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Portfolio Usccb


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A simple description of a site I designed and built for a client.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Portfolio Usccb

  1. 1. Project Title: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Consultation Management System Period: March through August 2003 Client: Dragonfly Communications Complexity: 1 databases, 12 tables, 10 Meg of live data. 30 ASP.NET pages, 900 lines of code. Technology: IIS 5.0 ASP.NET Microsoft Access Summary: USCCB is a church sponsored organization chartered to provide Catholic bishops with guidance and church policy in current events. They often circulate documents internally and needed a system to keep track of the status of contributor’s comments on policy position papers. The system allows users to create consultations, upload documents to support the consultation, invite participants to enter comments and collates the responses. It automatically sends emails to the originator whenever someone participates in a consultation. A suite of administration tools allow the administrators to modify functionalty. Code Gurus was the sole developer for the application and database. Dragonfly Communications performed graphical design. URLs: (Private) Reference: Chris Norwood 202-369-4411
  2. 2. Figure 1 - Log In Page Figure 2 - Main Page
  3. 3. Figure 3 - Consultation Data
  4. 4. Figure 4 - Consultation Data (Continued)
  5. 5. Figure 5 - Upload Documents
  6. 6. Figure 6 - Invite Participants Figure 7 - Participate in a Consultation
  7. 7. Figure 8 - List of Consultations