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Public speaking


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Presentation for a Library Guest lecture for a Public Speaking course

Published in: Education
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Public speaking

  1. 1. Finding Supplementary Materials Library Guest Lecture for GCPS1005 Public Speaking Chris Chan, Christine Ho
  2. 2. Introduction “Preach not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say” Richard Whately 1787–1863 English philosopher and theologian: Apophthegms (1854)(n.d.). Speeches. In Oxford Essential Quotations. Retrieved 17 Jan. 2013, from
  3. 3. OutlineFinding expert opinionFinding public opinionFinding statisticsFinding the right wordsFinding the right image
  4. 4. Your topic“Eating habits inHong Kong” Image source:
  5. 5. Expert opinion Nicholas Murray Butler “An expert is 1862–1947 American one who knows President of Columbia University, 1901–45: more and more Commencement address about less and at Columbia University (attributed) less.”(n.d.). Experts. In Oxford Essential Quotations. Retrieved 28 Jan. 2013, from
  6. 6. Where the experts areWhere do experts share their opinions? Within their trade On the blogosphere In civil society In academia Image source:
  7. 7. Experts: think tanksA body ofexpertsprovidingadvice andideas on specificpolitical oreconomicproblems
  8. 8. Experts: academic publications OneSearch - The Library’s research engine:
  9. 9. Finding public opinion What does she think?
  10. 10. Public opinion in Hong KongHKU Public Opinion Programme Established to collect and study public opinion on various topics
  11. 11. Public opinion elsewherePublic opinion from other countriesmight make for an illuminatingcomparisonPew Research Center focuses mainlyon the US, but includes a “Global”section:
  12. 12. Public opinion in the media Documentaries Radio shows Newspaper reports Columnists Letters to the Editor Editorials
  13. 13. Finding Statistics “We think in generalities but live in detail “Auden, W.H. & Kronenberger, L. (1993). The Viking book of aphorisms: A personal selection. New York: Barnes & Noble Books.
  14. 14. Fast food expenditure Total restaurant purchases 18% 82%The Government’s Census and Statistics Department provides a wealth of statistics on Hong Kong:
  15. 15. The right quotation“Der Mensch ist, was re isst.”(Man is what he eats.)Ludwig Feuerbach 1804–72 German philosopher: Jacob Moleschott Lehre der Nahrungsmittel: Für das Volk (1850) ‘Advertisement’
  16. 16. Finding the right wordsquotationsaphorismsallusionanecdotes
  17. 17. The right quotationOxford Reference: online versions of hundredsof reference books such as: Oxford Essential Quotations Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion
  18. 18. The right definitionEnglish dictionariesSubject specialistdictionaries
  19. 19. The right pronunciation crowd-sourced pronunciation guide
  20. 20. The right anecdoteAnecdotesAllusions to food that I could work into my speech: Ambrosia - Delicious or reviving food (Greek Mythology) Feeding of the five thousand (Biblical allusion)
  21. 21. The right image
  22. 22. Creative Commons images“Some rights reserved”: between copyright (“all rightsreserved”) and public domain (chaotic free for all?)CC licensed allow licensor to retain copyright while lettingothers to copy, distribute and make some uses of their work
  23. 23. Creative Commons images 4 tools combine to form 6 different licenses
  24. 24. Google image search... Filter by license to reuse
  25. 25. flickr search... Search for Creative Commons-licensed
  26. 26. Wikimedia Commons search... All content on Wikimedia Commons can be reused
  27. 27. SummaryInform, motivate, and persuade your listenersMake your point by using expert & public opinion, statistics, and the rightwords & imagesConsult the Research Guide for your course at:
  28. 28. Questions? Ask anytime.
  29. 29. Thank you!
  30. 30. AcknowledgementsPresentation prepared by Chris Chan and Christine Ho (HKBU Library, 2013)Slide 11: Yellow Stripes Dance by flickr member · · · — — — · · · via Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0license, 22: Baby Smile by flickr member Matteo Sorba, available under a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license, Food and Drink. In Essential Quotations. Retrieved 19 Jan. 2013, from, A., inasdf & Dignen, S. (n.d.). ambrosia. In Oxford University Press, The Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion. . Retrieved 19 Jan. 2013, from, A., inasdf & Dignen, S. (n.d.). Feeding of the five thousand. In Oxford University Press, The Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion. . Retrieved 19 Jan.2013, from