UK: 0808 238 0649 • Ireland: 1 800932407