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Want a Security Clearance? This is what you need to know


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Learning Objective: Examine the process of achieving a U.S. security clearance

As you create your master plan for success, consider the variety of tools needed to gain a competitive edge in your industry. By familiarizing yourself with the extensive U.S. security clearance process, you can begin to prepare to access opportunities that help you excel. This seminar will guide you through the process of getting and keeping a U.S. security clearance. We will also explore the future and emerging career opportunities that require various clearance levels.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

a. Identify a series of career paths and associated tools to improve job marketability.
b. List a series of certification and association options.
c. Understand the security clearance process and associated misconceptions and mistakes.

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Want a Security Clearance? This is what you need to know

  1. 1. Want a Security Clearance? This is what you need to know
  2. 2. Introduction Collette Grabill Information Security Architect General Dynamics Presenter Doretta Boazzo Industrial Security Officer General Dynamics Corporation Panelist Emmet Eckman Director, Northrop Grumman Corporation Panelist
  3. 3. Agenda • What is a clearance • How to obtain one • Barriers to obtaining a clearance • Benefits of being cleared
  4. 4. What is a Clearance? • Established in 1965 • Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) • Processed personnel and industrial security • Determine eligibility to U.S. & foreign classified information • Army, Navy and Air Force access to classified information
  5. 5. Brief History Adapted from:
  6. 6. Obtaining One Individual is offered a position that requires a clearance and completes the e-QUIP Investigation Conducted Clearance Adjudicated & Granted The USG controls access. Not contractors.
  7. 7. Clearance Levels • Clearance Levels • C, S, TS • Caveats • SCI • Special Access (High Need-to-know) • SAP/SAR • Other Department Clearances • DoE, DHS • Polygraphs
  8. 8. Getting a Clearance • How do I get a clearance? • Buy one at an auction  • What is the process? • Complete SF 86 or E-QIP • Your whole life history • Truth!
  9. 9. Process breakdown E-QIP Personal Interview Agency Checks: FBI, CIA, DoD, INS etc. Inquiries: Credit, Schools, references, law enforcement Investigation reviewed Additional Investigation Investigation closed Results recorded and sent to Agency Adapted from OPM: Security Clearance 101
  10. 10. Eligibility / Barriers • Allegiance to the US • Foreign National Associations • Foreign Travel • Personal Conduct • Financial considerations • Drug & Alcohol consumption • Criminal Conduct • Emotional/mental disorders Adapted from OPM: Security Clearance 101
  11. 11. Social Media • Once you post it, it could last forever • Does it past the grandma test?  • Affiliated groups • Ever heard of think before you speak? • ? Before you Post
  12. 12. Decisions • Financially responsible • All the things you know you “should” do • Conversely …
  13. 13. Clearance Benefits • Cleared! Now what? • work on the hardest, most difficult problems the USG and our allies have. • ?self driving cars are hard, try autonomous landing of a UAV on an air craft carrier. • Interchangeable between agencies (sometimes)
  14. 14. NDA Forever • Non-disclosure agreement lifetime • Severe consequences • Chelsea Manning, Reality Winter, Snowden… Image from
  15. 15. Questions ?