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Woc women empowered to engage


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Women Empowered to Engage

The Women of Color in Technology STEM conference presents “Women Empowered to Engage,” a thought provoking talk centered around women of color who have successfully made a name for themselves in their respective fields. Join us as Alisa Harris leads the conversation with Alexandra Garr-Schultz, Liliana Ramirez, Philicia Pryor, and Leslie Andrews who share their experiences and advice on how to succeed in their careers while also balancing the trials of life.

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Woc women empowered to engage

  1. 1. Women Empowered to Engage
  2. 2. Alicia Harris Manager, Employment Strategies DTE Energy
  3. 3. Alexandra Garr-Schultz Doctoral Candidate Northwestern University Department of Psychology
  4. 4. Liliana Ramirez Global Director, Lean Manufacturing Ford Motor Company
  5. 5. • 1993 Romeo Engine • 2000 Chicago Stamping • 2016 Global Manager Ford Production System • 2017 Global Director Lean Manufacturing US Army Tank Automotive Command 1967 Colombia SA 1980 Michigan 1985 Wayne State University • 2007 NA Stamping Business Unit CI Manager • 2011 NA Manager Ford Production System • 2014 NA Learning & Development25 years August 2018!
  6. 6. Key Learnings • Take risks into the unknown • It is all about the human side of the business • You will fail – It’s about failing forward
  7. 7. Felecia J. Pryor Global Director, Personnel Organization & Planning FORD Motor Company
  8. 8. Leslie Graham Andrews CEO Leslie Andrews Consulting LLC