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The Herald (vol38 no3 Sept-Oct 2012


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Published in: Spiritual
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The Herald (vol38 no3 Sept-Oct 2012

  1. 1. HERALDCHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK, TORONTO, CANADA VOLUME 38, NUMBER 3Roof repair...the organ is now safe for another 100 or so years. Details, page 7
  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Kevin’s HERALD Corner HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Dear friends, Tel: 416.920.5211 Fax: 416.920.8400 WE USUALLY CELEBRATE the beginning of a new year on January 1. Within church circles, we may even regard the First Sunday of Advent as New Year’s Day, as we We welcome your submissions. turn the page of the liturgical calendar. But for most of us, the most poignant new E-mail: beginning of each year is Labour Day. As September arrives, we leave behind the or the editor (e-mail below). lazy days of summer, and re-engage the busyness of work, school, meetings and PARISH CLERGY programs. We set our sights on the future, and the activities which lie ahead. Rector The Rev. Kevin Robertson In our own parish, the clergy, churchwardens and staff have also been preparing for Associate Priest new programs and initiatives this fall. You can read more about these within the The Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon pages of this newsletter – Christian education series, “Faith in Film” nights, YAL Assistant Curate breakfasts, Promiseland events, and musical performances. But I also want to tell The Rev. Julie Meakin you about some conversations which have been taking place at the Corporation Honorary Assistants The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater level this summer. Since late June, the clergy and churchwardens have been reading The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, and discussing two books which deal with some exciting possibilities for our church Ecumenical Partner community. The titles are “The Practicing Congregation” and “Christianity for the Organist & Director of Music Rest of Us”, by the American Episcopal author Diana Butler Bass. In her books Eric Robertson (available at the Anglican Book Centre), she casts a vision for the future of liberal Director of Children’s Education mainline Christianity. Using ten “healthy” congregations from a variety of mainline Hilary Keachie denominations, she observed and studied the elements that contributed to the CORPORATION vibrancy of each community. From her research, she recognized ten distinct signposts Rector’s Warden (Property) Walter Blackwell for renewal. Some of these signposts are easily recognizable here at Christ Church People’s Warden (Finance) Deer Park, while others may not be. Our hope is to engage the entire parish in this Robert Morrow process of renewal, as we rediscover who we are and who we are called to be. The Deputy Warden (Human Resources) Carolyn Kearns Corporation is currently developing a plan to bring this conversation to the parish Member-at-Large (Parish Forum) this fall. Stay tuned to the Sunday bulletin and the website for more details. Genevieve Chornenki For those of you who have been away at the cottage for the summer, you will see EDITORIAL COMMITTEE some new faces at the front of the church when you return. In July, we welcomed Editor Joyce Hamilton ( new clergy to our ministry team. The Reverend Canon Douglas Graydon joins us Members as our Associate Priest (part-time), and the Reverend Julie Meakin as our new Henry Zaluski, Assistant Curate. Douglas will be primarily responsible for areas of Christian Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, education and pastoral care, while Julie will be involved in all levels of parish Peter Curzon, Kate Rieger ministry as she grows into ordained ministry. Julie became a deacon in May, and Webmaster Brian Dench will eventually be ordained to the priesthood. We welcome Douglas and Julie, PARISH STAFF and are grateful for the gifts that they bring to this community. Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant Finally, I want to share once again the amazing results of the recent “Our Faith – Jean King Our Hope: Re-Imagine Church” campaign. Through the spring and early summer, Sexton Denis Delisle we asked all parishioners to support this initiative, which will strengthen our own parish, and also support the wider Church. You responded with amazing generosity! Our goal was $705,000, but we far surpassed that by reaching over $850,000. A significant amount will be returned to the parish for our own needs; the remainder 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012is available to us, by application, for new and innovative made by the surrounding culture in the early days of theministries and “fresh expressions” of church. Thank you to Church. In my short time here I have already seen this inall those who supported this campaign, and special thanks to abundance – how you care for one another in many andco-chairs David Moore and Bob Hutchison, and the mem- often quiet ways. I know that this care extends to thosebers of the Campaign Executive Committee. in the community as well, as seen in the church’s many outreach ministries. In the early church this care for oneThis is a very exciting time in the life of our parish. We are another attracted many people to this strange group of peo-setting a vision for the future, and putting in place the ple who sang, ate, prayed, read Scripture, and worshippedresources to support that vision, and God has blessed us together. I am fortunate to have the guidance and directionabundantly. In this new year, let us rise to the challenges not only of Kevin, but also of Canon Douglas Graydon inand opportunities which lie ahead, and renew ourselves in the important work of pastoral ministry.service to God and to one another. I have deep roots in the church. My grandfather and uncleYours faithfully, served in the Ottawa Diocese, and my uncle was in charge of Canterbury House (like Anglican Book Centre) for many years. My mother is celebrating her 25th year ofThe Reverend Kevin Robertson, Rector ordination to the priesthood which included seven years as Chaplain at Bishop Strachan School. My father is a retired high school history teacher and my A Minute with sister is an English Professor at University of South Florida. My husband Giorgio works at Princess Margaret Hospital Deacon Meakin and I am so grateful for his loving support. I come to the ministry having taught English as a Second Language at Thornlea Secondary School for 22 years and so am looking forward to working with Hilary Keachie and the young people of the parish very much!JUST OVER TWO MONTHS HAVE PASSED since I started here I also come with an interest in prayer and your Assistant Curate, and I feel very blessed to be a ”Spiritual practices” has become a common phrase in ourpart of Christ Church Deer Park. During this time I have culture, but not usually with reference to Christianity! Ourpreached, coordinated Prayers of the People, led a Morning Christian tradition is rich in spiritual practices and I hopePrayer service, visited parishioners, worked with the Art to explore some of these with you in the coming months.and Spirituality Committee, and been involved in exciting As I sit here in my office I see many people walking by –discussions about church renewal with Kevin and the people who long to know that someone cares about them,wardens. I want to thank each and every one of you for people who seek healing, people who seek meaning in life,your warm welcome and for your patience with me as I people carrying burdens of many kinds...people who“learn the ropes” with regard to Sunday services and parish hunger for “good news.” The banners that hang on thelife. Thank you to Jean King for helping me get settled, front of the church convey a vital message – there’s lifeand a special thank you to Kevin for his encouragement here, and that is true because the Spirit of Christ lives inand support as I begin this new and exciting phase of our hearts. May we come to know and appreciate moreministry. and more deeply this great treasure of Christian life andThe word “curate” comes from the Medieval Latin cūrātus faith. May people be drawn to this place where there ismeaning “one responsible for the care/cure of souls. Later compassion, joy, and fullness of 16th century England it came to mean an assistant to a I look forward to getting to know you and hope thatparish priest. The responsibility for the “care of souls” is a you will feel welcome to pop by my office or contact mehigh calling and I consider it a tremendous privilege to be anytime.part of people’s lives -whether this involves rejoicing, grieving,or all the states we experience as human beings. This is Cheers!the wonderful thing about Christian community, that weshare our life’s journey together as a pilgrim people. “Seehow they love one another” was one of the observations The Reverend Julie Meakin, Assistant Curate 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 lead worship and take action in our community. It’s also a whole lot of fun! Bible Lunch & Learn: 3rd Sunday of the month, 11:30-1pm (Fall dates:: Sept. 16th, Oct. 21st, Nov. 18th, Dec. 16th} Movies & Socials: 1st Friday of the month (evening) (Fall dates:: Sept. 7th, Oct. 5th, Nov. 2nd, Dec. 7th) Community action: dates to be determined.HAPPY SEPTEMBER! As you can see, there’s lots going on and lots to lookIT SURE IS HARD TO BELIEVE that summer is drawing to a forward to. And I for one, can’t wait to get started!close. It seems like just yesterday we were blowing bubblesand drawing with chalk at our June BBQ! To ease the Hilary Keachie, Director of Children’s Educationtransition into fall (and maybe even garner a wee bit ofexcitement), we have lots of interesting and fun eventsplanned for the kids and youth of Christ Church Deer Park.Since September feels like, and often really is, a newbeginning for so many of us, the kids of PromiseLand willembark on their own journey to the beginning. Thebeginning of the Bible that is. We will spend the monthof September exploring the Book of Genesis. There aresuch great stories, characters and lessons and what bettertime to read and learn about the beginning of our HolyBook. We will focus specifically on the family relationshipsand sibling dynamics of a pair of twins, two sisters and 12 Thebrothers. Can you guess who those will be? Bonus pointsif you can name all 12 brothers :) BlessingIn September we will also celebrate our furry (and scaly)friends! On Saturday September 22nd, CCDP will hostour annual Blessing of the Animals service. It’s a really fun ofand meaningful service for the whole family and a greatopportunity to meet each other’s pets!! AnimalsIn October, the kids of PromiseLand will learn about 3 Saturday, September 22famous Saints, all of whom had very interesting and 10:30amunusual lives (and deaths for that matter). We will startwith St. George and his dramatic slaying of the dragon and On the side lawn.then move on to St. Catherine and St. Luke. Throughoutthe unit, we will play games, make crafts and sing songs Bring your furry or scaly familyto illuminate the lives of these important figures in our pet for a blessng...Christian history. This exploration will aim to give the Followed by a background for All Saints Day and maybe also somecostume ideas for the November 4th intergenerational Everyone is Welcome!service!Young Anglican Leaders (YAL) will start up again in Bring your friendsSeptember for youth ages 12 to 15 years old. This is an and neighbours.opportunity to hang out with teens, talk about the Bible, 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 access further funds to finance other initiatives that are A Word from within the goals of the campaign. These funds will assist CCDP with its goals of keeping our parish strong, continuing the Wardens to teach our faith, and reaching out to those in need. Thank you for your generous participation! Growing the parish has been a top priority identified during the past few years. Corporation has met almost weekly during the summer to begin a process for “Planning for Growth” at CCDP. At the suggestion of Susan GrahamTHERE HAVE BEEN NO SUMMER DOLDRUMS at Christ Walker, we started by reading two books by Diana ButlerChurch Deer Park. Bass, “The Practicing Congregation” and “Christianity for the Rest of Us”. This exercise led to an in-depth discussionFirst came all the changes with our clergy. We bid a of her “Ten Signposts of Renewal”, which cover many areasheartfelt farewell to Samantha on May 27 and many including worship, welcoming, teaching, spirituality andparishioners from CCDP attended her “Celebration of outreach. We then made a very preliminary list of initiativesNew Ministry” at St. John’s, West Toronto on June 17. to support these signposts. In the fall, we will discuss howIt was a joyous occasion and we know Samantha will do best to get the broader CCDP community involved in thisgreat things at her new parish. In the beginning of July renewal process, to ensure that the parish will be strong andwe had the pleasure of welcoming back Douglas Graydon able to fulfill its mission in the our Associate Priest and introducing Julie Meakin as ournew Assistant Curate. Under the strong leadership of our We look forward to a busy autumn!Rector, Kevin Robertson, we have a great team guiding Walter Blackwell Rob Morrow Carolyn Kearnsus here at CCDP. Rector’s Warden People’s Warden Deputy WardenOur finances as of July 31 are more or less on budget. Genevieve ChornenkiRevenue is slightly above and expenses are slightly below Member-at-Largebudget. There has been a significant move to credit cardand pre-authorized payments which noticeably hassmoothed our summer cash flow situation. If parishionersmaintain their givings during the rest of 2012, we shouldachieve our goal of having another deficit free year. Looking forThe roof contractor, Roof Tile Management, has completed an Interestingthe repairs of the vulnerable areas over the west slopes of Day Trip?the transept roofs and along the east edge of Elliott Hall.It is the opinion of the Property Committee that this work The St. Andrew’s Group has an interesting and eclectichas been well done in a timely manner. As well, the work schedule lined up, organized through Seniors Carefreewas completed within budget. As expected, the Building Travel.Fund is now almost depleted and Corporation will beconsidering proposals for the replenishment of these funds September 18 Pirates of Penzance (Stratford Festival)on an annual basis to ensure that our property is well December 4 Cathedral of Christ the King (tour andmaintained in the future. organ recital) & Dundurn CastleOn another positive financial note, CCDP has completed (Victorian Christmas Decorations andfundraising for the Diocesan “Our Faith – Our Hope: Re- lunch at Mandarin restaurant) - HamiltonImagine Church” campaign. Currently we have raised about125% of our assigned goal of $705,000 and donations are If interested, please call Mary Belanger - 416-487-2511still coming in. The generosity of our parishioners has been for details, or speak to her on Tuesdays when the St.amazing and is most encouraging. Close to $400,000 will Andrew’s group gathers (in Elliott Hall, between 10am -be returned directly to CCDP over the next few years to 1pm).fund initiatives outlined in our Parish Case Statement. Inaddition, CCDP has the opportunity to make proposals to 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Outreach Doug’s DiscourseOUR OUTREACH PROGRAMS are in place and running well: IT IS SUCH A PLEASURE FOR ME to return to Christ Church Deer Park. I was very happy to accept Reverend KevinThe Saturday Morning Breakfast program starts again on Robertson’s invitation to join the CCDP staff and I lookSeptember 15th and continues through to June 2013, on forward to many opportunities of reacquainting friend-every second Saturday. ships and relationships as the fall unfolds.The Churches on-the-Hill (COTH) Food Bank takes In conversations with Kevin, it is our hope that I canplace in Timothy Eaton and is supported by our Parish explore the possibility of developing a pastoral care programwith cash from our Outreach budget and our generous within the parish. Such a program would embrace thedonors, food from the neighbourhood food drive and food time honoured ministries of healing within our faith whichdonations through Promiseland and our parishioners. include pastoral visiting, lay anointing and prayer. BeginningFaithworks – We will plan a Faithworks Sunday later in sometime after Thanksgiving, a series of discussion groupsthe year in order to continue our support of the Toronto will be scheduled after Sunday services exploring the variousUrban Native Ministry and their other good works. dimensions of healing ministries. From such conversationsClassroom Feeding Project – We are assisting Drew it is my hope to facilitate a small group of parishionersBuckingham, a teacher in the Jane Finch area, with money who wish to be part of a healing ministries program atto provide breakfast for his pupils who arrive at school with CCDP. Announcements will be forthcoming.empty stomachs. This is making such a difference with the Another area of my work will be adult education. It is mychildren’s ability to learn. hope that together, Kevin, Julie and I can facilitate anThe Malawi Prenatal and AIDs dietary feeding program engaging series of discussion groups and learning opportu-is going well. We are due to send another $5000 soon so nities over the coming year. One of my fondest memoriesthat this program will continue. We also plan and hope to of CCDP was the engaging programs of learning Samanthasend some of our young people to Africa in August 2013. Caravan and Tom Greene offered CCDP during Advent and Lent. I look forward to being part of such programmingCooking Class – It was a great success for 10 people, again.whose fees more than covered all the expenses and theywere pleased to donate the surplus to the Malawi Fund. If I have always believed that, for me, the most satisfyingthere is enough interest, the volunteers would be delighted ministry occurs when it happens in partnership with have another program this year. I believe deeply that faith flourishes when it is a shared ministry embedded and nurtured within a community ofWe will have an Outreach meeting on Thursday, believers. I witness this belief every time we worship orSeptember 13th, 6:00 - 7:00pm in the Board Room,and gather to learn about our faith together. I believe Christ iswould welcome anyone who has an interest in outreach made manifest amongst us every time we minister to theand/or has an idea for an outreach project that we can needs of others together as a community of believers.implement at CCDP. I have enjoyed my summer with you and look forward toPlease call me: being part of CCDP once again.JR Thornton416 489 6740 The Reverend Canon Douglas Graydon, Associate Priest 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Repair the slate roof along the East Slope of Elliott Hall, Property at the junction between the eves troughs and the dog house mechanical unit Report In addition, some recently completed summer property repairs consisted of the following: The Basement Washrooms just outside the Community Hall were paintedTHE CCDP PROPERTY COMMITTEE has been very busy The Elevator was serviced with the installation of a newthe last few months supervising several Church property pressure sensor as required by the Technical Standardsprojects. The committee is please to announce that the and Safety Authority (TSSA)new slate roof is now installed. The entire slate roof All Washrooms received some minor retrofit plumbingproject was completed in just over four weeks this past repairsJune, and addresses many water leak problems of the last Several Exterior Doors were cleaned and varnishedseveral years. Total project cost was $ 79,000 plus tax. Special thank-you is extended to CCDP PropertyAfter a comprehensive review of three commercial roof Committee members Jean King, Arthur Huycke andquotations, Roof Tile Management was selected to com- Walter Blackwell for their conscientious research, andplete this roof project. Roof Tile Management specializes continuous hard work regarding the slate roof slate roof repairs and replacement for heritage buildings. Don DorityThe following work was conducted: Chair,. CCDP Property CommitteeInstall a new slate roof on the North West Transept andNave of the Church, and the South West Transept andNave of the Church (Note: These two critical areas aredirectly above the CCDP organ, and because of the roof A, this area has the greatest accumulation of ice and The window through which we look...snow in the winter months) A young couple moved into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they were eating breakfast,the young woman saw her neighbor hanging the wash outside. ‘That laundry is not very clean,” she said. “She doesn’t know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap.” Her husband looked on, but remained silent. Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would make the same comments. About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband, “Look, she has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this.” The husband said ”I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.” And so it is with life. What we see when watching others depends on the window through which we look. 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 the aphorism “One is nearer to God in a garden than Social Matters anywhere else on Earth.” We are invited, then, to shape a life-enhancing culture that will care for Earth. 2012 is also the International Year of Sustainable Energy for all. What would abundant, affordable, safe, enduring energy look like? The sun ensures an inexhaustible supply. Wind, solar, hydro, geo-thermal, bio- mass: energy for all peoples everywhere, if human ingenuityTIME FOR CREATION persists in finding the way. And there is growing urgencyTHE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES has called for the that we take action to meet our needs by non-CO2 pollutingperiod September 1 to October 4 to be observed as a Time means, as we inescapably face the climate crisis nowfor Creation. There’s a background to this ecumenical call. manifest in hotter summers and violent weather. A cleaner,Years ago in 1989 the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch greener, and more just world depends on all of us. Theproclaimed September 1 as a day of prayer for the environ- Earth is our common neighbourhood and taking collectivement. That calendar day marks the start of the Orthodox action through our governments is our responsibility. IChurch year, which begins with a commemoration of how think we need to pray: “Create in us a new heart and a newGod created the world. October 4 is the day when Western vision so that through your spirit we may renew the face ofChristians remember Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the Earth.”animals and author of the Canticle of Creatures. Phyllis Creighton“O God, give us your love for the whole of Creation,” isthe heartfelt response of the intercessory prayers offered forthis period by the WCC, on its website. If you want tolook it up, click on: Fashions for in support ofclimate-justice/time-for-creation.htmlThe marvellous diversity of Earth reflects the wonder “From Tents to Schools”and greatness of God. The abundance of God’s gifts inCreation calls us to be generous and to share our bounty ON A WARM NIGHT IN JUNE, a lively crowd gathered inwith those left out in our unequal and unjust world. The the Arthur Smith Room amd Elliott Hall to enjoy alldependence of all life on that abundance tells us to take things, drink, music and a fashion show.only what we need and to use what we take so that future It was a wonderful collaboration between CCDP andgenerations in the web of life can still enjoy Creation’s the Haitian community. Spotted assisting in the kitchenblessings. We need to understand imaginatively the meaning were Pearl Cooke and Maxine Henry. Dr. Pierre, Consulof living on “our fragile island home,” as the Book of General of Haiti, a;so brought us up to date on schoolAlternative Services puts it. building progress since the devastating earthquake.We depend on Earth for our flourishing, and we are thethinking part of the myriad of life God delighted in creating.In the great Creation story, God is the gardener whoestablished Eden, made Adam – humankind – and told usto care for it. What must a gardener do? You need a plan,and it must be practical: you have to take account ofconditions – light, water, drainage, the soil, minerals, andmeans to nurture growth. You must supply imagination, apractical sense of what is possible and of limits, hard work,the will to prune and to acknowledge mistakes, hope, andpatience. But most of all you need the faith to trust in themiracle of life and to wait, the love of beauty, and the senseof wonder at the miracle of growth. Ponder the truth in 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 FALL RUMMAGE SALE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13 9:00am - 12:30pm #10-71 Lillian Sarafinchan MARK THE DATE IN YOUR CALENDARS NOW for the best sale in the city...tell your The Gallery In the Arthur Smith Room friends and neighbours too. And...there is still time to drop off your Life’s Energy gently used and no longer needed items: Paintings by Men’s. women’s and childrens clothing, Lillian Sarafinchan (meet the artist on Sunday, September 9) Treasures, jewllery, toys and games. We invite you to view this Exhibition Sunday, September 9 - Sunday, October 16 Questions? Want to help? Talk to Maxine Henry, Chair 416-590-1008 PARISH REGISTER Baptism Charlotte Eliza Margaret Munro Adrian Nicolas Taylor Belan Aleksandra Matilda Bisiker Oscar Philipps Bisiker Spencer Elliott Lee Christ Church Deer Park In Memorium and Janet Digby Zimmerman Nine Sparrows Art Foundation William Gordon Francis present Edward Cartwright Cayley A Concert of Remembrance Friday, November 9 7:30 pm A concert of readings amd music feasturing The Choir of Christ Church Deer Park Brendan Cassin, trumpet, Lark Popov, piano, and the young, award-winning Canadian baritone, Geoffrey Sirett 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 From the Organ Bench THE CHRIST CHURCH 2012/13 CHORAL SEASON officially begins on JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popular September 13th at 6:30pm with the service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our city resumption of our weekly choir and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s practices with the full choir being finest jazz musicians! back in church on September 16th. Sept. 9 Mike Murley, saxophone In addition to singing for us every David Occhipinti, guitar Sunday, our choir will also be taking part in several special musical events Sept. 23 Tribute to Cannonball Adderley this fall. Brian Barlow QuintetThe first of these events takes place on November 9th at Oct. 14 Bob Brough Quartet7:30pm, when Christ Church and Nine Sparrows Arts Adrean Farrugia, piano;Foundation will present “A Concert of Remembrance”. Artie Roth, bass; Terry Clarke, drums;Along with the CCDP choir, this concert of readings and Bob Brough, saxophonesmusic will feature Brendan Cassin (trumpet), Lark Popov Oct. 28 Joe Sealy, piano(piano), and the young award-winning Canadian baritone, Paul Novotny. bassGeoffrey Sirett. For further information about “A Concert ofRemembrance”, please visit the Nine Sparrows ArtsFoundation website at: www.9sparrowsarts.orgIn addition, the CCDP choir will once again this year beparticipating in the annual televised City Carol Sing held atYorkminster Park Baptist Church. This year’s concert,presented in co-operation with Citytv, will be taking placeon Saturday, December 15th beginning at 2pm with proceedsfrom the concert being donated to the Churches-on-the-HillFood Bank.The musical year ahead will also include our free weeklyrecital series, Lunchtime Chamber Music. The first recitalof the autumn portion of the series will be performed byTrio Kokopelli (Alhelí Pimienta Barajas, flute and alto flute;Catherine Gray, viola; Ko-Ni Choi, harp) and will take place Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, buton Thursday, October 4 beginning at 12:10pm. want to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been hereIn closing, I’d like to thank the Christ Church Summer a while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share?Singers for their weekly musical contribution every Sundayduring July and August and to welcome back to the rest ofour choristers who have returned after their summer break. Join us! THERE’S LIFE HERE in what we do, how we get togetherIf you’re interested in joining the choir or finding out more and what gets done.about the Christ Church music program, please contact methrough the Music page of the CCDP website. New members are always welcome to join any group at CCDP...choose one that interests you.Eric N. Robertson, Organist & Director of Music 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Welcome to the Christmas Book Club We invite all those who enjoy reading books to come to our meetings at 7:30 pm in the Arthur Smith Room Fair Saturday, December 1 Wednesday, September 26 THERE IS STILL ENOUGH TIME and so many ways We will be discussing books that each of us chose to that you can help us get ready for the Christmas read during the summer. Fair. We will also choose the book (to be announced later) Love to knit? Pick up a Christmas tree decoration for the October 31st meeing pattern from from Emily Chatten. The date for the November meeting Enjoy sewing and crafts? Here are some ideas for will be confirmed in due course. small projects to keep you busy on a rainy day: Advent Calendar; felt Christmas decorations; Join us Christmas tree skirts; Christmas baby bibs; stuffed for lively conversation, refreshments and wine, animals; finger puppets; pin cushions; cat & dog or your own choice of beverage. toys. For information, call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 Doing some end-of-summer cleaning? We need 4- ply yarn, Christmas fabric, ribbon, flowerpots and vases to be used for Christmas flower arrangements. If you have any craft questions for the Christmas Fair, please call Emily Chatten at 416-792-8108, Start planning your tables now for email: or speak to her after the ever-popular any service. Stay tuned for upcoming craft evenings and after- Bridge Luncheon experience necessary. Watch for details in upcoming bulletins. Monday, November 2 Tickets, $25/person For tickets or further details Nancy Pickering 416-781-8698 Thanks for supporting the Christmas Fair! Barbara Johnston & Debbie Wilkinson, Co-chairsVolunteers Needed!TAKE A TURN at the Holy Grounds Café...with a friend, asa’s fun and your efforts are always appreciated.Please sign up on the sheet just inside the kitchen or speak Remember to check our website forto Jane Miles Simpson. updates on these and other events. 11 / HERALD
  12. 12. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Faith & Film Festival Season 7 JOIN US AGAIN in the Arthur Smith Room on Tuesday evenings for an entertaining, thought-provoking film, Hark! Consider advertising followed by style refreshments served. Free admission...all are welcome. (Donations to help in the HERALD. defray costs are gratefully accepted) HERALD is published 6 times per year; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec: Jan/Feb: April/May: June/July. Ad rates areTuesday, September 18 - 7pm very reasonable...we can even design your ad if required.Elizabeth (1998) And... since the HERALD is posted in full to our websitedir. Shekhar Kapur, 124 min. your advertisements will also get This beautifully detailed film exposure on the internet. follows the rise to power of For details and rates contact Elisabeth Lundar in the Elizabeth 1. The main focus Parish Office. is the endless attempts by her council to marry her off, the Catholic hatred of her and her romance with Lord Robert HERALD Deadline for the next HERALD is November 7 Dudley. Some called her the “heretic Queen” because of the DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a feature ascendancy of the Church of on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory? England during her reign. An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy or to the Editor. Articles and announcements may be submitted at anyTuesday, October 16 - 7pm time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in theI’ve Loved You So Long (2008) Atrium or e-mail the editor at y a Longtemps que je t’aime)Dir. Phillipe Claudel, 115 min. A woman, recently released from prison after a long term, struggles to reconnect and interact with Living Well Family Chiropractic Optimizing your health and well-being naturally her family and find a place in society. Dr. Andrea Perricone (French, with subtitles) Chiropractor & Acupuncture provider 1366 Yonge St. Suite 208 (416) 985-1911 Hosted by the Learning (south of St. Clair at Balmoral) Ministry 12 / HERALD
  13. 13. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Robert O’Reilly Executive Director 7B Pleasant Blvd., Box 1053 Toronto, Ontario M4T 1K2 Tel: 416 923-3779 Fax: 416 923-0083 1-800-883-7761 Need a friendly hand to help you with some of the practical tasks of everyday life, such as • errands • shopping • banking • medical appointments? Call on Family owned and operated With a dedicated team of the finest directors in the profession, the Crawford family continues the tradition of serving the community of North Toronto. At-Home Help • Burial & Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception & children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 Lorna W. Lang 416-489-8733 (416) 932-2599 13 / HERALD