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Trends paper 2


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Trends paper 2

  1. 1. University of Wisconsin - Stout 1 Trends Assessment: Quality of Life Trends Paper “Quality of Life” By: Cassidy Capriglione JacobEdeburn Calvin Carpenter 11/14/2012Cassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  2. 2. University of Wisconsin - Stout 2 Trends Assessment: Quality of LifeHealth and Wellness You could say our country is on a health kick. Everywhere you look there is some type ofpromotion for healthy living. Industries all over the U.S. have seen a trend in consumer‟sdecisions to choose a healthier alternative to everyday life. The health and wellness trend hasbecome increasingly popular due to the higher rates of heart disease, increases in the incidence ofcancer, record numbers of clinically obese people, and various other health issues pertaining tounhealthy lifestyles. According to the rate of obesity grew steadily from 1987to 2007 and over seventy two million Americans, or one third of the population of the UnitedStates, are considered clinically obese. Fitness centers and weight loss solutions have becomeincreasingly popular in the hospitality and restaurant industries because of the obesity epidemic.The fitness center industry became progressively popular in the 1970s and 1980s with runningand aerobics. Membership to fitness centers has grown increasingly from early 2000 to thepresent because of the obesity epidemic. The hospitality industry has capitalized on this growingnumber of fitness center memberships by offering their guest free access to the fitness centerwithin their hotels. According to over 41 million Americans are members of ahealth club. People who belong to fitness centers want the option to work out even if they areaway from their health club, so hotels have given them the opportunity to do so by offeringfitness centers at their hotels. Some people will base their decision to stay at a hotel strictly onthe fact there is a fitness center provided. The weight loss industry is also on the rise because ofthe obesity epidemic and businesses are making sure to provide customers healthier options. Thehotel and restaurant industries have started to cater to people who are dieting and trying to loseweight. Over a quarter of Americans were on diets in 2007, and about two thirds were women, sothe weight loss market is generally geared towards women, according to Thehotel and restaurant industries have offered a more diverse menu to its cliental to give its guestan option to eat healthier. Some hotels are now offering special designed rooms to help makeguests healthier by reducing allergens and helping improve sleep, as well as healthier choices offood. This is an example of industries adapting to the trend of health and wellness andunderstanding the importance of providing their customers with option of a healthy alternative.Americans are now more than ever becoming aware of the detrimental health risks associatedwith obesity and want to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their quality of life overall. Peoplewho are looking for a hotel to stay at, while on vacation or business trip, will take intoconsideration the healthy options that are provided to them. That is why hotels are offeringunique amenities to the health conscious travelers and restaurants are doing their part inrevamping their menu items to target every age group. The health and wellness trend along withthe improvement on life quality is going to continue to grow and become even more prevalent,and here is how some tourism businesses have made the change already.MGM Grand Hotel: “Stay Well” RoomsCassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  3. 3. University of Wisconsin - Stout 3 Trends Assessment: Quality of Life Health and wellness seem to be big topics that many industries are talking about. TheMGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has developed forty one “Stay Well” rooms in theirhotel that was released in October 2012 and these rooms are designed to make guests healthier.The special features in these rooms will ultimately help improve sleep, reduce allergens, andpromote healthy eating to the guests who rent them out. Each room will cost thirty dollars moreper night than the typical rooms offered at MGM. The architecture firm Delos LLC aims atincorporating architecture along with health-promoting technologies. Some of the features in theStay Well rooms are room lights that are skewed towards the red side of the color spectrum.Lights that are geared toward the blue end are too bright and can suppress melatonin, the sleeppromoting hormone in the brain which can interfere with the amount of sleep a guest is getting.The door knobs and furniture will be treated with an antimicrobial coating and the cleaning staffin the hotel will be required to sanitize the surfaces in the Stay Well rooms with ultravioletwands. The rooms will contain two air filters which will require the housekeepers to use specialvacuums that have HEPA filters as well. Bathroom sinks will have filters in them that worksimilarly to the Brita brand filters which can be very comforting to guests when some areskeptical about using water in a different city. EMF shielding will help protect guests fromelectromagnetic fields which can disrupt sleep and contribute to disease although the studies areweak. They have installed a bright blue bathroom light that is meant to wake guests up and fightoff jet lag. The final two attributes to the Stay Well rooms are healthy room service and mini barthat offers specialty dishes designed by the Cleveland Clinic to promote healthy eating and thehotel also offers take home wellness programs that allows guests to access three six week onlineprograms that talk about sleep, stress and healthy eating. We find this to be a very interestingtrend but we would be very skeptical. We could see people who have quite a bit of money tospend thirty extra dollars on a room to keep them healthier, but we cannot see many other peoplewilling to spend the extra money. We find this to be a great idea but we do not see a lot ofproven benefits coming out of these rooms. They may prevent you from getting sick and theymay help you sleep better, but in the article they even said that some of these studies are veryweak and the do not have much research to prove a significant benefit to renting out one of theseStay Well rooms. We believe guests would have to rent out this room for possibly a month or soto truly see healthy improvements in their bodies.Hyatt Corp: Healthy Options for Kids Another hotel that is focusing on a different aspect of wellness is a Hyatt corporation andtheir main focus is children. They want to launch an organic and seasonal children‟s menu thatprovides whole foods that are nutritious and locally sourced when possible. The companyrealized that obesity is an epidemic and there is a possibility that this generation could have ashorter lifespan than the generation before it. Hyatt‟s goal is to be the leader in the industry andprovide healthy meals to guests so they can make an easier health conscious choice. Hyatt isdelivering a three course organic meal for children that essentially include fruits, vegetables, andCassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  4. 4. University of Wisconsin - Stout 4 Trends Assessment: Quality of Lifea lean protein. The goal was to make it the courses appealing and delicious, when you have thosekey factors it is not difficult to get kids to eat healthy foods. The company wants to help changethe habits of children which would lead to a decrease in childhood obesity and the company hasa few different ideas on how to change their mindset. Instead of free refills on soda, the companyopts for refills on milk, fruits and vegetables are the new side item rather than French fries andkids can also order half sized portions of adult meals as well. Hyatt wants to reduce sugars,sodium and calorie count at all times possible without affecting the taste of the meals. The foodand beverage directors along with the chefs are teaming up with groups of kids to test new foodsand they realize that children are willing to try new foods when they are involved in the processof creating them. The organic program is in full swing in North America and the Caribbean. Anew attribute that came out in September is the Flavor Journey online experience which allowskids and parents to learn more about organic foods and kids have their own section online wherethey can look at menus and play games. Other companies seem to be following in Hyatt‟sfootsteps and they are slowly making changes to their menus to promote health and wellness. Wefind this to be a fantastic idea and we think every hotel should do something like this. Obesity isa crucial issue and we think companies are starting to realize the severity of it. We believegetting children to eat healthy from an early age can only benefit them in the future, when kidsdevelop healthy eating habits it is very likely that it will stick with them in the future just as ifthey have poor eating habits. We believe this will be a major benefit and hopefully it willinfluence other hotels to develop healthy meal options for guests. One industry that finds importance in health and wellness is Kids Foot Locker. Theypartnered up with Nickelodeon for it ninth annual Worldwide Day of Play which inspires kids toget active. Customers who bring in their signed pledge to support the cause will receive a fifteenpercent discount off of their purchase but the sale is for one day only. Whole Foods Market, agrocery store is now offering a wellness club that features information on healthy food options,food courses that were developed by medical doctors, classes, coaching and support. Customerscan join this club and they are given benefits such as a ten percent discount on a variety ofhealthy foods, unlimited cooking, nutrition, and lifestyle classes, and cooking demonstrationsand community events. They want to spread the word on the benefits of eating healthy andexercise. They also realize that many people want to make this lifestyle change but they do nothave the information to start, so Whole Foods Market provides the necessary information thatcustomers need.“The Quality of Life” Health and wellness is a trend that is not only popular in the hospitality industry, butother industries as well by what one can see from the case studies. We had the opportunity tointerview someone who has had many years of experience in the hospitality field but his nichefits in more with hotels. Bernie Mullen had great things to say about this trend and when weexplained the case studies, so he had a better idea of what we were writing about, he said, “firstCassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  5. 5. University of Wisconsin - Stout 5 Trends Assessment: Quality of Lifething we already know, there is no way to extend out life, we do not know when we are going todie”. With that said, he stated if businesses could focus on the concept of improving our“quality” of life, it will definitely get the consumers‟ attention and that is how this trend willimpact the business landscape. Many companies have decided to move forward with promotinghealth and wellness because they realize that is what their customers are looking for now.American obesity is on the rise but so is change. There are seventeen million health mindedtravelers today which are unable to find a way to maintain their healthy routine and one way thatbusinesses can help impact customers in getting fit and staying fit, is by offering uniqueamenities that will keep them motivated on their journey. It seems as though every year more guests are interested in staying fit and many hotelsand other tourist destinations are now accommodating that lifestyle. When we asked Bernie hisopinion on the trend ideas that we had researched he could not agree more. Some future impactsthat health and wellness will have on tourist destinations are more educated, certified, andexperienced fitness professionals. People need guidance when it comes to staying fit and eatinghealthy, they need the proper resources and knowledge and that will come from those hiredprofessionals. Another future change that many tourists may have noticed already is the changesin menus in restaurants by offering low calorie meals or they are even going as far as adjustingtheir entire menu so that they are able to accommodate these consumers. That trend will continueto grow as more people are making health conscious decisions. One obstacle that tourismcompanies can face when finding people to hire to fit specific job descriptions, such as healthand wellness, is discrimination. Bernie explained how the gym he goes to near his home haspersonal trainers and some of them simply do not look the part. “When you are dealing with acompany that specialized in making health conscious decisions, you want your employees to beknowledgeable and to some degree fit the part.” He also stated that you want employees who arepassionate about health and wellness and who are interested in helping others make a lifestylechange. Some other trend changes hotels will have are larger exercise facilities will be providedin hotels when more guests are interested in staying physically fit. It is all about helping a guestor tourist stay on track with their lifestyle commitments and we feel it is safe to say that is wheremany people fall off of their regimen is when they are on vacations. A vacation is a place forpeople to relax and get away from everyday stresses and what better opportunity to grow off ofthat than by providing classes in meditation, yoga, adventure travel, and hiking for guests whowant to feel even more relaxed or who want to reduce some life stressors. Guests have theopportunities now to base their stay on the health and wellness opportunities along with uniqueproducts that a hotel or business might offer. After going over these changes Bernie stated,“With change also comes resistance.” Hoteliers are going to say to themselves, “if I do that, itwill cost a lot of money.” Bernie said, “The reasons for resistance have to do with the fact thatpeople do not always like change, they may not have a budget for it, or they may not have theability to change their operations. But on the other hand, if they do not make the change thesebusinesses could end up ostracizing themselves if the trend becomes a huge success.” When ICassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  6. 6. University of Wisconsin - Stout 6 Trends Assessment: Quality of Lifeasked Bernie about his final thoughts on how the trend will change, he said, “it will ultimatelylevel off because people will have a better quality of life.” The question that we really wanted to have a professional‟s opinion on was about thecompetitive advantage. There are such things like using social media websites such as,Facebook, blogs, and Twitter to promote their product and business. Owners and Managers, whoengage customers by using Facebook or Twitter, are also able to learn the positive and negativeexperiences that have been occurring throughout the business which is a step towardsimprovement. Businesses can also review their competitor‟s web sites and get an idea of whatthey are doing to promote the health and wellness trend to create useful ideas on marketing.Reviewing a competitor‟s web site allows businesses to steal their competitor‟s ideas or add onto them to create an opportunity or product that will attract more customers to their business,instead of the competitors. What we were really interested in is going beyond that and lookingfor not so obvious examples. “The most important attribute for a business to stay ahead of thecompetition is to stay in a constant state of improvement by being able to for see changes beforechanges are necessary.” That alone will help any business stay ahead of the group. When weasked him to give me more specific examples he played off of the case study we presented himwith the MGM hotels in Las Vegas. That hotel only offered thirty of the “Stay Well” roomswhile the others were just average. “If you confuse the customer by offering this differentiator,you will make customers angry.” “These rooms are talking about someone‟s state of health, ifthe hotel is telling one customer that they could purchase a room to make them “live longer” andthey decide to offer a different customer an average room because they cannot afford to pay extraamount, the customer will feel like they are being locked in the „dungeon room‟”. Although thehotel is looking through the eyes of strategic planning, that is not the right way to go in Bernie‟sopinion. “All of the rooms need to be “Stay Well” rooms, not just a few”. When we turned theattention away from hotels, we brought up the fact that restaurants seem like they can only do somuch, which is basically give healthy options to customers. Bernie gave the example of arestaurant in a small town offering southern comfort food. The restaurant may be reluctant tochange their concept because that is what they stand for, and the customers may enjoy thatunhealthy southern comfort meal so what can a restaurant do to display a better quality of life?Bernie suggested that they could bring in a certified dietician and make a healthy option of thebeloved southern comfort cuisine. “By cutting the sodium, sugar, or calories and still being ableto make it taste the same, you are improving that customer‟s quality of life, and they may noteven realize it because it still tastes the same.” Health and wellness along with the overall qualityof life in the tourism industry can help guests stay on track while they are on a business orvacation trip. We believe that if such a large industry is focusing on a trend like this, it willmotivate individuals to improve their overall quality of life.Cassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales
  7. 7. University of Wisconsin - Stout 7 Trends Assessment: Quality of LifeReferences: 1. apply-to-the-hospitality-industry 2. mod=dist_smartbrief 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. programs 8. Interviewee Information: Bernie Mullen/ mullenb@my.uwstout.eduCassidy Capriglione, Jake Edeburn, Calvin CarpenterHospitality Marketing and Sales