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Email marketing webinar - final - fullscreen


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This is the presentation that Chris Powell and Travis Leleu from Industrial Interface gave on November 5th, 2010. Please contact them with any questions.

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Email marketing webinar - final - fullscreen

  1. 1. Welcome to Industrial Interface’s Webinar Series: Email Marketing to Engineers Presenters: Chris Powell, VP Sales Travis Leleu, VP Technology Questions? email: or ask directly within the webinar window
  2. 2. Welcome to Industrial Interface’s Webinar Series: Email Marketing to Engineers Today’s Discussion: 1) How to get more business out of your contact database with minimal effort 2) Best practices and tips for email marketing specifically to ENGINEERS 3) How Industrial Interface can help
  3. 3. Why run an Email Marketing Campaign to engineers?
  4. 4. Your current contact database is valuable 10-20% are current customers (made purchase within previous 18 months) 80-90% are decision makers who have likely forgotten about the products and services you offer Many customers do not know all of the products and services you offer Problems Email Marketing Can Solve
  5. 5. Summary Your Sales Team is wasting valuable time Site visits cost approx. $600 per visit (*according to large adhesive OEM) Sales representatives waste time cold calling prospective engineers Timing is critical - engineers need to be kept informed of your products and services
  6. 6. Results of Email Marketing to engineers
  7. 7. Benefits Increase awareness of your products and services Contacts have better understanding of what your company has to offer Contacts begin to understand what differentiates you from competitors Keep your contacts engaged Contacts treat you as a resource instead of an order taker You receive inquiries from your contacts soliciting your help
  8. 8. Summary Your Sales Team can focus on low hanging fruit Small customers turn into big customers More sales calls turn into success
  9. 9. Best practices for Email Marketing to engineers
  10. 10. Sending a message Factors to consider for selecting an Email Client Price: Prices for sending emails can range from $0.10 per contact down to less than $0.01 per contact Deliverability: In today’s SPAM filled world, you must follow best practices to reach someone’s inbox Analytics: How will you measure the effectiveness of your emails? Some Options: Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Emma Full Email Service Providers: Return Path, Pivotal Veracity
  11. 11. Getting into the inbox Deliverability Best Practices Reputation management is the #1 factor in getting your email into the inbox ➡ this includes managing blacklist avoidance, feedback loops, unsubscribes Infrastructure and Authentication ➡ Sender ID, SPF, etc. Avoid content that appears spammy or suspicious
  12. 12. Finding your voice How do I get my target customers to take a desired action from my email marketing campaign? Have a clear, relevant subject line Make the body message clear and concise Have a clear call to action Keep it professional
  13. 13. Improving your emails Try new things... Change subject lines Change message Change call to action TRACK EVERYTHING! ➡case studies show that this type of A/B testing can increase sales by 15% to over 100%
  14. 14. So they got your email... Now what? Track Technical Effectiveness Basic email list information -- how many people opened, unsubscribed, marked as spam, replied, etc. Track Business Effectiveness Tie key metric or call to action to your bottom line Branding Great emails build goodwill and enhance your business’s reputation
  15. 15. Summary An effective email campaign... Follows best practices to ensure inbox delivery Has relevant and interesting content Clearly states a call to action Helps you gain new business and build your brand
  16. 16. Creating content that resonates with engineers
  17. 17. Content DONT’s What shouldn’t you write about? DON’T send new product technical data sheets and information. It is likely not in context to the project your contacts are working on right now, and thus gets lost or discarded. DON’T send generic marketing information about your company’s history, employees, or list of products and services. This is too much info from 30,000 ft.
  18. 18. Content DO’s What should you write about? DO send case studies about engineering applications Combine a technical problem, information about the solution, and how your company provided value DO send info about promotions and contests Engineers like free stuff, and to prove they are smarter than other people Use sporadically to not dilute value
  19. 19. Voice Write emails with a technical twist Be technical, but not so technical that it scares people away Describe everything so that a technical person with no prior knowledge of the subject would find the case study informative and interesting
  20. 20. Layout Choosing a template and flow Clearly define sections. Engineers like organization Pretend that you are a teacher introducing a new technical concept to your contacts. Start general and then get specific Ask leading questions that keep people thinking and make the reader feel smart Make sure that the contact looks clean. Aesthetics are as important as content.
  21. 21. Action Item Decide on one desired call to action Engineers like to draw their own conclusions and are natural skeptics. Try to avoid making them feel as though they are being sold by not directly telling them what action to take. Make the desired call to action visually stand out and use subtle messaging to drive them towards it Example: Label button with the same phrase that you write in a paragraph above. Make the button bigger and brighter than everything else on the page.
  22. 22. Summary Have a clear plan with each email campaign Aesthetics get the reader started and engaged Content keeps them reading and eager to learn more Clear action item begins the conversion into a successful sale
  23. 23. Summary Have a clear plan with each email campaign The best way to track the success of email marketing efforts is by closely monitoring frequency of your desired call to action Write for your audience and know what they are interested in
  24. 24. How Industrial Interface can help We are world’s biggest marketplace of engineering problems - built by engineers for engineers
  25. 25. Simple With Industrial Interface.... You won’t have to learn new software. You write the case study, our technical writers review it, then we deliver it to your contacts. We did the research and A/B testing for you. No need to test types of subjects, length, content, html vs. text, etc. Monthly reports and analytics of successes. We provide data including: bounce, unsubscribe, open, success rate of calls to action, phone calls and much more. Other things we can help with: ➡ Providing additional contacts for your email marketing ➡ Video recording and editing of case studies
  26. 26. Case Study Example Easy to fill out template Tested and Optimized Desired action item is to click on green button which integrates with Industrial Interface’s lead management software
  27. 27. Premium Supplier Benefits Leads Management for all your Technical Sales Projects: Organize your leads within your private account on Industrial Interface Easily share leads with your principals and sales team
  28. 28. Summary Industrial Interface will jump start your Email Marketing efforts and provide additional value to your company Our solution is complete We guarantee results over a 6 month program Our cost is comparable to doing this on your own, but your time commitment is considerably less and you get the added bonus of our lead management software and expertise
  29. 29. Questions Questions ??? Chris Powell Founder, Industrial Interface 619.850.0540 Next Webinar: What to do with your content now? How to use Social Media to gain new Engineering customers Please email me: **For a copy of the presentation **To schedule a one on one meeting **With individual questions
  30. 30. Customer Transparency and Priority viewing of projects As your contacts post projects, we notify you and send you links to pages like this(displaying contact info). Premium Supplier Benefits
  31. 31. Premium Supplier Benefits Unlimited leads within Industrial Interface’s Open Marketplace Ability to view all projects within Industrial Interface. New customers with live business opportunities.