Dillard University Writing Center Faculty Guide 2011-12


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Dillard University Writing Center Faculty Guide 2011-12

  1. 1. 2011—2012 Faculty Guide to Dillard University’s Writing Center Dillard University Writing Center, Albert W. Dent Hall, Room 162, 504-816-4180This guide, a resource for Dillard University faculty, provides general information about the Writing Center and its services.If you need additional information, please contact the Writing Center Director, Danielle R. Tyler, at 816-4180 or stop byDent Hall in Room 162. We look forward to working with you and your students! Dillard University Writing Center and Its PurposeDillard University’s Writing Center is part of the College of Arts and Sciences, but it services theentire University. Its primary goal is to provide the academic support necessary to increase theacademic performance, retention, and graduation rates of all students. The Writing Centerprovides free one-on-one writing consultations for all students for any academic writing purpose.The writing consultations are designed to help student writers focus, develop, clarify, refine, andorganize their writing. What Students Do in the Writing CenterStudents attend 30-minute writing consultations with peer consultants. The 30-minute writing consultation cantake place at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final editing. It involves a consultant askingthe writer open-ended questions about his/her writing assignment, reading a portion or the entire paper,responding to the paper by picking one or two concerns to discuss, and collaborating with the writer on how thewriting may be improved. Consultations are non-judgmental and non-evaluative. Consultants help writers identifyareas to improve and develop specific plans to help the writer with his/her writing project. Who Is in the Writing Center The Writing Center staff consists of Director Danielle R. Tyler, MA, Instructional Assistant Angelle Scott, MA, and trained writing consultants who are available to meet with students and answer questions. The consultants come from various disciplines and have been selected because they have strong academic writing skills and enjoy working with their peers. They are trained to respond to writing assignments from across the curriculum. The consultants are supervised by Danielle R. Tyler who specializes in professional and technical writing. The instructors and consultants in the Writing Center will help students improve their writing skills so that they become more confident writers in all classes and for all purposes. “The Writing Center is committed to providing the best support for Dillard University students. Thus, we will work to provide all students a learning environment that is accessible and non-evaluative.”
  2. 2. 2011—2012 Page 2 How the Writing Center Helps StudentsStudents from all courses will benefit from the Writing Center’s services. We offer weekly appointments, regularone-time appointments, walk-in appointments when available, and writing-related workshops. The instructors andpeer consultants can help your students with: grammar, word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling prewriting and brainstorming techniques drafting and revising paragraphs identifying and integrating sources to support arguments or positions writing personal statements, cover letters, resumes, lab reports, research papers, and essays for all classesPlease note: The Writing Center services supplement the writing instruction that takes place within courses—ourservices cannot replace the writing instruction in any course. Moreover, the Writing Center consultants will not editor proofread papers. Instead, consultants will point out common errors in usage so that the student begins torecognize patterns in their mistakes, which they can then begin to correct on their own. How to Refer Your Students to the Writing CenterYou may refer your students to the Writing Center by completing the Student Referral Form for each student. Onceyou complete the form, return it with the student or send it to the director via e-mail. How You Will Know Your Students Used the Writing CenterIf you assign Writing Center services to students, we recommend that you ask them to submit the original Record ofSession Forms along with their writing projects. Other Resources Available for StudentsStudents have access to: Writing Handbooks (print and electronic) Writing handouts Study Areas
  3. 3. 2011—2012 Page 3 Workshops and In-Class VisitsThe Writing Center offers writing-related workshops every semester. These workshops focus on grammar and partsof the writing process that most students seek assistance. Moreover, these workshops are to support your courses,not to replace writing instruction in your courses. Look for the workshop schedules at the beginning of thesemester.The Writing Center also conducts in-class visits where we discuss our services and how we can help your students.To request an in-class visit, complete the In-Class Visit Request Form and submit it to a Writing Center staffmember. After we have your information, a Writing Center staff member will follow up with you about your request. Peer Consultations and Workshops During Final ExamsPeer consultations and writing-related workshops are not available during final exams. Since the Writing Centerstaff is reduced to two during the final exam period, please keep in mind that your students may not receiveassistance at this time. Send Us Copies of Your Course AssignmentsEven if you are not working directly with the Writing Center, students from your class may want to seek ourassistance. You can help them by sending copies of your syllabi and assignments. We will review them and keepthem on file to help us clarify your expectations for student writing. Recommend the Writing Center to StudentsTo Recommend the Writing Center: Make a statement about it on your syllabus; include the Writing Center’s phone number and location Mention it in comments on student papers Announce availability of the Writing Center to the entire class Invite the Writing Center Director, Instructional Assistant, or a Writing Center Peer Consultant to talk to your class about our services Stop By! We Are Here For Your Students Dillard University Writing Center Albert W. Dent Hall Room 162 Phone: 504-816-4180 E-mail: dtyler@dillard.edu Funded by Title III
  4. 4. DILLARD UNIVERSITY WRITING CENTER IN-CLASS VISIT REQUEST FORMTo give us a better idea of how we can help you, please give us the following information. After we haveyour information, a Writing Center staff member will follow up with you about your request. Contact InformationName: _____________________________________________________________________________Telephone: _____________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________Email: _____________________________________________________Course InformationDepartment: ______________________________Course: __________________________________Class Location: ____________________________ Class Time: __________________In-Class Visit DateIdeal Date for In-Class Visit: __________________________Alternate Date: __________________________________
  5. 5. Dillard University Writing Center Albert W. Dent Hall Room 162 Dillard University Writing Center Student Referral FormThe Writing Center is here to assist students in becoming better writers. We offer writing consultations andworkshops to support your students’ efforts to learn to write more effectively. We meet with them individuallyand in small groups to work on specific concerns while they complete regular course assignments.Procedure for Referring Students to the Writing Center: 1. The instructor completes the Student Referral Form for each student he/she is referring to the Writing Center. 2. The student takes the form to the Writing Center. 3. The student works with a consultant. 4. After the student has worked with a consultant, the student returns the Student Referral Report Form to the instructor as proof of attendance.Optional: Student provides a copy of the Writing Center Record of Session Form to the instructor.If you have questions about this form, please e-mail Danielle R. Tyler at dtyler@dillard.edu. TERMS:Student Referral Form: The instructor completes when he/she wants to refer a student to the Writing Center.Student Referral Report Form: The writer’s proof of attendance.Record of Session Form: An account of the peer consultant’s session with a writer. 1
  6. 6. Dillard University Writing Center Albert W. Dent Hall Room 162 Dillard University Writing Center Student Referral Form Faculty: Complete the information below and attach the writing assignment Student InformationDate of Referral _______________Student’s Name: _____________________________ Student’s Email: _____________________ Course InformationReferring Instructor’s Name: _____________________________ Phone: _______________Course: ________________________________________________________________Assignment: __________________________________________________________________ Type of Appointment ___ one-time ___ short-term (2 - 4 sessions) ___ weeklyReasons for ReferralPlace a check mark next to the area(s) of concern for this student:Prewriting and Composing___ Understanding Assignments ___ Brainstorming and Generating Ideas___ Developing a Thesis, Claim, Proposition ___ Planning and Outlining___ Developing Introductions and Conclusions ___ Writing Topic Sentences___ Providing Support and Details ___ Maintaining Focus or Organization___ Writing Clearly and Logically ___ Maintaining Unity and Coherence___ Using Transitions ___ Other ________________________Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage___ Subject-Verb Agreement ___ Pronoun (Agreement & Reference)___ Comma Splices ___ Sentence Fragments___ Run-on and Fused Sentences ___ Faulty Parallelism___ Possessives/Plural Nouns (‘s/s) ___ Verb Forms___ Spelling ___ Modification (Dangling & Misplaced)___ Shifts ___ Other _________________________ 2
  7. 7. Dillard University Writing Center Albert W. Dent Hall Room 162 Dillard University Writing Center Student Referral FormReasons for ReferralEditing and Proofreading Research and Documentation___ Strategies for Editing and Proofreading ___ Evaluating and Using Sources ___ Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing ___ Citation and Documentation ___ Note-taking ___ Avoiding PlagiarismOther Writing-Related Concerns_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Writing Center Workshops Please specify the workshops the student needs to attend: ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________Please provide any additional concerns or information you wish to share with your student’s consultant:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Instructor’s Signature ___________________________________________________**************************************************************************************************************** Dillard University Writing Center Student Referral Report___________________________________ attended a tutoring session on __________________. If you have any questions,please contact the writing center at (504)816-4180 or (504)816-4659.Consultant’s signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________Note: The Writing Center is not responsible for lost or unreturned forms. Instructors may contact the Center via e-mail or phonefor confirmation of the student’s visit. 3