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Indiana university[1]

  1. 1. HP ProCurve HP ProCurve delivers performance, reliability and value "Our job as IT and networking managers is to help the Matt Davy university's researchers do their work, and to support the Chief Network Architect university's education mission. HP ProCurve makes it easier Indiana University for us to do our jobs, in part because ProCurve's tremendous value lets us deliver more for less."
  2. 2. Summary Customer at a Glance Indiana University is one of the premier jacks, instead of simply dropping fiber to Indiana University (, research universities in the U.S., with a the departments and having the one of the premier research universities in the U.S., serves history of technology achievement and departments manage their own networks," nearly 100,000 students at eight adoption. Serving the diverse and said Davy. campuses across the state of demanding needs of its researchers - as well as Indiana. Indiana University's supporting the education of nearly 100,000 This centralization makes for a huge campuses include more than 150 students - constantly challenges the operation: The Bloomington and research institutes, one of the university's information technology (IT) and Indianapolis campuses together have about largest university-owned networking staff. 1,700 switches - approximately 80,000 ports supercomputers in the world, a - to serve the university's nearly 100,000 leading medical center and more than 15 museums and theaters. A long-time user of HP ProCurve students and its more than 18,000 faculty equipment, Indiana University recently and staff. All of these currently are being upgraded all the network switches in its main upgraded to ProCurve 5400zl series data center in Bloomington, Indiana, to the switches. ProCurve 5400zl series and 8212zl series switches. As a result, the university has seen It also means that security is paramount. its already good network performance "We are evaluating the HP ProCurve increase - while maintaining the reliability it ProActive Defense solutions," said Davy, has come to expect from HP ProCurve including the ProCurve Network Access equipment. With HP ProCurve's excellent Controller (NAC) 800 and ProCurve value and lifetime warranty program, Indiana Identity Driven Manager (IDM), a plug-in University's IT staff feels confident it can to HP ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+) keep pace with its researchers' networking network management software. needs. Technology powering research Data center gets an upgrade Indiana University is known for cutting-edge "We're currently developing a 10-year plan research, including ownership of one of the for upgrading our entire communications 50 largest supercomputers in the world. infrastructure" said Matt Davy, Chief Many of the research labs have instruments Network Architect for Indiana University. and computing resources that must be "We need to specify our technical roadmap integrated into the network infrastructure, so we can allocate funding for the new and a number of academic departments infrastructure - with funding and budgets require considerable bandwidth. being a huge consideration for any university undertaking." "Our researchers are big users of bandwidth," said Davy. "We recently built two very large The data center's HP ProCurve 4000 and data storage systems that are capable of 4100gl series switches have been upgraded extremely high bandwidth. One of these to the HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl series, systems was benchmarked at an aggregate of the company's flagship Intelligent Edge approximately 115Gb/s of write capacity Switch series. "HP ProCurve offers from the IP network to disk. Our researchers tremendous value, with the right set of need to be able to move large data sets features we need at the right price, and between systems in their buildings and these ProCurve's lifetime warranty*," said Davy. central storage systems very quickly." Indiana University's network infrastructure To support this need for speed, the is highly centralized, meaning the central IT university's IT department runs dedicated department manages the network for nearly fiber into some of the research labs ­ all the colleges and departments. "We including astronomy, physics, computer manage the entire network down to the data 2
  3. 3. science and chemistry - using HP ProCurve "We can push 10Gb out to individual What makes it work: Switch 3500yl series stackable switches to buildings and gigabit to the desktop using Hardware provide 10Gb connections back to the Jumbo Frames, and we can offer voice-over- • HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl datacenter. Internet-Protocol (VoIP) with quality of series service (QoS) throughout the university. • HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl Indiana University research that is pushing And we do all these things reliably and at a series technology requirements includes: price point that can't be matched," he said. • HP ProCurve Switch 8212zl • HP ProCurve Switch 4100gl • The Astronomy department partners on the Convergence and wireless take series WIYN telescope One Degree Imager (ODI) center stage • HP ProCurve Network Access that promises images with 1 billion pixels As part of its 10-year plan for upgrading its Controller 800 by 2009. They will need to store these communications infrastructure, Indiana images, analyze them and archive them for University is engaging in a large convergence Software, Services & long-term storage. push that includes upgrading all wiring to Support Category 6 cable, for delivering gigabit to • Lifetime warranty with next- • Genomics and molecular biology the desktop for every data jack. day advance replacement* researchers use and share molecular imaging • Software updates, telephone software; medical researchers collaborate The IT department will take advantage of and email technical support using medical imaging scans of patients the reliability and advanced convergence- • Comprehensive network involved in clinical research programs. ready capabilities of the 5400zl switches to design and configuration not only expand VoIP throughout the services • The fine arts department generates large university's campuses, but also make greater graphics files that need to be shared across use of video - including IPTV - and unified * For as long as you own the product, with next- business-day advance replacement (available in most the network. communications (i.e., voice, video, instant countries). The following hardware products and messaging and more integrated into the their related series modules have a one-year hardware • The geology department uses high- desktop through Microsoft Office warranty with extensions available: ProCurve Routing bandwidth geographic image systems Communications Server). Switch 9300m series, ProCurve Switch 8100fl series, and ProCurve Network Access Controller 800. The (GISs). following hardware mobility products have a one-year Wireless capabilities are being expanded hardware warranty with extensions available: HP • Telecommunications researchers and beyond classrooms, faculty offices and ProCurve M111 Client Bridge, HP ProCurve students frequently use digital video libraries to cover all student rooms in the MSM3xx-R Access Points, HP ProCurve MSM7xx Mobility and Access Controllers, HP ProCurve RF applications and employ streaming video in residence halls, as well as lounges, Manager IDS/IPS Systems, HP ProCurve MSM their work. restaurants and other campus common Power Supplies, and HP ProCurve 1 Port Power facilities. The student residence and Injector. Standalone software, upgrades, or licenses "Our job as IT and networking managers is academic facilities represent two very may have a different warranty duration. For details, to help the university's researchers do their different environments for delivering refer to the ProCurve Software License, Warranty, and Support booklet at work, and to support the university's wireless services - but both share the need education mission," said Davy. "HP for network connection throughout the ProCurve makes it easier for us to do our campuses. jobs, in part because HP ProCurve's tremendous value lets us deliver more for "Indiana University's IT department is less." always trying to understand how to take advantage of new technologies to advance Reliability is key academic goals," said Davy. "At the same "We're really happy with the reliability of time, we're also aware of the dramatic our HP ProCurve equipment," said Davy. changes in how students use technology, and "We've found HP ProCurve to be a trusted we look for ways to make their residential platform that's rock solid, even as we push experience richer, as well." Davy estimates the bandwidth and offer new services. that 98 percent of the university's students have cell phones and about 70 percent have 3
  4. 4. Business Benefits MP3 players, and that more than 3,000 iPhone • With the bandwidth, reliability, security and devices alone are in use. other high-performance features of the ProCurve Switch 5400zl series, Indiana "The iPhone is just the tip of the iceberg," said University's IT department can fulfill its Davy. "Students and researchers alike use cell missions to support the work of the phones, MP3 players, handheld gaming devices university's diverse and demanding researchers and more - and they all want to be on the - as well as support students' academic goals university's WiFi network." while enhancing their residential experience. In the spring of 2008, Indiana University • HP ProCurve's excellent value and warranty* completed a competitive bid for a new WiFi mean that Indiana University can afford to network and made the award to HP ProCurve. maintain its technological edge while staying In just 3 months Indiana University replaced within tight academic budgets. approximately 2,000 older access points with HP ProCurve Radio Port 210s, which work in • The flexible, powerful and convergence-ready conjunction with the HP ProCurve 5400zl ProCurve network enables Indiana University switches and HP ProCurve Wireless Edge to deliver VoIP, video and wireless capabilities Services zl Modules (WESMs zl). "We're also today, with the confidence that the network hoping to take advantage of HP ProCurve's will embrace future technologies as they arise. integrated wired and wireless management through PCM+," said Davy. About HP ProCurve HP ProCurve is the Network of Choice for best­ Putting it all together in Kokomo in-class solutions, products and services for The university's Kokomo campus - one of the wired and wireless networks. HP ProCurve's university's smallest - is getting a complete Adaptive Networks vision enables customers to overhaul from an IT perspective. It will serve implement an open, standards-based network as a preview of what the larger campuses will infrastructure that adapts to the changing needs be moving toward in terms of their IT and of users, applications and organizations. communications technologies. HP ProCurve was positioned in the Leaders "Kokomo is getting a total upgrade: 5400zl quadrant in research and advisory firm Gartner, edge switches, new HP ProCurve Switch Inc.'s 2008 Magic Quadrant Report for Global 8212zl core switches, PCM+, IDM and other Campus LANs and is No. 2 worldwide in ProActive Defense solutions, and an update to Ethernet switch market revenue and ports the wireless network," said Davy. "Once we've according to Dell'Oro Group. deployed advanced features such as IDM and 802.1x at a smaller campus, we'll start For more information on HP ProCurve, visit implementing these on the other seven campuses." 4
  5. 5. © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Pub # 4AA2-4496ENW February 2009