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Call for Proposals POD 2011 Summer Institute for New Faculty Developers (INFD)


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Call for Proposals POD 2011 Summer Institute for New Faculty Developers (INFD)

  1. 1. Call for Proposals to Host the 2011 Summer Institute for New Faculty Developers (INFD) POD is currently seeking leadership to organize and host the 2011 Summer Institute for New Faculty Developers Organizational Overview The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD Network) is the primary professional organization in North America for those working in the field of faculty, educational, instructional and/or organizational development. POD supports a network of over 1,600 members - faculty and graduate student developers, faculty, administrators, consultants, and others who perform roles that value teaching and learning in higher education. While POD members come primarily from the U.S. and Canada, the membership also represents twenty-three other countries. This institute’s goal is to prepare those new to the field to be effective practitioners, scholars, and leaders in educational development. Institute Description The institute is held every two years. It is a 4 ½ day, late-June event typically beginning at noon on a Saturday and running through noon the following Wednesday. Recent institutes have served between 60 and 100 participants with a guest faculty of approximately seven experienced POD members who volunteer their time. The Institute is organized more like a course or seminar than a conference. Target Audience Institute participants are faculty and academic administrators new to working in the field of faculty, educational, instructional and/or organizational development. Participants are likely to be: • New faculty or TA developers; • Individuals interested in pursuing the field of faculty development; • Persons charged with the task of establishing a faculty development center or program; • Individuals responsible for organizing, directing or chairing committees for faculty development activities
  2. 2. Required Deliverables Summer 2011 Institute for New Faculty Developers A. COVER SHEET Name & Location of Sponsoring Institution: Names and contact information of Institution: leadership (Attach CV): Address: Phone: E-Mail: Why do you wish to host this event? Summarize the proposers’ experiences that relate directly to hosting such an event; please include the experiences your institution has had working with the POD Network in the past:
  3. 3. Summer 2011 Institute for New Faculty Developers B. CONTENT -Name and location of Sponsoring Institution and rationale for why you wish to host this event. Include evidence that your institution has experience with large event planning and is capable of handling this event. Please note that your institution is responsible for organizing and funding the event from the proceeds. Larger institutions may be able to handle the increased workload for the event with current staff; smaller institutions may consider part-time temporary help as a possible solution. It is also customary to bring in experienced POD members to present elements of the program. While they volunteer their time, their expenses should be included in the proposed budget. -Names and contact information of leadership (event co-chairpersons) with biographical data, summary of experiences directly related to this type of event, and description of past POD Network involvement. - Overview of Program that will provide participants the following: • Relevant workshops based on a pre-institute needs assessment survey • Facilitation and feedback from expert faculty development practitioners • Research-based workshops • Hands-on experience in developing consultation skills • Guidance on creating an individualized professional development plan • Organizational Development, Assessment, Strategic Alignment -Demonstration of commitment to meeting diverse needs of audience from a wide range of institutions with a diverse group of presenters. -Identification of quality institute faculty from the field. In addition to those currently on your staff, the institute faculty may include experienced POD members as guest faculty who volunteer their time, but with expenses paid.
  4. 4. Summary and/or examples of applicable reference materials for each participant (e.g. print-based, electronic). Description of proposed site that can accommodate housing, food, and programming needs to support a program for approximately 75 attendees and additional institute faculty and staff. Proposed budget and timeline for completion of event. Summary of marketing strategy including mock ups of materials with pricing and internet site with online registration capabilities, which demonstrates technical capabilities. Assumptions and Agreements The institute must be conducted as scheduled and must model good practice in our field. Bids must be reasonable. The institute is expected to pay for itself. If the institution is approved, it may request a loan of up to $6000 to help begin the planning process and to cover start-up costs. This loan must be approved by the POD Core Committee. Within 60 days of the end of the event, the total amount of loan funds will be subtracted from event income and returned to the POD Network. The remaining event income will be split as follows: 75% host institution, 25% POD Network. ALL policy data disbursed will be current and approved as such by POD leadership. The POD Network Executive Director will provide appropriate support documentation for the successful completion of the project (e.g. mailing addresses). The host institution shall warrant that on delivery, all media containing the instructional content of the program are free of material faults and processing errors and have copyright permissions secured. Materials will be in standard American English. At the conclusion of the event, the event will be evaluated; and an after- action report including both evaluations results and a complete finance report will be filed with the POD Network Executive Director no more than 60 days after the conclusion of the institute. At the conclusion of the event, POD Network will receive copies of all
  5. 5. materials developed by the project team; they will become the exclusive property of POD Network. In addition, any and all work sheets and other working documentation will also become the property of POD Network. The institute will cover its own expenses. When applicable, travel and lodging will be billed to the institute at cost. Ground travel will be billed at the standard rate used by POD Network. Air travel will be by coach with a major U.S. airline. Lodging charges will be approved in advance by the POD Executive Director. Meals will not exceed $35.00 per day. All postage, UPS ground, overnight delivery, and shipping charges will be billed at cost. All telephone and data transmission charges will be billed at cost. Required Proposal Format The proposal should be submitted as a Word document and follow the format as described above in the Required Deliverables section. Submission Deadline: September 10, 2010 Submit Proposal Electronically to: Hoag Holmgren, Executive Director,