Countryside Chronology


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Countryside Chronology

  1. 1. 1925-1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 1925-1962: Ole Monterey (1925), Vision 2001-2020 comprehensive Lawrence Group initial report provid- Lawrence Group provides conceptu- Continued communication between City Council authorized the purchase Blue Hills (1957), and Botetourt plan adopted; recommends housing ing a general assessment of the prop- al-level plans to assess development City and Fairways Group. for the purposes of development. A (1962) golf courses open clusters. erty. potential. Lawrence Group developed sales contract was executed with a five options. Projections on revenue sales price of $4.1 million. The pend- December 1965: Map of Arrow Wood Fairways Group makes it known that City Council adopts the Peters Creek were made for three of the options ing sale is announced May 5. Country Club. 46-acre clear zone the golf course property is for sale for North Plan recommending mixed den- using market real estate and absorp- owned by City of Roanoke leased to approximately $6 million. sity housing for the property. tion rates at the time. Projected in- City Council authorized $3,975,000 of the club. U.S. Golf begins subdivid- vestment of $40 million to $45 million general obligation public improvement ing lots off of the property. City gets the property appraised. The would be achieved after 6-7 years. bonds to fund the purchase. appraisal report estimates the prop- Assuming such investment, the City’s 1991-1999: Hanging Rock (1991) erty’s value at $4.1-$4.5 million as a $4.1 million (principal) would be re- City administration held a public and Ashley Plantation (1999) golf golf course and $5.2 million if its use captured in about 10 years through meeting at William Fleming HS to an- courses open, increasing the num- is not limited to a golf course. added real estate tax revenue. nounce the sale and outline the next ber of public courses in the Roanoke steps. Valley by 2/3. In addition, numerous Meadowbrook ceases operation of courses are constructed in the Smith the swimming pool facility. Roanoke Regional Airport Commission Mountain Lake area. indicates need for expansion of RPZ RFQ issued. Toll Brothers notified it was selected as a Qualified Develop- er. Another responder to the RFQ was notified it was not selected as a quali- Countryside fied developer. Chronology 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Property conveyed to City and the Toll Brothers notified City that it does City Council authorizes release of the 1.08 acres of the property adjacent City Council favors making approxi- January: Economic downturn and re- City and Meadowbrook Golf execute not intend to pursue development of Countryside LLC development con- to the 2nd and 3rd holes conveyed to mately $1.5 million in capital improve- lated fiscal constraints require deferral an agreement for Meadowbrook Golf the property. cept. A community meeting is held Newbern Properties. ments and extending the operating of numerous City capital projects. Golf to operate the course. The agree- for public review and comment on the agreement with Meadowbrook by 5 Course improvement funding delayed ment ran on a yearly term. Meadow- Community Meeting prior to issuing proposal. Land exchange with Roanoke Regional years. to fiscal year 2012. brook Golf leased the land from City 2nd RFP to gain guidance on content Airport Commission enabling expan- and paid $35,000 per year. Meadow- of RFP. City records input from meeting and sion of the Runway Protection Zone. City and Meadowbrook Golf execute February: Meadowbrook Golf and City brook covers the cost of operation sends a list of issues to address to The airport gains +/- 17 acres of the an interim management agreement. do not come to terms to enter into the and retains all revenue. The tennis City issues a request for letters of in- Countryside LLC to refine plan. golf course for expansion. City gains +/- Under the interim agreement, the City 5-year management agreement given facility is also controlled by Meadow- terest and later issues a 2nd Request 15 acres of adjacent land to the west of pays Meadowbrook Golf $75,000 per approximate two-year delay in funding brook and sublet to third party. for Proposals. City rejects revised Countryside LLC the Runway protection zone. year to operate the course until a 5- for capital improvements. plan year agreement is effective and capital Request for Proposal issued to Toll City received a single proposal from City and Roanoke Regional Airport projects are initiated. City Council announces closure of Brothers. Countryside, LLC Meadowbrook Golf projects net an- Commission execute a 10-year lease golf course. The interim management nual income is $75,000 per year. New for the Runway Protection Zone. The agreement is terminated and lease with Property rezoned to ROS (Recre- City Council authorizes Countryside, operating agreement with Meadow- lease contains a clause that RRAC has the Roanoke Regional Aiport Commis- ation and Open Space) district as LLC to refine its development concept brook for one year. Meadowbrook right to immediately terminate the lease sion is terminated. part of a comprehensive rezoning of and resubmit by March 1, 2007. pays City $17,500/year. This agree- and to “reclaim, fence off, and or other- the entire City (as were all the golf ment was extended an additional year wise secure” the property, without prior City staff directed to work with commu- courses in Roanoke). Prior to the through October 31, 2009. notice, under certain terms and condi- nity on a process to develop alternative rezoning, the main body of the prop- tions related to airport security. development strategies for the prop- erty was zoned RM-2 (Residential erty. Multifamily, Medium Density) and the Laurel Ridge area was zoned RS-1 (Single-family Residential).