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Forum Nov 2013 2 Let Our Lights Shine

  1. 1. Christ Church Deer Park - "Let our Lights Shine" November 3rd, 2013 Background/Description of Initiative The following initiative has been approved by the CCDP allocations and management committee, with an annual budget of $10,000 to be provisionally re-confirmed on an annual basis in terms of program continuity, as a key component of the Outreach portion of the CCDP "Our Faith, Our Hope" program. The "Let our Lights Shine" program will fund ten donations of $1,000 each to charities directed by individual parishioners to organizations they donate time towards. These donations will be accompanied by a letter on CCDP letterhead drafted by the parishioner and signed by both the parishioner and our rector Kevin. Based on information provided by the parishioner as part of their application, these letters and accompanying donation will be sent to the Chair/President of the receiving organization, with copies to each member of its board of directors and to our parish archivist. The letter will include the following: - why the CCDP parishioner supports the organization including the connection between the parishioner's service to the organization and their faith/membership in CCDP - an example from the bible/Christ's/Church's teaching that the parishioner feels the organization is bringing to life - a wish that the organization uses this gift in furtherance of its mission in any way they see fit (versus providing a "direction" to the organization) Physical and digital copies of the letters will be kept as part of the CCDP archive records, providing an historical record of CCDP parishioners' impact on and involvement in the wider community. They will also be circulated to the parish community on an annual basis as part of our vestry meeting materials. There is a limit of one donation per parishioner. Applications for the first five donations will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis to encourage early participation and launch. The subsequent five donations will be selected on a "lottery" basis from all applications received. There are no pre-determined preferences or exclusions apart from the requirement that the organization be a registered charity, but all letters/donations will be subject to Kevin's approval as signatory. (see "Instructions" below) Purpose/Fit with CCDP Mission The "Let our Lights Shine" program is a very tangible example of bringing our faith to life. It will raise awareness among our congregation of the charitable activities of our individual parishioners beyond their involvement with CCDP. It will raise awareness in the wider community of the faith-based reasons for our parishioners' volunteer endeavours and serve as an important reminder of the positive influence of the Church
  2. 2. in contemporary society. It speaks to signposts of parish vitality including hospitality, discernment, healing, contemplation, testimony, diversity, reflection, and justice. A. Bringing our Faith to Life - Raising Awareness in Broader Community The recent election of Pope Francis reminds us of St. Francis' directive to "Preach the gospel always. If necessary, use words." This program will put our faith directly into action, but it is also necessary now to use words. There was little competition for the Church as a source of words in St. Francis' time. Today there is plenty. We need to "Let our Light Shine before others, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven." This is not about self-promotion but will serve as a timely and necessary reminder to the wider community of the fundamental faith-based origins of the value system which permits a free, diverse and inclusive society to exist. B. Making Connections Among CCDP Parishioners In addition to highlighting the charitable activities of CCDP members to the wider community, this initiative will also create greater awareness within the CCDP congregation of the outside activities of individual members, leading to additional "connectivity" and fellowship among us. C. Our Legacy Through the time and care taken to document this outreach effort, i.e. the composition, preparation, delivery and retention of letters accompanying the gifts, we will create an historical record to add to the archives of CCDP; one that will be a demonstrable record of putting our faith into action. Instructions It's simple. Email me a completed application which consists of the following: 1. A draft letter from you including the contents described above addressed to the President/Executive Director of your charity. Please cc each of the members of the charity at the bottom of the draft letter. 2. The email/"snailmail" addresses of the members of the board of directors M. George Lewis FCA, FCPA, CFA, ICD.D (H) 416-485-0959 3. I will get back to you with any suggested changes to the draft for your consideration. 4. Once you are happy with the letter, I will send to Paul, our new operations director, who will prepare on CCDP letterhead for your and Kevin's signature and forward, together with a $1,000 donation from CCDP on your behalf to the head of your charity and copy each member of its board. 5. We will publish letters, at least annually, to raise awareness among the congregation of the charitable interests and generousity of our individual congregants.