Every child has a story


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for having students create, illustrate, and publish their own books.

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Every child has a story

  1. 1. Every Child Has a Story•  Welcome to Tikatoks Classroom Program.•  You are on your way to helping your students become published authors.•  With Tikatok, you can get your students excited about reading and writing by creating and publishing their own books.
  2. 2. Tik a Tok
  3. 3. How it Works ü  Step 1.Add Student Accounts Create a Tikatok account for each student by entering his or her name,username and password in the fields shown on your My Students home page. Step 2. Write and IllustrateUse your own writing lesson plan or choose from hundreds of StorySparks to jumpstart your students imaginations. Students write their stories, upload their illustrations and photos and create their books online. Step 3. Publish and Share Help your students take pride in their work by having their stories published as professional-quality books. Invite parents to purchaseadditional copies of their childs book by showing them their childs freedigital proof. Organize a publishing party as a way to build your students pride in their work.
  4. 4. IDEAS•  Project Ideas•  Tikatok can be used in the classroom in many ways. You can work with your own lesson plans or choose from hundreds of Tikatoks StorySparks to jumpstart your students imaginations.
  5. 5. Classroom Anthologies•  Classroom Anthologies are a compilation of work from students in your class. Each student contributes one page of writing and one illustration toward a collaborative book, assembled online by the teacher. These books are offered in hardcover or paperback and can accommodate up to 50 students in a classroom, with a maximum book length of up to 100 pages. Anthologies are the perfect solution for end of the year publishing projects such as Poetry Books, Alphabet Books, Yearbooks, and more.
  6. 6. And… More Ideas•  ✔ Poetry Books•  Publish a book of poetry written by the students in your class. Each student will contribute a page of poetry, while displaying their photo and author biography on the facing page. Order several copies of this published masterpiece to auction off at the next school fundraiser.•  ✔ Alphabet Books•  Alphabet books are great for younger students. Assign a letter to each student. Have each student write a word that starts with that letter and draw a picture to go with it. Compile all of the student pages for a beautiful, and educational, Alphabet Book for your class library.•  ✔ Yearbook•  Custom yearbooks are keepsakes that students, parents and teachers will treasure for years to come. Each student contributes one page of writing and one illustration toward a collaborative book about what made their school year so special. It can be purchased by parents as a keepsake or donated to the school, or teacher, as a way to say thanks.
  7. 7. Individual Student Books•  Students can also write individual books. Each student will write their own storybook, creating up to 20 pages of text and illustrations. Have those pages published into hardcover or softcover books and watch your students writing confidence continue to build long after the project is over.
  8. 8. Individual Student Work•  ✔ Creative Writing•  Begin by brainstorming creative writing topics with your students. Have each student draft their story and share it with peers to review. Schedule time for students to illustrate their stories and create the final drafts online. Complete the project by publishing their books as professional-quality hardcovers and celebrate their accomplishments during a classroom publishing party.•  ✔ Research Project•  Students will work in pairs to research topics such as U.S. Presidents, wildlife habitats, or the Earths climate. They can take photographs to add to their books and add a personal touch with a custom author bio. Reinforce the importance of literacy by ordering published copies of these books for your students to share with one another.•  ✔ Journal•  Provide each student with a writing prompt at the start of the school year. Students will answer this prompt weekly by writing a page in their online journal. At the end of the year you will have a completed journal for each student, displaying the writing progress they have made over the school year. Publish the work of your students into softcover books to add to your teaching portfolio.
  9. 9. Where to Start:•  MEMORY BOOK - Best for all ages.•  STORY SPARKS – Best for ages 8+•  START FROM SCRATCH – Best for ages 10+
  10. 10. Sample Books To Make Pick a Topic Sports and Games Sports and Games •  Pick a StorySparks™ Starter The Star Player The soccer team has an amazing star player, but a new coach wants the star to work better with the rest of the team. Can they cooperate and still win? A Beijing Olympic DreamA member of the US Olympic Team makes a friend at the Beijing Olympics, and they tour the great city together. The Nervous Basketball StarA perfect player in practice, but during the games this basketball start gets too nervous. What advice does the caring coach have? The Underdog Team A sports team that isnt very good has a chance to improve and beat the best team in the league. The Baseball ThievesA young baseball fan catches the home run ball that wins the World Series, but some thieves want it for themselves.
  11. 11. Sample Book•