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Payware sales-presentation-jun

  1. 1. PAYware MobileAccept payments with your iPhone™With confidence. July 2010
  2. 2. Discussion Topics • Partner Introduction • PAYware Mobile Solution Overview • PAYware Mobile Solution Details • Setup Process • PAYware Mobile Marketing Material • Questions & Answers
  3. 3. • Contact TASQ – – – 916.632.7600 / 800.827.8297
  4. 4. PAYware Mobile The Complete PaymentSolution For Small Businesses On-The-Go4
  5. 5. Wide Variety Of Small Businesses On-The-Go • Jewelry vendor • Handyman What Do All These Small • Architect Businesses Have In Common? • Art dealer Self employed • Carpenter Multi-taskers • Restaurant delivery Watch the bottom line • Electrician Juggle finances • Avon lady Crunched for time • Caterer • Personal trainer Early adopter • Music teacher Cash only • Interior designer Mobile • Pet Groomer iPhone user • Photographer 5
  6. 6. The Solution: PAYware Mobile Introducing PAYware Mobile from VeriFone, the proven leader in secure payments. Gives customers exactly what they want … a simple, secure way to pay with their credit cards. Just swipe, sign and email the receipt. It’s that easy. Now merchants will never miss a sale. 6
  7. 7. Savings There are lots of payments apps out there. But using an app alone without a card encryption sleeve can be costly. With a card-present solution, merchants can achieve considerable savings in transaction fees. • Save by avoiding “card-not-present” transaction fees • Save time and eliminate manual entry errors by swiping cards • Eliminates check handling fees • Improves cash flow • Simplifies cash management • Captures previously missed sales 7
  8. 8. Simplicity When merchants turn iPhone into a secure payment device, they’ll never miss another sale. Combine the robust payment app with a durable card encryption sleeve to create complete payment solution. • Quickly converts iPhone into a mobile payment device • Easily accept credit cards anywhere • Eliminates human error from manual entry • Easy navigation with a familiar interface • Streamlined ergonomic card encryption sleeve is custom fit for iPhone • Simple signature capture and instantly emailed receipts 8
  9. 9. Security Rely on the mobile solution developed based on years of expertise in payment security. Card data is encrypted from the moment a card is swiped so sensitive, unencrypted cardholder data never enters iPhone. • Never stores sensitive card data and significantly reduces merchants’ liability risks • PA-DSS approved for the highest security available • Compliant with all major card brands’ security standards • Signature capture provides verifiable proof of purchase • Real-time payments, hosted data center, monitoring 24/7 • Provides end-to-end security with VeriShield Protect 9
  10. 10. Solid Rely on the leader in secure payments when choosing your mobile payments solution. VeriFone’s innovation and continued support of its products are second to none. • Backed by 30 years of payment expertise • Unparalleled customer support • Marketing Support to help with selling efforts 10
  11. 11. Solution Details
  12. 12. Follow the Leader. Anywhere. Merchants now can accept payments everywhere with the complete solution from the company that defines payments. PAYware Mobile PAYware Mobile is an iPhone payment solution comprised of an app, card encryption sleeve, and gateway. Simply swipe a card, capture a signature, and ring up sales – with rock-solid security and reliability – wherever business happens. 12
  13. 13. VeriShield Protect EncryptionTrack data is encrypted at the mag-stripe reader via 128 bit AES that provides stronghardware based encryption. The algorithm reformats the data in a manner that the POSsystem perceives as unencrypted data. Data decrypted at PAYware Mobile Gateway (PAYware Connect)
  14. 14. Card Encryption Sleeve Easily slides on to and firmly attaches Card slot properly to iPhone 3G and designed for error- iPhone 3GS free card reads VeriShield Protect encryption head instantly encrypts Integrated capacitive cardholder information stylus extends normal consumer habits with signature capture LED indicator illuminates to indicate when it’s time to swipe Mini USB pass- through the credit card charging connects with any off-the-shelf mini USB charger 14
  15. 15. Application Details• Simple user interface: Maximum usability; order of prompting, menu design, user interface• View daily sales / transaction details and perform batch settlement remotely from iPhone• View transaction history via Security PIN Card Swipe Entry Email Receipt Signature Capture the app or via the gateway portal• Email receipts to customers with customized layouts and fields to highlight special promotions• Location with latitude and longitude points identifies transaction location to aid Application Settings End-to-end Encryption Transaction Details Transaction Log with dispute resolution 15
  16. 16. Easy to Use
  17. 17. Additional Options
  18. 18. PAYware Connect Gateway• Works in conjunction with VeriFone’s hosted gateway service, PAYware Connect• Manage entire estate of devices including countertop and iPhones• On demand sig capture and receipt retrieval• Enables merchants to efficiently manage their business with extensive reporting – such as transaction history, post settlement and transaction search• Lets account administrators activate, manage and even deactivate access from iPhones that are lost or stolen• Extensive search capabilities find specific transactions and gives robust summaries to enable quick and easy balancing 18
  19. 19. Merchant Console – Virtual Terminal
  20. 20. Merchant Console – Reporting
  21. 21. Merchant Console – Manage Messaging to CustomersTouch pointswith Merchantcustomers
  22. 22. Custom Emailed Receipts
  23. 23. Another Sample Receipt
  24. 24. Set up Process• Partner Steps for boarding a Merchant 1. Merchant is boarded at the processor (First Data, Global, TSYS, etc.) 2. Merchant Gateway Account is created by Partner (boarded on the gateway) 3. Activation email sent automatically to Merchant (with credentials)• Merchant Next Steps 1. Downloads the app from the Apple store 2. Clicks link from activation email to activate and login to the Merchant Console. 3. Register iPhone – Merchant settings (Self Registration)• Ready for Business!! Note: Best practice is to run a small ($1) transaction to ensure processing and settlement are correct prior to use.Optional steps include setting up other user information, settlement options, customizing the email receipt, and application settings.
  25. 25. Accept Card Payments Wherever Business Takes You Partner Can: • Attain previously unreachable merchants • Expand merchant base • Increase sales volumes • Reduce transaction fees Visit to learn more 26
  26. 26. Sales Materials and Training
  27. 27. PAYware Mobile Portal on VeriFone Zone • VeriFone Zone has a new page dedicated to all things PAYware Mobile • The new PAYware Mobile portal gives you access to selling tools, marketing materials, and customizable merchant leave-behinds • To access this new resource, go to and click on the PAYware Mobile Portal spotlight
  28. 28. PAYware Mobile Portal on VeriFone Zone • With just a few clicks you can download materials like the brand-new PAYware Mobile Interactive Tool Kit, vertical selling guides, flyers, data sheets and branding guidelines • To access this new resource, go to and click on the PAYware Mobile Portal spotlight
  29. 29. Vertical SIC Codes • If you need to classify verticals by the type of activity in which they are primarily engaged, you’ll find a list of SIC codes, as well as, detailed research in our sales kits on the Portal
  30. 30. Vertical Example • There are millions of small business on the go. With the steady introduction of new markets, VeriFone is able to provide you with extensive research and sales tools to keep your business competitive in the marketplace • On the Portal we listed several markets that are great candidates for PAYware Mobile. Check back often as new verticals are continuously being added Vertical flyer gives brief overview of selling markets Vertical selling guide is a detailed report of individual market segments
  31. 31. Customizable Merchant Sheet • Creates awareness of PAYware Mobile’s top features Your info here
  32. 32. Data Sheet and Merchant Sheet
  33. 33. Generic Die Cut • The generic die cut showcases the three key features of PAYware Mobile • Security • Solid hardware • Savings • Can be customized
  34. 34. ISO Tool Kit • PAYware Mobile ISO tool kit is comprehensive interactive sales guide containing everything you need to know to sell PAYware Mobile to your merchant.
  35. 35. Promotions • While you’re helping merchants improve their business, earn additional income for yourself • Until the end of August, VeriFone will pay you $100 for every three (3) new PAYware Mobile Merchants
  36. 36. • Contact TASQ – – – 916.632.7600 / 800.827.8297
  37. 37. Questions and Comments? Remember to