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The Power Pyramid: Mastering Negotiating, Power, and Influence


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The Power Pyramid: Mastering Negotiating, Power, and Influence

The power pyramid may be the most important set of skills you have in your toolbox for success. Some people are excited when they hear the word power, while others cringe at the idea of it. Your feelings about this word are likely contributing to your professional confidence and your leadership effectiveness. Standing in a position of power alone is not enough; you need influence and negotiation skills to use your power effectively. There are several sources of power. Your task is to identify them, to be influential, understand the political angle, and negotiate your way to excellence. This workshop will help you learn to understand, rise above, and effectively use politics, influence, and negotiation skills to get things done.

Learning Outcomes: Increase capacity to negotiate, communicate, and develop associated core professional and leadership skills

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

a) Use praise, support, and team building as a strategy to gain influence and power
b) Identify ways to use, understand, and survive organizational politics
c) Explore practical strategies for successful negotiation
d) Examine individual negotiating and influencing styles

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The Power Pyramid: Mastering Negotiating, Power, and Influence

  1. 1. THE POWER PYRAMID Mastering Negotiating, Power, and Influence
  2. 2. How Did we get here?
  3. 3. Common Myths about the Pyramid
  4. 4. The Biggest Myth
  5. 5. Guiding Principles Vision…Goals…Strategy
  6. 6. Vision
  7. 7. Goals
  8. 8. Strategy
  9. 9. Secret to the Pyramid
  10. 10. Reset… Hitting the Reset Button.
  11. 11. Advice… to our younger self.
  12. 12. Massive Action Plan…What now?