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Health Medx[1]


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Informatics presentation

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Health Medx[1]

  1. 1. HealthMEDX<br />By: Stephanie Boyvin, Bethany Woods, <br />Charlotte Choate, Hillary Gray <br />
  2. 2. What is HealthMEDX?<br />Software company ranked number one for providing services to home health, rehabilitation, and long-term care<br />Based out of Ozark Missouri<br />3,300 Healthcare locations nationwide<br />Over 100 employees<br />Holding 72,000 gigabytes of information<br />
  3. 3. Integrity Home Healthcare<br />Integrity is a local health system that utilizes HealthMEDX:<br />From home health aide services and medical social work to skilled nursing and therapies, Integrity Home Care allows clients to receive skilled healthcare in the comfort of their home often achieving desired independence and confidence.<br />Nursing Care Services <br />Specialty Care such as Infusion, Wound Care, Cardiac Care, Oncology and Mother/Baby Postpartum<br />Physical Therapy <br />Anodyne Therapy<br />Occupational Therapy <br />Speech Therapy <br />Medical Social Work <br />Home Health Aide Services<br />Telemonitoring Services<br />(Integrity, 2007)<br />
  4. 4. sub-systems/integrated systems<br />Main functional areas include: Census, Clinical, and financial <br />Other sub-systems include:<br />Therapy<br />Advanced Monitoring and Alerts<br />Dashboard/Analytics<br />HL7<br />Portal<br />First Databank<br />Preconfigured Content<br />Telephony<br />Telehealth<br />(HealthMEDX, 2009)<br />
  5. 5. The EHR<br />HealthMEDX’s EHR includes all 8 components and much more:<br />“Increase adoption with simulated paper chart environment<br />Enforce policy and procedures through common process automation<br />Automatically complete the OASIS with data from assessments<br />Ensure proper reimbursement with charge capture integration<br />Approve orders through electronic signature<br />Tailor care plans automatically based on completed assessments<br />Trend outcomes through graphical patient chart views<br />Collect care data real-time with a wide selection of portable devices, telehealth, and telephony<br />Follow organization procedures with user defined assessments<br />Capture and track therapy activities with automatic inclusion in the patient record<br />Validate and submit completed OASIS electronically<br />Review a comprehensive patient record with integrated therapy<br />Identify quality improvement areas with advanced clinical reports<br />Ensure timely completion of care with automatic  real-time care notifications”<br />(HealthMEDX, 2009)<br />
  6. 6. HealthMEDX: components in care<br />Case Management: provides data and tools needed to manage a patient’s care<br />Intake coordinator: helps to transfer data from referral point to patient’s health record<br />Clinicians: monitors care and schedule of services, provides access to patients records and diagnosis.<br />Home Health Aides: allows for quick and easy documentation of care and services provided at visits<br />Director of reimbursement: provides ability to manage cash flow, produce claims, and allow for easy charge captures<br />Provides ability for physicians’ to enter in orders for each individual patient<br />Connects different systems used by physicians offices, labs, therapies to provide complete records and easy communication (HL7)<br />
  7. 7. Safety<br />Data Backups include:<br />Full nightly backups<br />Incremental backups every 15 minutes<br />Storage of Data<br />Highly Available Enterprise Class SAN (Storage Area Network)<br />Data Integrity<br />Physical Access:<br />Only HealthMEDX Data Center Team has access through Approved Access Control<br />Network Entry is protected by Highly Available Firewalls<br />User Access<br />Controlled By Windows Active Directory. Only authorized users by the organization can add or remove a user<br />Functional area access is controlled by Role within the System.<br />All HealthMEDX personnel sign HIPAA agreement<br />Woods, L.K. (2009, October 15). Systems Engineer, HealthMEDX. Personal Communication <br />
  8. 8. Cost<br />Software Costs vary depending on many factors:<br />Solution Installation and Implementation are typically up to 50% of the cost of the software<br />Support costs are typically up to 20% of the cost of the software<br />Organizations implementing a clinical informatics solution should also plan to incur additional costs above and beyond the capital and operational costs of system implementation. The typical costs can be temporary productivity changes during implementation and training, short term labor/wage increases if double entry is used during implementation, and other soft costs associated with a change in business processes.<br />Bingham, C. (2009, October 15). Systems Engineer Manager, HealthMEDX. Personal Communication <br />
  9. 9. Education<br />HealthMEDX assigns a contact person to their clients to provide continuous contact and help through their relationship with client.<br />Develop a customer care plan based on the client’s needs and goals during their implementation process<br />Throughout their use of HealthMEDX, the clients are able to schedules consultations and training services as needed.<br />Surveys are given out to clients and employees; these surveys are constantly evaluated and changes made based on feedback<br />
  10. 10. Conclusion<br />Because HealthMEDX divides the system into functional categories by job such as nursing, health aides, physicians, etc; it provides a secure and easy work flow.<br />We were shown how to use the health record and we feel that it would be easy to adapt to using.<br />Upon implementation, HealthMEDX provides support to new users continuing throughout the life of the relationship with the company.<br />
  11. 11. References: <br />HealthMEDX. (2009). The HealthMEDX vision solution for home health. Retrieved October 29, 2009, from<br />Integrity Home Care. (2007). Home Health Services. Retrieved October 29, 2009, from<br />