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How website used webinar - cp.key

  1. 1. Welcome to Industrial Interface’s Webinar Series: How do Engineers use your website? Presenters: Chris Powell, VP Sales Brian Jones, President Questions? email: or ask directly within the webinar window
  2. 2. Welcome to Industrial Interface’s Webinar Series: How do Engineers use your website? Today’s Discussion: 1) How to get more relevant traffic to your website 2) What to do to engage engineers once they get to your website 3) 5 Things that most technical supplier websites are missing
  3. 3. The Ghost of website past: Static, un-optimized websites
  4. 4. Static, un-optimized websites Content was created and forgotten Datasheets and downloads are outdated You look at your website and think that you need to have a better presence online Most small supplier websites
  5. 5. Summary Your website is just a Digital Brochure PRO - Customers can read about some of your products CON - Traffic is only coming when you refer someone to your site CON - Content is difficult to change with your business CON - Your website is not a resource, it is an anchor
  6. 6. The present status quo: Static, SEO friendly sites
  7. 7. Optimization Basics The 8 Must Haves: Say what you sell on your homepage Content (paragraphs should include keywords) Easy to Navigate MetaData: Page Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords H1 Tags (matching page titles) Internal links to through content (keyword anchor text) Related “alt” tag in images SEO friendly URLs
  8. 8. Summary Most suppliers just buy a website presence! PRO - You will generate traffic based on the content that you have written. PRO - You will have a well laid out website that is optimized for the pages you created CON - You will be reliant upon a third party for maintenance fees and edits/additions to the content on your website CON - Tracking your efforts can be difficult and futile because you can’t make changes anyway
  9. 9. The Future of Websites: Dynamic, SEO friendly sites
  10. 10. Creating a Lead Generation Machine Factors to consider when selecting a platform Price: Prices for a website platform can range from Free to hundred’s of dollars/month Content/Layout: Knowing what content/graphics you want and how you want them organized. Architect: Who’s doing the design work and actual programming? Some Options: Squarespace(visual layout and programming), Wordpress(Great SEO and extremely easy), Drupal(requires more difficult programming, but is used by, Volusion(shopping cart and shipping/billing features), Weebly, TypePad, Moveable Type
  11. 11. Tools for Tracking Tracking the success of your Machine Google Analytics ➡ Tracks hits, uniques, and other factors ➡ Ties into most of the platforms mentioned on the previous page Google Webmaster Tools ➡ Track all of the ways that your website is analyzed by google ➡ Examine the factors that determine your ranking Google Keyword Tools ➡ Track what related keywords people are searching for
  12. 12. Summary Content is King! Set your website up so that multiple people can create blog entries Have ability to easily add content to the different sections of your site Use SEO friendly platforms for all content added on top of an existing website
  13. 13. Creating content that resonates with engineers
  14. 14. Make website welcoming Engage your visitors Clean layout that is not busy Organized so that visitors know exactly what you do and can find information easily Have a clear call to action for your visitors.
  15. 15. Expertise What should you write about? Teach your visitors technical information about your products/ services. ➡ Tutorials, diagrams, and videos are great content Explain what differentiates you from your competitors ➡ Why should the engineer not take this knowledge and go find another supplier.
  16. 16. Calls to action What call to action best fits your page? Phone and Email on every page Contact Us Form Whitepaper/Datasheet download
  17. 17. Summary Engineers want to learn! Clearly define sections. Engineers like organization Start with basic content on your website and continue to educate. Engineers will come back to your website to learn more if they see you continually adding valuable content Mix up the mediums in which you present content. Keep your visitors on their toes by uploading videos, diagrams, whitepapers, and more
  18. 18. 5 Things that many supplier sites are missing
  19. 19. One A clear functional contact us form 21 supplier sites total (small, medium and large companies) 79% had contact us forms of those 79%: 0% asked if i wanted their newsletter 0% had a confirmation email 23% had websites or forms that were broken in some way 60% followed up with me from my form inquiry by phone or email -40% followed up by email -27% followed up by phone of those 60%: they averaged 37 hours to get back to me (2-119hrs) 13% followed up more than once forms: averaged 596w x 757h 90% were on white backgrounds 95% or more showed their company address and phone number on the page 33% or less displayed an email address or list of salespeople 95% or more asked for your name, email, phone, and your detailed question 61% asked for your address 38% or less asked for your title or country 10% had "other" fields (like specific product related questions)
  20. 20. Two Clear List of Phone numbers/contact info Data from same study: 100% had phone numbers, but only 33% listed an email address List contact information based on application/product type not by market segment. List people, not just a corporate number.
  21. 21. Three Have a guarantee How long will it take to receive a call back? 1 business day, 1 business week? Average company took 37hrs to get back to an engineer, big companies got back within a few hours, but small companies took as long as a week Communicate with your visitors once they contacted you
  22. 22. Four Get links to your site and link to others Link to resourceful sites like Wikipedia or non-profit/engineering organizations in your space Find tools for Engineers and link to the tools that you think are useful Solicit other website owners and ask for links back to your site. This includes your principals, colleagues who you work with, and other respected individuals in your market
  23. 23. Five Fresh Content Your presence online will grow Engineers will return and subscribe to your Newsletters/RSS Feeds You have a way to communicate new products, company growth/milestones, and new technologies
  24. 24. Summary Websites are living and breathing beings Must have quality content Optimized content for SEO Constantly be building
  25. 25. How Industrial Interface can help We are world’s biggest marketplace of engineering problems - built by engineers for engineers
  26. 26. Our website design services We set it up and you run your own website! Almost guaranteed that we will be less expensive than hiring a developer to do your website Our designs are simple, optimized, and will be a lead generation machine No contracts, no maintenance fees. We build the foundation for you to easily add content and bring traffic to your site
  27. 27. Questions Questions ??? Chris Powell Founder, Industrial Interface 619.850.0540 Promotion: $5k for a website, 6 filmed(professionally written) Case Studies, 6months of email marketing and lead management Please email me: **For a copy of the presentation **To schedule a one on one meeting **With individual questions