Technology Integration Plan


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Technology Integration Plan

  1. 1. Technology Integration Plan<br />District Technology Vision Statement:Bastrop Independent School District believes that: *Learning is a constructivist process where students create their own knowledge through active participation in complex, meaningful tasks. *Because the world is different today and because students are different today, the way schools educate students must also be different from what we have always done. *Technology is a powerful tool that can transform the educational process not only to support learners in solving problems, developing critical thinking skills, communicating ideas, and working collaboratively, but also to share student information and learning resources with parents so they continue their active role in the process. *The information explosion demands that we manage and communicate information effectively. *Advances in communication and transportation have increased global interdependence. Therefore, a need exists for cross-cultural cooperation and understanding facilitated through telecommunication technology. *Ongoing, individualized, high-quality, and accessible professional development for educators is imperative if technology is to be effectively used in the teaching/learning process. District Mission Statement:The mission of the school district is to ensure the academic success of all students by fostering a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.Implementation of District Technology Goals at Cedar Creek ElementaryTechnology Integration GoalsData Used to Identify NeedsPerson(s) ResponsibleProfessional DevelopmentEvaluation and/or AssessmentGoal 1: Create, communicate and effectively implement a campus vision for the use of technology.District Technology Plan, STaR Chart, Campus Improvement Plan, Texas Long Range Plan, needs assessment based on teacher surveyPrincipal, SBDM Committee, Technology Integration Guide1. Review results of teacher survey and focus on areas of greatest need. 2. Present the survey information as well as the District and Texas Long Range Technology Plan to the staff. 3. Gather feedback from the staff as to areas of focus for the vision.3. Using the existing district and campus educational visions as a model, create a vision that includes the use of technology to achieve the educational goals.The SBDM, Principal, and TIG will be able to develop a campus technology vision from the information gathered from the staff. Observations and future surveys can help determine how successfully the vision was implemented.Goal 2:The administration will provide effective leadership for the district/campus in integrating technology into the curriculum, and improving effectiveness and efficiency.Principal, district technology support personnel1. Conduct a Family Technology Night where principal, teachers, technology support staff and parents meet to discuss the advantages and benefits of utilizing technology in the classroom. Demonstrations of current campus technology usage will allow parents and students to participate.2. Teachers will be encouraged to email parents to expedite communication as well as utilize a blog to enhance classroom technology experiences and communicate with parents.Parent feedback surveys. Family attendance at Technology night.Goal 3:Improve staff performance in technology.STaR Chart Campus report from 2008-2009Principal, Campus Technology Integration Guide1. Review power point presentation regarding the STaR Chart vocabulary and data, campus ratings, and areas of concern.2. Discuss the terminology in the chart to ensure teachers understand the meaning and application.3. Small groups will discuss the data and develop a basic technology implementation goal for the campus to work toward in the current school year that would help increase our Key Area ratings.The final evaluation would be the results of the following school year’s STaR Chart data, Key Area Totals should have increased.Observations should show and increased effective use of technology in classrooms and campus wide.Goal 4: Improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness through the use of technology.Eduphoria assessment data, TAKS data, AEIS reports, STaR Chart data, PDAS reportsPrincipal, district technology personnel, all campus staff members1. Provide training for ALL staff on the appropriate implementation of Promethean Interactive boards.2. Provide in depth training on accessing and utilizing Eduphoria data effectively to drive instruction.3. Video conferencing training will be provided to enhance the current curriculum.4. Further training on the implementation of the Classroom Performance System (clickers) and how to integrate them more easily.PDAS ratings in the use of technology will increase.STaR Chart data in the Key Area of Teaching and Learning will increase.TAKS scores as reported on the AEIS report will improve over time with the effective implementation of technology.<br />